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posted by mikaela_isabela
I was warm. To warm. And something was pressing on my chest. I try to open my eyes, but something is covering them. I reach up to remove the blockage, but a cool hand grabs mine.
“Not too fast,” the voice attached to the hand says in an amused voice, as it gets placed beside me again.
“Carlisle?” I groan, trying to figure out where I am.
“Yes Bella, it’s me. You hit your head awfully hard, so try not to move, okay?”
I mutter something unintelligible, and sit up anyway. Carlisle sighs.
“Where am I?” I ask as I take the wash cloth off my face.
“Your in La Push, Jacobs house.”
I take in my surroundings and notice that I have about 6 blankets on tuktok of me. I look at Carlisle, with wide eyes.
“Was I nagyelo or something?” I asked as I stretch, trying to dislodge some of the bulkier blankets.
“Uh, no, um…” Carlisle looks away awkwardly, trying to hide a smile.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Well, after you passed out as Edward was carrying you, I suggested that your amerikana should be taken off, so that I could see the extent of the damage to your ribs…and um…Jacob had a little bit too much fun helping with that.” He turned and met my eyes, trying to hide his amusement.
I look down through the blankets to notice, I was sitting on Jacob’s coach in just my bra and jeans.
I felt my jade eyes turn to slits. “He. Is. So. Dead.” I hiss angrily, trying to push up from the couch.
Carlisle was on his feet, pushing me down again in almost no time at all. “Maybe you should save the killing for when he comes inside…I don’t know how you usually kill people, but I presume your usually fully clothed?” He was so close to laughing, I turned my glare on him.
“This is not funny!” I almost yell as I say this. I’m tired, confused, half naked, and I don’t like getting laughed at. “Where is everyone?”
Carlisle disappears into the kusina for a moment, and I hear the window open slightly.
“Boys,” he calls quietly, “She’s awake.”
He comes back into the lounge, and looks me directly in the eyes.
“Bella, do you know what that whole scene was about? With Mina and the sisters?”
The entire Quileute pack and Billy come in the house, followed closely sa pamamagitan ng Edward, Emmett and Jasper.
Great. A whole house full of boys. Super.
“Where are my brothers?” I ask, avoiding the question.
“They sinabi they had to do a patrol of your house and Charlie’s house, then had to get some sleep before work tomorrow.” Emmett said, sounding like he was glad to be rid of them.
“Bella,” Billy’s sharp voice, snapped through the silence after Emmett’s explanation. “Answer the question.”
I looked the older man directly in the eye, and squared my shoulders.
“No clue,” I said, trying to keep any tone other than the truthful one out of my voice. “I suggest you ask Thackery. He’s the one they seemed so hell bent to hurt, sa pamamagitan ng using me.”
He flinched, so obviously my tone was not a neutral as I’d hoped.
It was quiet throughout the house for a few minutes, while all the boys looked at each other.
I sighed.
“Look guys, I’m really sorry, but I know about as much as you do about all of this,” I told them, looking at each of them in the eye, leaving Edward and Jacob for last. “The best thing we could probably do, is talk to my brothers…” I hesitated for a minute. “Well, maybe I should. They don’t really like you guys. Don’t take it personally,” I added quickly looking at the expressions on their faces. “They don’t like any one other than our own kind.”
They all exchanged looks with each other, their eyebrows all raised in disbelief. I sighed again.
I stretched, and pushed up from the couch, losing the blanket in the process.
Billy, Carlisle, Emmet, Jasper, Sam and Jared looked away instantly, while the others fought to control their expressions, and keep their gazes at my face.
I looked over at Edward and Jacob again, both trying desperately to stop looking down at my half naked body.
“Jacob,” I sinabi in forced calm, trying super hard not to laugh. “Can I borrow a sando please since this is all your doing?”
He muttered something and got up super fast and walked into his bedroom, as I picked up the discarded blanket.
I went to stand over sa pamamagitan ng the window, while they guys conversation picked up around me. They asked me a few questions, but I paid them no attention. My mind was focused solely on the task I had to complete, and there was no doubt about it, but my brothers blood would be spilled tonight if they didn’t tell me everything I needed to know.
“Here Bella,” Jake’s voice came from behind me.
I turned and saw him holding a large black hoodie, obviously 10x bigger than anyting I’ve ever worn before, but hey, it better than a bra. I smiled at Jacob.
“Thanks Jake,” I took the jumper from him and turned back to the window and slipped it on as deftly and swiftly as possible. I turned back to face the men, and noticed they were all staring at me their jaws dropped.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“B-b-bella…you’re…sparkling!!” Edward stammered.
I froze. I forgot about the moonlight thing.
“Uh…yeah I do that sometimes in the moonlight,” I tried to make it sound as if it meant nothing, yet inside I was begging for one of my brothers to bail me out.
No. No madami of that.
They’ve lied to me. I won’t ever ask them to protect me again.
“Look, guys, I’ve got something I’ve gotta do tonight.” I started off slowly, heading towards the door. “I’ll come back tomorrow and explain everything, and I mean everything. But right now…I have to go.”
I turned and started to leave.
“Bella wait,” Emmet called behind me. I stopped and turned my head slightly to ipakita I was listening. “Where are you going?”
I turned back to face them all, and smiled a chilling smile.
“To find my brothers.”
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