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posted by patrisha727
One for today! ^_^

I looked around, for my seat, K13. Angela already found her seat.
"I'll meet you once we are out of the plane." Angela told me.
I smiled. "Sure thing."
I took my seat, and settled. I got the window seat. I took out the book, Wuthering Heights and began reading. So far, no one took the upuan susunod to me. I'm praying that I'll have this row to myself. I wasn't the talkative type, and I like to have privacy. But then I groaned quietly when a girl took a upuan nect to me. She was about my age, but was like an average teenager. She wore makeup, lots of jewelry, and wore designer clothings.

I rolled my eyes and continued reading, ignoring her. Once the airplane doors were closed, the announcer told everyone to turn off all electronics and showed the safety procedures. The girl susunod to me turned off her cell and looked at me. I continued reading, as if she wasn't even there.
"Well hello." the girl sneered while making a grin. I rolled my eyes.
"Hi." I said, a little annoyed that I had to sit susunod to this brat for the whole flight. But then the airplane took off in the air, stopping to conversation for a few minutes.

"What's your name?" she asked, with a softer tone.
I sighed.
"My name is Lauren." she said.
"Nice to meet you." I murmured.
"Where are you headed? Well, I know that you are headed to Juneau, but where are you going in Alsaska?" she asked curiously.
"I'm going to the unibersidad of Alaska." I told her, without meeting her eyes.
Then her eyes were wide with shock, and her lips where squished into a straight line. I was wondering why she was reacting like this.
"What?" I asked her annoyed, that she continued staring at me.

"It turns out we are going to meet each other madami than I thought." she growled.
This time my mouth dropped.
"You are going to the Univeristy of Alaska?" I asked her with shock.
"Is that any of your business?" she asked.
My eyes turned curious.
"No, but it's funny, I met someone who is also going to the unibersidad of Alaska." I said.
"Who is this person?" Lauren asked.
"Her name is Angela. She is also on this flight." I said.

Then her eyes narrowed in suspicion.
"Is this 'Angela' wearing glasses, and has brown eyes and hair?" she asked.
"Umm... yes." I told her, a little shocked, did she know this girl?
"Angela Weber is going to college with me!?!?" she shreaked.
Then everyone was staring at us. I blushed in embarrassment.
"Be quiet! Everyone is staring at us!" I whispered to her.

She took deep breaths and calmed down. The sign sinabi it's allowable to remove your upuan belts.
Then I heard something stomping towards us.
"I know who sinabi my name, I can recognize that voice anywhere." I heard Angela say.
Lauren took off her upuan sinturon and stood up, right in front of Angela.
"Lauren Mallory." Angela said, while folding her arms in front of her chest.
"Angela Weber." Lauren said, while doing the exact same thing as Angela.

I was staring at them in confusion. Did they know each other from High School? I stared at them, along with other passengers, wondering what's going on.
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posted by LexisFaith
I finally got my legs to ilipat down the stairs and into the laundry room where I grabbed Mason's pajamas out of the clean basket.

"Edward!" Bella's voice was in my ears, her hands on either side of my face. "I have been calling your name. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." I assured her.

"Have you been thinking about Sara?" She asked.

"No." Why would she be asking me that.

"Babe, why are you crying?" Her thumbs traced over my unknown shed tears.

"I don't know. I didn't know I was." I told her honestly. "I guess it was Mason."

"Why? What happened?" She was starting to worry and panic.

"Nothing is wrong."...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902
 best buds
best buds
Hey! I told you i was gonna write! and i'm gonna try and wrie as often as possible which will be the weekends only because we just finished the state test and i just disected owl shit so consider youself lucky! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Edward age 15

It’s almost the end of my tenth grade taon and I’m getting ready to take the graduation test early. I’m excited that the end of my high school experience is almost over! Can you believe it? Just yesterday, mama was crying because I graduated eighth grade.

Exactly, why was eighth grade such a big deal when now my whole life comes...
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posted by ybet_cullen18
Chapter 1: Sweet Memories

The memories of yesterday suddenly filled my mind as i walked slowly in the place where i first fell in pag-ibig with the man i thought i can live forever with.

It was an ordinary Saturday. Carlisle was gone for the weekend with Emmett to hike. Alice was gone shopping in Tacoma, WA along with Jasper. The clouds were dark outside and the wind was blowing so hard. Esme and Rosalie were left in the big house, cooking an Italian cuisine. I was with Edward in front of my father's house. We sat on the blanket on the ground as if we're having a picnic. He was perfectly lying in...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
(This artikulo contains some sexual reference)

I open my eyes and see that the sky is now black, and our small bedroom is only lit sa pamamagitan ng the light coming from the other room. I hear the TV quietly playing susunod door. Jake is softly breathing. he is obviously asleep.

I stand up, and walk to the door way. As I gaze on him, my puso begins to pound in my chest. He looks so sweet with his head resting lightly on his shoulder. like a child who has fallen asleep from exhaustion on the couch. His shoulders shift as he breathes in and out.

I stand and watch him sleep for sometime. Little grins crossing...
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