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posted by DarkStranger
So yeah, I'm back! I know who read my stories want to kill me because I didn't update like months,but I'm sorry and no I will not update those story's, maybe someday when my mind will be in emo side I will XD

Warning! This tagahanga fiction contains a lot curse words.


I'm standing in the parking lot 30 minutos till first lesion starts and there is no one around. Which really surprised me.
I looked up into the sky which was cloudy and I felt cold breeze mixed with snow in my face. I closed my eyes and deeply breathed in. I liked the snow it felt like nothing else in entire world it's beautiful then you look at it but cold them you touch it.
I always felt that snow is part of me. When I was little I cried because I thought that snow didn't like my house thats why it disappear when I carry it inside. And every araw I would carry snow to my room just to watch it disappear in my carpet and every time I felt like I Nawawala the game and I wanted revenge. I carried snow all month, but my Mom find out and locked me in the house. But I would sit in the living room and watch the snow disappear from the ground araw sa pamamagitan ng day. When it was completely gone I didn't cry I turned my back to the field where buwan nakaraan was snow kastilyo and walked away promising myself that other taon I will get snow i my room and it will not disappear.
I smiled of that memory. I was stubborn child, getting one but losing all. Sometimes I wondered if I have a curse or something because I always failed everyone. Even now I believe that I'm like a snowflake still in the falling, but when somebody would touch me I would disappear in their skin and leave water all around it. The problem is that I didn't try to get back into snowflake, I just waited there in someone skin to help me. But it never did.
I heard annoying noise in my left which shake me from my thoughts. My eyes find the sound blamer and that was Bella fucking Swan, my freaky biology partner. I rolled my eyes when she tried to get out of her truck mumbling something. I sighed and walked into the school.
People smiled at me when I was passing by, for unknown reason they are doing this all the time. I didn't talk to anybody expect from my family and biology partner, so that secret smile thing creped the fuck out of me many times.
I glared at the boy who stepped into my way, and smiled at me like he deserve a fucking medal for it. He tried to mask his fear, which cosed him my death glare. "Get the fuck out of my way" I hissed and passed him. Sometimes Forks annoyed me in the no fucking end, because of peoples shitty thinking. I heard snickering around me when I passed that guy, why anybody would find that shit funny? I just sinabi him to get out of my way what's so funny here? because it is Forks I thought to myself.
My first class was biology, that was a class where I talked most. Literally most of the day. I sit in my upuan and get my shit on the stool. sisne was late like always. How she can get late was not in my brains obviously. I saw her like ten minutos ago, I could ride tahanan and here in those ten minutes, but she didn't even get to the fucking class. Something obviously wrong with her.
Five minutos later she ran in the class all flushed of ruining, silently apologizing to the teacher she sit in her upuan susunod to me.
She was pissed it was obviously, her brown eyes was full of anger and I couldn't help but chuckle. She looked like a little kitten mad over her tale. She glared at me which cosed me hysterical laugh. I heard a loud thud which distract me ad I looked up into the teacher which was glaring at me.
"MR. Cullen could you share with us what's so funny?" he asked, his eyes silently demand to fight with him. My smile fell, now I glared at him
"Why the fuck I would do that?" I harshly asked. I saw how his eyes changed, he didn't espect this to happen. He tried to smile and get this shit like a joke but you just can't mess with Edward Cullen.
"I hope you will silent yourself Cullen others students want to study here" he said,I looked around to the people around me. One was playing game boy, other one was chatting with his friend, I even saw one girl painting her nails. Yeah people are studding "Eyes to the board peoples" teacher shrieked" I silently snickered. My head turned to the sisne which was staring at me with blank expression in her face.
"Why do you say that to the teacher?" she asked turning her head o the board. I was silent few minutos thinking of my accuse, I didn't mean to insult teacher, that was the last thought in my brain.I didn't mean to scare him either.
"I thought that he have no rights to get in my shit and demand me to say whats my problem was" I thought again and noded myself because that was the right answer. She started writing.
"So why you say so harsh those things?" she whispered, like anybody gives a flying fuck what we're talking about. I sighed turning my head to the teacher, who was Pagsulat in his journal with sick smile in his face. How could I explain what I feel when I don't know what I feel? When I come to biology class my thoughts goes crazy and everything starts to annoy me. But when sisne talks I just get all hypnotized and shit how passionate. Yeah passionate I snickered in my thoughts.
I can't help and be harsh on those who tries to interrupt our silence, talk, laugh or other thing we're doing. I bet if she find this shit out she would run into the fucking hills screaming.
"I just born this way" I sinabi and tried to act cool. I felt her looking at me so I turned my head to her and our eyes met. And fuck her eyes are beautiful, like a tsokolate and karamelo all sparkling and shit how tempting. My eyes darted to her lips and I felt my breath catching in my throat when she licked them. Her lips looked so kissable in this moment that I felt my head coming closer and closer to it.
"SWAN!" I heard teacher scream, Bella's eyes shade into the horror and I felt myself going fucking angry. How dare he interrupt such a peaceful moment? I closed my eyes, breathing in sharply and turned my head to him. I opened my eyes, I felt how they fucking burned with anger.
"What?" I asked through clenched teeth. Teacher didn't looked in my way he looked to Bella with serous expression in his face
"I was asking for sisne not Cullen" he sinabi calmly not a segundo looking away form Swan. I clenched my fist seeing how he eyed Bella with a fucking masochist grin playing in his lips. It wasn't good, I heard some rumors about him, he have a lot bad shit going in his life.
"Yes?" Bella's voice was so small that it fucking scared me so I darted my eyes to her afraid that she might cry, but I saw serous look on her face which didn't even go with her voice.
"Can you please stop tempting Cullen?" He asked and I literally heard him whisper 'whore'. Class was like in a fucking zoo park everybody laughed and I stared at Bella, she slowly darted her eyes to her notes, her eyes looked sad and she was almost to the tears.
And that was fucking it, he annoyed me all those damned years. He was like a daga going in my busyness with Bella. always interrupting with his fucking grin which I always wanted to rip out off his face.
"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" I didn't mean to yell at all, but my voice didn't mind my brains which was telling me to go low and scary. It didn't affect him, his eyes was like a fucking glued to Swan. All room felt silent, I even heard a fucking pen dropping to someones desk
"I'm, teacher Cullen what's your problem?" he just literally rip out his eyes off the sisne and glued with mine. his eyes burned into mine, and if he was trying to scare me he jumped not on that person.
"You're my fucking problem" I snapped "You can't talk with students this way" you motherfucker. He laughed, like fucking maniac and I wanted to high five his face so bad that it was taking all my strength to stop myself from doing it.
"You're in my cabinet Cullen what I want, that I do" he hissed, his laugh stopped suddenly how it began "So if you don't like it get out"
Now that hit a spot so deeply that I stand up and lowered my voice so that even I was scared for myself
"You're fucking nothing just a piece of shit if you talk this with a fucking girl" I heard gasps around me, like it was a fucking ipakita parade or something.
"Cullen sit down o-" he started
"Don't you CULLEN me" I yelled at him "I'm not you're dump fucking student or a girl who you can order around so get a fucking thought what I'm saying because susunod time" I narrowed my eyes at him "i fucking stab you if you say something like that to sisne or other chick" I growled and garbed my shit which was lying on the dumi ng tao placed exactly beside me. I thankfully looked at Swan, she just smiled at me softly and mouthed silent thank you.
With a smile I walked in the directors cabinet she smiled
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posted by shannon9396
 Lion and tupa
Lion and lamb
10. “But I’ll never see anyone else, Bella. I only see you. Even when I close my eyes and try to see something else.” (Jacob Black Eclipse, Pg. 177)

