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posted by smileyfaceddude
I screamed in horror, trying to pull free, the hand was just like Jasper’s… just thinking brings tears back to my eyes, but they won’t spill, so I just blinked them away like I always did… I looked at my capturer I gasped, my eyes went so wide I thought they’d pop out, my mouth curled into an ‘O’ shape, the capture WAS Jasper. Oh, how I was relieved he was alive, in one way, but his very being wasn’t, oh, how I wanted to balutin my arms tight around his neck, and just forget all this has happened and go back to the Happy times we had… but there was no way to do so. For, my beloved boyfriend was now the EMEMY, was there any hope now…?
“Jass, Jass, it’s me, Alice!” I spoke.
His reply was a hiss,
“Don’t you remember be?” I asked,
No answer. Again. He WAS as good as dead.
“Jasper, this isn’t who you are! You’re NOT one of them! You’re one of us, a Cullen! Please come back!” I pleaded
“Oh, but he is now.” A new voice said, I turned to face him, it was my turn to snarl and hiss. Cynddylan.
“What… have… you… DONE?” I hissed, anger pulsed through my body, like the vemon of the bite, except it was sensational, and it kept me going. I clenched my fists so tight my skin was whiter than snow. Cynddylan smiled humourlessly, in a way that was cruel to watch.
“Don’t worry; you will sumali us too.” He sinabi in a smoothest way, it sounded like a lullaby.
I wanted to scream, to shout… to rip this guy to a million pieces, destroy every trace that this… Monster! I lunged at him, I clawed, and kicked and bit every piece of his flesh I could grab, and my word, did that feel good! He didn’t fight back that much, I got off of him. He stood up, fixed his jacked up amerikana
“D’you want to repeat that, Leech!” I threatened him, glaring at him.
“Bring her in Jasper.” Cynddylan ordered. Jasper grabbed me sharply sa pamamagitan ng the neck and directed me up the stone steps and into the dingy dark castle…
As the darkness of the kastilyo engulfed us, I was forming a plan in my head. “I would escape somehow and rescue Renesmee and Jasper. I would kidnap him if I had to. After I had rescued or kidnapped them I would take them to forks again and try to snap Jasper out of it.” My Idea was cut off sa pamamagitan ng the sound of the big oak door opening followed sa pamamagitan ng Renesmee’s voice.
“Alice? I told you to go. Trust you to be stubborn and completely ignore me.” Jasper was now burrowing his cold fingers at my throat, blocking the air from my lungs, his finger on my windpipe. Of course I didn’t need to breathe but it was weird that Jasper was doing it. My puso hurt so much now that I thought it might swell up and explode out of my chest. The evil self of me was releasing itself from its cage that had been locked up for centuries. I didn’t want to control it. I wanted it to leak out and spill on every single one of these monsters for what they had done to Jasper and Renesmee. I tried to squirm away but Jasper’s grip was firm and harsh, his fingers locked in place.
“Well I didn’t want to leave, and as this is a free country, I’m allowed to make my own decision.” I choked back to her trying to sound capable. My mind was swirling with thoughts and anger. My face probably showed nothing but anger and smugness but I certainly didn’t fell that way. I felt as if I might explode at any moment. Jasper’s grip on my neck loosened and I seized my chance. I escaped from the clutches of his evil grasp… and Jasper’s… – “No! it’s not the time to think about him, but I am still stuck in the maze that is kastilyo Volterra, madami like a door way to a living nightmare, for both Bampira and mortals.” I thought. Then an image began playing… A box… A big brown box… a coffin – already I didn’t want to see the end - a body inside it, Jacob.
“But how? I can’t see his future? It can’t possibly be him!” I asked myself,
“I can explain…” Chuckled an evil voice. Cynddylan. I clenched my fists, breathed in and turned to face the evil Vampire.
“What do YOU – of all people – know!?” I asked, a smug expression was already planted on his foul face.
“Well, as you know, my gift is to influence people to do things I want them to,” He paused to look at me, I just glared back at him, “…and I can also do this when people aren’t aware of it…” He explained. A wave of understanding swept over me.
“You made me see Jacob dead in Coffin!” I said, keeping my voice level. He nodded.
“Indeed, I did, young one,” He concluded. “But it might not happen if you sumali us… and we’ll let the your family go.” He added cruelly.
At the mention of ‘your family’ I tensed and froze. I immediately did what came to mind

EDWARD! ARE YOU THERE? HAVE THEY GOT YOU!? I thought as loud, any louder and my head would of exploded, as I could, hoping he’d hear, but there was no way he could reply.
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