Description: Post breaking dawn. Bella is reborn to a vampire and forever is ahead. All never expected a vampiric power so scandalous as Bella’s. What does a vampire and the vampire world do with a vampire who can still reproduce? Reproduce their own. Born with the most envious powers known to the vampire world?

Okay guys this idea might sound absolutely stupid to some people, but I’ve wanted to explore this. Because I’m a romantic and savior the moments and turn them precious.
I own no rights to the characters, plot or copyright of the Twilight franchise or of the Twilight saga itself.

P.S Renesmee does not grow rapidly in this fanfiction. I always hated that. She’s is still a baby and grow as a human baby shall. She is one buwan old.

                    Chapter One

My daughter lay asleep in my lap, her eyes fluttering with the mga paru-paro flickering in her dreams. Her hand draped over mine, the slightest touch and her special power of her half vampire genetics streamed through.
To witness my beautiful mga sanggol dreams is one no mother has ever beheld, and now that I’m experiencing it, I am sure that no human mother could contain the emotion.
I pag-ibig her so much. So soft to touch, the smoothness of her cheeks, the fallen kastanyas ringlet and the ivory shade of her skin all melted my reborn and nagyelo heart.
For all my human life I had seen mothers take tahanan their first baby, and they all say whilst looking in their mga sanggol eyes, that it’s all theirs. This little beautiful angel was all mine. No other woman could just interrupt my moment with her and go back and nurse her. She was my baby. My own little part of Edward.

I sat rocking in the rocking chair ( a gift from Rosalie and Emmett) sa pamamagitan ng the window of Renesmee’s room, it was sunset. The sunset halik my shoulders, this moment was just too perfect. I never wanted to let her go or put her down. Just look at her for the rest of time.

Edward came walking into the room, startling me which slid my mga sanggol hand of mine in the shiver and I returned from the dimension of mga paru-paro and dragonflies. My startle shook Renesmee, not enough to awaken her but she remodelled herself madami comfortably, she yawned effortlessly in the process. The cutest thing I’d ever seen. I awhhed sa pamamagitan ng automatic reaction.

Edward was sa pamamagitan ng side watching her at the same, he chuckled at the yawn, when my eyes greeted his, his focus was strictly on the little life he created. He loved her madami than words, gestures or unspoken understandings can describe.
He accepted a barren life, a life without a family of his own, and here she was. Only a 100 years later. And she was madami than perfect. A complete miracle.

“Bella, she’s asleep. I think it’s best if we put her down in her kuna to rest. I’ve missed my beautiful wife.” Edward musically whispered in my ear mindful of the sleeping child in my arms.

I pouted at the thought of putting down my beautiful Renesmee and having weightless arms again. But Edward was right, since she born and my rebirth to a vampire, the time Edward and I have spent together has been rather minimal.
Despite the many nights we stayed up all night in our grand kama with my new fresh baby girl sleeping blissfully on our chest. Her dreams of trickling snowflakes of our chilling skin.

I gave in and rose gently which came quite elegantly with my new vampire grace. And walked over her magnificent crib, also a gift, and placed her in the centre.
Edward span me around swiftly to meet his lips that came crashing on my mine. I couldn’t not help but giggle with our new exciting and intimacy now that both of us are vampires. Edward no longer holds back his urges, and grabs me violently.

Nothing holds him back now, not even the strongest of forces could tear me away from him when he desires me, which is always now. As he sinabi once, “I may be a vampire, but I am still a man.”
He wraps his arms around my waist, tugging me as close as possible to his own body. Picking up his pace with his kisses, madami passionate, pushing his tongue past my lips.
I can still taste is latest hunt on his tongue, it excited me more. It made my throat burn with thirst, but not hungry thirst, a passion thirst.
I was hungry for my love, my whole life, my family, and my forever. I held on his sando with my super vampire grip ensuring no escape from me and pulled him out of Renesmee’s room and into the hall, our room the susunod door.

*         *             *

The sun greeted me through the bedroom window, how quickly time flies when you’re having fun. It only just occurred to me that Renesmee slept the entire night, my goodness.

The phone interrupted my thought.
“I’ll get it” I replied, Edward still cloth less in our marital bed.

The phone was in the kitchen, through the hall and to the left, walking through the hall, I looked into Renesmee’s room, as shocked as I was one minuto ago, there was she, still asleep, could you imagine her dreams as of this moment, this sent me into a crazy excitement. I’ll feed her and hold her again after I finish on the phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Bella! How are you this morning?” Esme pondered on the other line. A smile quickly grew, Esme, my mother in many ways madami than one. She is my family in the purest kind.

“We are all fine today thanks. Baby slept the whole night, can you believe it?!”

“That’s excellent Bella! I was calling to see if Edward and yourself wanted to come round the house this morning, we all miss you and Renesmee.”

“Haha! We were there yesterday! But of course, we were about to come around as soon as I fed her anyway. I miss her as soon as she is no longer in my arms so I understand.”

“Oh I remember that feeling…When I had my little boy, I remember all of that. I’ll tell you darlin’ that feeling never goes away. Haha”

“DON’T EVEN BOTHER FEEDING HER, JUST BRING HER, I WANT TO FEED HER” I heard Rosalie call from a distance on the other end. I chuckled.

My whole new family all loved her with their entire life. Emmett madami than others to be completely honest, since her birth, Emmett’s true feelings for a child of his own, especially with his wife Rosalie shown madami than ever.
For all of them, she was their daughter that they will never have. What a special little girl, so young but yet many pag-ibig her.
“Haha, oh okay, I’ll get her ready and we will be there in two minutes. EDWARD GET READY!”

“Oh excellent, okay, see you all soon, bye Bella love.” Esme sinabi goodbye on the other line.

“Goodbye Esme”

         *          *          *

“Ahhh look at that face, ohh hello beautiful girl, hello my love” Rosalie cooed over Renesmee in the living room, sitting on the couch, her and Emmett both playing with Renesmee. I smiled, everything was so happy in my new life.

“Hey Esme, is Carlisle in his office? I haven’t seen him yet”

“Oh he is in his office, with Edward”

“Okay thank you”

I quested up the stairs, admiring all the graduation caps. I stopped still when I saw a new addition. My own graduation takip from Forks High School last year. My cold puso warmed, and giggled.

Moving on, turning left down the hall, Carlisle’s office the final door on the right, on the hall walls were numerous portraits from every Cullen wedding. Carlisle and Esme on Isle Esme, Rosalie and Emmett in Vegas, obviously for fun and Alice and Jasper in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower. The last litrato that hung was a picture of Edward and I at the time of the giving of the rings.
My puso warmed even more, at this moment, if it could, it could even take a beat. This is family, what family feels like, and I’ll have this forever.

I knocked before entering.

“Come in darlin’”

I paced in my new to vampire grace.

“I smell blood.” Edward spat. And that’s all I remember before passing out.