9. “And so the lion fell in pag-ibig with the lamb…” (Edward Cullen, Twilight Pg. 274)

8. “I’m in pag-ibig with you, Bella. Bella, I pag-ibig you. And I want you to pick me instead of him. I know you don’t feel that way, but I need the truth out there so that you know your options. I wouldn’t want a miscommunication to stand in our way.” (Jacob Black, Eclipse, Pg. 327)

7. “Isabella Swan? I promise to pag-ibig you forever — every single day...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

I couldn't resist Jacob. I never could, so when he used his head to give me a lobo hug, I suddenly forgot all about what I was ranting about.

I wasn't aware of time passing, so it sort of shocked me when I started feeling tired. Jacob nudged me inside and all I remebered was hitting the sopa before I practically passed out.

* * *

When I woke up, I was resting against Jacob's bare chest. The sun had barely risen, but I'd woken up anyway. Maybe because I'd fallen asleep so early yesterday.

Anyway, Jacob refused to budge, so I contented myself with tracing patterns of his forearm.

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posted by fegzii
hi! i wrote this few months nakaraan but i didn't had the courage to post it a friend is making me doing this ... well i hope you like this and please comment even if you think it sucks ... be very honest! i prefer ... xoxo

Twilight B-day version !
I was terrified sa pamamagitan ng the idea of having a party .. no no no im not that kind of person ... I will only embarrass myself in front of everybody. 'everybody .... i will have to talk with Alice seriously about this’ i thought to myself. Then Edward stop the car, we were in my house already.
- May I?. he opened my door taking my hand helping me get out of the...
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twilight saga
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