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posted by patrisha727
uy you guys, I decided to make ANOTHER new story! PLz rate and comment You can read madami of my stories at the link. Ok then, enough of the introduction, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

"Bells!" my mother, Renee yelled, before I went out the door.
"Yes?" I asked her. Did I forget anything?
"I hope you have fun in college." she sinabi while giving me a hug.
"Mom, it's not I'm going to leave forever. I'll be back for pasko and for Summer." I said.
"I know Bella, it will be hard for me to be alone again. I'll miss you." she said.
"I will too mom. I'll send you an email once I arrive." I assured her.
"Bye!" Mom said, waving at me, while I put my bags into the car.
I waved back and drove off.


I will miss Phoenix, and going to college in Alaska will be like a nightmare to me. The weather is freezing cold. But it had high standards, and I could afford it. I sighed. I wonder if I can even meet any mga kaibigan there.

I got out of the car, and brought my luggages to the nearest entrances to the airport. Due to my usual clumsiness, I tripped. Ugh, and I scrapped my elbow. Then a girl, about my age, came running towards me, and helped me up.
"Thanks." I told her.
She smiled. "It's no problem. Do you need any bandages?" she sais, looking at my elbow.
"I'll manage. Thanks."
"What's your name?" the girl asked me.
"I'm Isabella. But you can just call me Bella."

"Nice to meet you Bella. I'm Angela. Were are you headed?" she asked.
"I'm going to Juneau, Alaska for college. But I doubt I will enjoy it." I said.
She made a soft laugh and smiled.
"I'm heading there too. You are going to the unibersidad of Alaska?" she asked curiously.
"Yeah. You are going?" I asked her.
"I am." Then she smiled wider. "It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's coming from Phoenix." she said.
I rolled my eyes.
"I guess you are right."

We checked in our bags, and we went through security. Angela and I chatted the whole time. We talked about our childhoods, family, and what we were looking pasulong into Alaska.

"So... our gate number is B26." Angela sinabi while looking at her ticket.
"What's your upuan number?" I asked her.
"H49. What's yours?"
I looked at mine.
"K13." I said.
"It's too bad we couldn't sit together." Angela said.
I smiled, I do wish we could sit together. It was fun talking to her.
Last call to flight B26, to Juneau, Alaska.

"We better get going. We won't want to miss our flight." I told her.
She nodded and we both went inside the plane.
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