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 Kristen and Nikki - best buds
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This serye ng takip-silim litrato contains business suit. There might also be kalye, lungsod tanawin, and urban na setting.

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In order to dress Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in a manner befitting the teen idol that may-akda Stephenie Meyer envisioned, Chuck says she turned to the royals of the early 19th century: ''His name personifies his look, which to me was English Edwardian. He's the embodiment of an Edwardian gentleman — very proper, has manners, and is very charming.'' The vampire's clothes weren't all inspired sa pamamagitan ng history, though. As Chuck points out, ''He wears a pair of shoes that are lace-up and of the early 1900s, but then he also wears madami current sporty clothes.''
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Remember the sequel to the Kayla Series is called Kayla's Secret.
Oh, if you want to read Kayla's Secret you have to read the Kayla series first.

When I woke up the susunod morning, I was lying on my own bed. Edward was not susunod to me or hiding in the corner. susunod to me, on my pillow, was a note.
I had to leave early. Alice needed me. I’m sorry. I will pick you up for school at eight thirty. Love, Edward. x
Edward usually woke me up for school. He never slept so he could watch the time for me. I put the note back on my unan and glanced at the watch on my wrist. It was quarter past eight. I threw...
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