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End of Chapter 12:

    So Jane, How does it feel to have you own gift used against you. Doesn’t feel so well dose it. I have a solution. We’re going to play a game. You can play or I will kill you now. No segundo thought at all. Your choice?” I sinabi she looked at me with this evil game and also like she was looking pasulong to this.
    “I will play the game” She sinabi with that evil laugh of hers.
    “Sounds good. No backings out after you hear the rules. Well this is how you play. Any of us meaning Edward, Jasper, Carlisle and Eleazer and me ask you any tanong we like and you have to answer it truth. If I find out your lying sa pamamagitan ng Edward then I will do something you wish I would never do but I’m not telling you because then that would mean you’re going to try and find a way out of it and I don’t want that.” I said
    “So are we ready? Or would you rather just dye instead of playing the game? Up to you. I’m fine with both” I sinabi looking at her and her looking at me
    “Let’s play because I still want my chance to kill you” She said/ Full of sacredness in her voice also having tons of evilness at the same time.
    “Well then let’s start and for your information it’s not going to happen. I’m sorry I ruined you dreams.” I sinabi and that’s when we started to get our sagot

    Chapter 13:
    “Oh Bella, Don’t be full of yourself. You didn’t ruin my dreams at all. You see everyone else still has tons of plans for you and of course your rotten family.” I just growl under my breath. I didn’t even notice I did until she sinabi this next. I also knew a bunch of other people have done this too.” Oh Bella, No worries I personally have tons of plans for you and your daughter. Even though I have to this feeling you are going to be dyeing sooner than you think. So I will have to do with just shocking the hell out of your daughter. No fun at all. Oh well she will do I suppose. Oh before I forget where is she? I would like my paghahanap as easy as possible if you don’t mind.” I was about to rip her head off right there and then. I’m starting to get very tired of her and her mouth. I’m starting to think the game I wanted to play isn’t going to work out as planned. So I’m going to change it up a little bit. I just hope she’s dumb enough to fall for it.
    “Oh, Jane I’m so happy to hear that I didn’t ruin your plans, but I am going to have to kanselahin some of them. Defiantly if it involves my daughter and the rest of my family and friends. I can’t allow you to have too much fun, now can I? Now I have a tanong for you?” I asked. She is just staring at me. Begging me to just go after her and I’m very tempted to go after her right now because I’m getting really tired of these games with her. So I’m hoping she goes for the new invented game.
    “Well, we will see Bella Cullen. I don’t know about you but I can feel a fight coming. I think I’m going to start it.” Jane said. Then I had a sharp pain coming from every inch of my shield. I looked up at Jane and she had a smile on her face like she felt like she was winning. Then I looked over at everyone. Everyone was okay so I smashed everything back at her but then I have Alec giving me some of his gift. His gift just tastes like salt water, Degusting. Alec and Jane were brother and sister so they fought good together but what if I got Jane sa pamamagitan ng herself. She relays on her brother to much. So this new plan might work if she bothers going for it.
    “Well Jane, my tanong was if it would be okay if we dropped the other plan and I came up with another one. You and I will fight at the field tomorrow where we meet just few hours ago. The first one to drop and give up or die loses. If you win then we meaning the Cullen’s and the lobo pack along with our mga kaibigan will fight you and the rest of the Volture” I sinabi but I was caught off sa pamamagitan ng a lot of gasp from everyone around us. Jane was just smiling like she knows everything. Really she can’t see the future so it’s fine. “But If I win, the Volture steps down from being the leaders of Bampira all over the globe and you will be leaving my family and daughter alone for as long as you live. Deal or No Deal?” I asked and she just had that face of horror. That she was truly scared of losing. Good. Maybe all I need is to bait her a little madami and she will be all mines
    “Jane I understand if you don’t want to because you’re scared of losing. Well let’s face it you are nothing without you brother doing everything for you. I wouldn’t want to fight either if I didn’t know how to. Wait do you know how or did your brother literally do everything for you.” She screamed of frustration and Alec came running to her to calm her down. “See Jane you can’t even have an adult conversation without your brother helping you step sa pamamagitan ng step. Does he always make the decisions for you? Wow maybe I should get a pacifier for you, yup that will work for you.” I asked. She’s getting mad and this is good. I got her right where I want her.
    “Deal “She sinabi and she yelled/ screamed it.
    “Can’t wait Jane. Bye now. Ill sees you bright and early in the morning.”
    “I’m looking pasulong to it, Bella. See you tomorrow dead. Bye” Jane sinabi and she was so going to pay. Then she took off running tords the woods.
    I didn’t let anyone out of my shield until I knew they were both gone and out of sight and hearing distance. 5 minutos later I couldn’t see or hear them anymore so I let it down that’s when everyone came running to me. So I put a physical and mentally shield around me. So no one can get in unless they wanted to be zapped. People were yelling at me to come out of it but I needed time to figure out what I just did. I just told Jane, the one person on earth that I can’t stand that I would fight her tomorrow without even asking my family what would happen but I needed to do this. I need to get out here and rest for tomorrow and also need to go get Neisse from my dad’s house. I turned down the shield and turned and starred at my family,
    “Any of you that don’t want to be in the fight against the voutie I would leave now because I don’t know if I will be lasting very long in the fight. I’m sorry for getting you into this. I will understand if any of you leave but I would leave now not tomorrow because she will problem bring Aro with her. I’m sorry Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle. If any of you would like to leave you may leave.” They were all about to say something but I caught them off.” I would like to finish. I didn’t mean for this to happen but Jane needs to die or be taught a lesson. I’m going to be the one to teach her it. When it comes the Volture it needs to come down once and for all. So I think this would be the perfect timing. I’m sorry. Edward I need to go get Neisse from my father. I’m sorry all but it needed to be done.” Then I took off running. I could hear people yelling my name but I didn’t want to turn around. I will deal with them when I come back. I could tell someone was following me. So I went faster and I went to my father’s house. There was a part of me that knew it was Edward.
10 minutos later

