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End of Chapter 13

“Where’s my dad?” I asked Jacob. “Is that him sleeping upstairs?” I asked. Jacob just shook his head yes. “Thanks for bring her here and I need you and just you tomorrow at my house for Neisse. All the rest of the people will fill you in. I pag-ibig you Jacob like a brother and a son. Thank- you for over all these years. Edward and I need to get tahanan so I’ll see you in the morning make you sure you get there. Bye “I said. Edward picked up Neisse and we started walking out the door in the woods then we started running home.
    When we got tahanan everyone was waiting for me but I wasn’t in the mood so I jumped up to Neisse’s window and Edward was down stairs telling everyone to leave me alone. That I needed this time with my daughter and that he needed the time with his wife and daughter alone. They all sinabi okay I guess. Then Edward came running up putting Neisse in her kama and sat susunod to me and we sat like that for the rest of the night.

Chapter 14

    In the morning I took my time getting Neisse ready for the day. I still haven’t told her what’s going to happen. I also needed to talk the rest of the family still and that wasn’t going to go as planned either I can tell. Edward told me last night that we were going to have one heck of a morning when we go downstairs. No one left last night so I’m assuming everyone will be staying to fight again the Volture if it comes to that and I really hope it doesn’t.
    “Honey, How about you wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It’s going to get cold soon and will be outside half the day. Did you want to go with Jacob again or stay here with everyone else?” I asked her. I thought it would make scene she may be 5 years old physical but she’s 14 or 15 years old mentally. I want her to be able to chose where she wants to be today. Maybe I should tell what’s going on first? Yeah I’m going to tell her. “But before you chose I want to tell you something. Do you remember Jane?” She shook her head yes. “Well do you know how daddy had Jacob take you to your grandfather’s house?” She shook her head again.” Well Jane was coming here and I didn’t want her near you at all. So I called your father and told me that she was on her way. He got you out of the house. Jane and I had a conversation and well honey. She and I will be fighting today. So this is why I’m asking you if you would rather be with Jacob then with me and your father at the fight. I’m asking you because you have the right to chose.” I asked her and I gave her a few moments to adjusted to what I just to my 5 years old daughter. I felt horrible for telling her but I didn’t want her to come tahanan and have me not tahanan or just having to go and Jacob stuck with all this tanong with what happened. We sat there on the floor of her bedroom in silents; I can tell she is thinking about something but I felt bad enough because I might be leaving her forever.
    “Mom, I want to go. I want to be able to see what’s going on. I don’t want have a feeling like I will never see you again and I would rather spend every segundo with you then with Jacob. I’m sorry!” She sinabi and started crying and she run into my arms. I just held her tight and didn’t let go I don’t even know how we were both sitting on the floor holding each other until Edward walked in and sat down and held us both to him.
    “Honey, you don’t need to be sorry. I’m the one that sinabi I would do this and also I’m the one who gave you the choice of being there during the fight or not. You remind me of me when I was human. I never wanted to miss out on the fight because I was scared of something would happen. I always felt bad because whenever something happened it would always be my fault. Well at least that’s how I felt and I don’t want you to think that’s it yours cause it are not and I don’t want you to blame anything on yourself like your father dose.” I sinabi looking at Edward. He just had that smile on his face like he was proud of himself. “So please don’t be sorry. I should be saying sorry to both of you. To everyone. I just got all of into a huge amount of trouble if I don’t win this fight but I also got us a huge amount of freedom and happiness if I do win. So I’m sorry.” I said. Edward just looked at me like he couldn’t believe I sinabi that. Neisse is just hugging me tighter to her. “Okay guys I think we need to get up and go downstairs. I still need to hunt and I need to talk to everyone about this before it happens.” I said. They both nodded their heads and we got up and walked to the door to open it but Alice beat me to it and throws me into a huge hug. What’s up with this girl and hugs lately?
    “Bella, I’m not going anywhere. How dare you think any of us would want to leave you behind and we all know Edward would not leave along with Neisse so you expected us to leave half our family behind? No way Bella. Over my dead body. Bella, I can’t believe you would tell us to leave.” She sinabi hurt ipinapakita in every one of her features. I did feel bad but I would rather me get hurt then all the rest of my family but it’s their choice.
