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UH-MAZING stills from eclipse movie :D
twilight cast
robert pattinson
kristen stewart
Okay, Here's all 8 of my chapters + my two pag-ibig stories.

I've decided to make all my Twilight story chapters into a book like thing, So that's why i put them all together in this, I'm naming it "Breaking Twilight."
i was also thinking "Breaking Eclipse"
but I'm still thinking, but yeah.
I'm glad everyone likes my story! x]
theres madami coming!
-Yuki <3

Chapter One: The Game.

It was
Saturday evening, I was sitting on one of the couches in my new family’s house,
I was waiting for Edward to come back with Renesmee or as everyone else liked to call
her “Nessie” which I was getting used to sa pamamagitan ng know....
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As we left the apartment building the sun hit us like a beam of light. I look to the side, I saw Jason putting his hand in the face of the sun like he was going to die from it.
“Are you okay?” I asked concerned that it was to much for him. He looked down at me and smiled. “Ya I’m go, I just have to get my sunglasses on. My eyes are just really sensitive to the light.” I nodded waiting patiently for him. He slipped on a pare of black sunglasses. The kind you see know a days on celebrities when the go out. “Nice.” I sinabi with a warming smiled. He looked back down at me and smiled....
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 boy vampire and human girl
boy vampire and human girl
Ok my theory is that i know a bok vampire and a girl vampire can't have babies, but i think that a boy vampire and a human girl could. I mean why not? Girl Bampira are basically dead, but human girls aren't! Well, what do you guys think. Couldn't it be possible?! What do you gus and girls think. please reply on the comment section. Ok i know that i am babbling now but pretend that after my theory that this stuff isnt even here because the fanpp people won't let me ilathala this if it isn't long enough! Ok! so please pretend that this stuff isn't here!
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Bampira have existed in a variety of cultures almost since the dawn of time. Until the 19th century, they were believed to be monsters, rather than the stereotype of a madami aristocratic being who could infiltrate the world around us, as popularised sa pamamagitan ng Bram Stoker. Legend has developed since, with pop culture shows such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", which tackles concepts such as a vampire with a soul and possible redemption for a creature previously believed to have had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Bella lists her observations when she is researching on the internet: "Speed, strength,...
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