    I was at my father’s house in only 10 minutos because I was making sure I bet Edward or whoever was behind me there. I stopped a few miles away from his house and turned around facing the woods. There walking out was Edward my husband looking like he wanted to cry.
    “Edward? What are you doing here? I told you I was just picking up Neisse” I said. He looked up at me with that face like he just got manuntok in the gut a hundred times and he Nawawala everything in the world that meant everything to him.
    “Bella, I’m here because I told Neisse I would pick her up and also I would like to spend time with my wife and child before those horrible people come. I don’t even think the word people would be for them. “He sinabi and I was right he does have that face. He was the voice like his life was ruined and that it was the end of the world.
    “I’m sorry Edward but I couldn’t let her keep roaming the earth as long as Neisse’s safety is involved. I need to be able to go somewhere with my husband and feel ligtas that nothing will happen to our only daughter. I want to be able to go somewhere without having the buwitre checking on us every 5 years. That’s not a life for Neisse and I want to stop this right now until she gets older and she will just get tired of us and start likening boys, I also don’t want to worry about missing every moment of her child hood because we might get killed because we allowed her to go to school and be a normal child with everyone else. That’s why I did it. Yes I might die but it will be for a good cause and I’m not dyeing until I know Jane is dead first. ”I sinabi and he just looked at me like he understood but didn’t want to say it.
    “Bella, I’m just scared of losing you and my daughter. You two are my life. Please be careful. What was up with not telling me about your new gifts?”
    “I will be careful I promise but if anything happens get Neisse out of there and get yourself out of there. Please? I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it would be important. I’m sorry” I said. I feel sorry for keeping this gift from him.
    “Okay. I will I can’t promise I want be the best after but I will do anything for our daughter. I promise and I don’t know how it’s not important but if you say so. Let’s get Neisse and head home.” He said. I just want to spend the rest of my night with the two people I pag-ibig the most. My husband and my daughter.
    “Sounds good to me.” I said. We took off running tords the house and I smelled the air Jacobs at my dad’s house still. We walked into the house and Neisse was sleeping on the sopa and Jacob is right susunod to her being very boyfriend way. They both pag-ibig each other and I know they do. I also know Edward knows but he has gotten better with it.
    “Where’s my dad?” I asked Jacob. “Is that him sleeping upstairs?” I asked. Jacob just shook his head yes. “Thanks for bring her here and I need you and just you tomorrow at my house for Neisse. All the rest of the people will fill you in. I pag-ibig you Jacob like a brother and a son. Thank- you for over all these years. Edward and I need to get tahanan so I’ll see you in the morning make you sure you get there. Bye “I said. Edward picked up Neisse and we started walking out the door in the woods then we started running home.
    When we got tahanan everyone was waiting for me but I wasn’t in the mood so I jumped up to Neisse’s window and Edward was down stairs telling everyone to leave me alone. That I needed this time with my daughter and that he needed the time with his wife and daughter alone. They all sinabi okay I guess. Then Edward came running up putting Neisse in her kama and sat susunod to me and we sat like that for the rest of the night.
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