    “Alice, I’m sorry. I just thought it would be easier if you left along with everyone else and I knew Edward wouldn’t leave but I would have made him leave with our daughter for her safety and I know that would make him leave no matter what.” I could tell Alice and Edward both started saying “but don’t you” at the same time. I cut them off.
     “Not done talking … So what I was saying is But I’m not making anyone leave, If I was I wouldn’t of ibingiay Neisse the choice of staying at the clearing during the fight, “They were both about to yell at me I could tell . “Would you two hold your horse please? God! What I was about to say is I also understand the danger in that but she is also a lot like me. I would rather her with her parents and her aunts and Uncles rather then somewhere her aunt can’t keep track of her future. Now that I explain you may talk.” I sinabi and they were speechless.
    “This doesn’t make any scene the times I had to speech you were full of words. What happened cat got your tongues?” I asked. I’m really trying not to laugh but seeing their faces I can’t help it.
    “Bella, Very funny. No I see your point of this and I also agree. I just don’t understand why you are so kabibe about having Neisse at the clearing. Yes I understand I can’t see her future when she is far away and it’s worse with Jacob but why wouldn’t you have one of use take her.” Alice asked. She looked like she was thinking very hard on something.
    “Alice I’m happy you see my point of this. I’m glad actually. One less person to fight about with over this. The reason why is if a fight dose go on I can figure out where she is and I know exactly how to keep everyone safe. I would rather all the family together just on case Jane breaks the rules and I have a feeling she is. I don’t want anyone going sa pamamagitan ng their self’s anywhere. That’s why I told everyone to leave last night if they wanted to because right when I go down stairs I putting a physical and mental shield around this whole house. This reminds me I need to talk to everyone before the fight today.” I sinabi confident everyone is hearing our conversation because I don’t feel like repeating it at all.
    “Well now I understand fully I will get everyone ready for what you need to say. Also Bella there’s clothes on my kama that you should wear to the fight today.” I was about to walk away when someone pulled me into a hug. “Bella please be careful I still can’t see your future it scares me but I know you have to fight this. We all understand. Neisse why don’t you come and eat some breakfast until it gets to cold. “With that my best friend/ Sister in law and my daughter walked away and left me with Edward, My husband.
    “Bella?” Edward asked. He had so much pain and sadness coming out of his voice. I felt so bad. I never thought what this would do to them.
    Edward, I’m sorry but I had to do this. I needed to do this for our daughter’s sake. If it was you Edward you would be doing this in a heartbeat. I can’t upuan back any longer while she is running around wanting our daughter and wanting to kill me. I will kill her if it’s the last thing I do before I die. I swear to it Edward. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made a bet like that but it needed to be done and I’m not going to give up until she is dead for sure. I’m not going to give up at all. I pag-ibig you Edward and I pag-ibig our daughter and I pag-ibig our family. That’s why I sinabi you should of left. All of you not just our friends. I don’t know how this is going to end and I don’t want it to end badly but it might. I’m sorry for that. I need you to promise me one thing though?” I said. I really did fell badly. I shouldn’t have done that but I needed to be able to live life forever with my family without worrying about Jane or Aro and sadly this is the only way to do that.
    “Your right pag-ibig I would do anything in my power to keep you two alive. You shouldn’t be sorry you’re doing what’s best. Just be careful please. Anything my love.” He said. I could tell he knows already what I’m going to ask but I’m going to do it anyway.
    “If I do die I want you to take of Neisse. ilipat on. I don’t want you to soak or anything I want you to be there for her. She is going to understand everything but she want understand that it’s not her fought I want you to be able to live with her forever. I don’t want you to do anything stupid if I die. I don’t want you going to Aro. Always think of Neisse and how she NEEDS her dad. You will be all she has. Do you understand? Never ever forget about her. Never ever give up on her. I will see you soon. I pag-ibig you Edward Cullen. You and Neisse are my life. Remember that always” I said. I started to let out broken sobs and tearless sobs. Moments like this I wish I could cry.
    I promise Bella. Neisse will be my life no matter what. I pag-ibig you Bella Cullen. Always have and always will.” He sinabi and pushed my closer to him and we just stood there until Alice came.
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