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this was a moment of pagbaba walang tiyak na layunin ways to freak people out.

1. walk into class and too your teacher and say "oh you do have a mouthwatering scent I have never noticed before."
2. if you sit at a mesa on your own turn to the empty mesa and cry "oh Edward my pag-ibig how i wish you were here to give me something nice to look at instead of the teachers ass." start to sob with no tears coming out.
3. if you are sitting susunod to someone lean in very deliberately and sniff there shoulder and say "I am very thirsty today."
4. walk in wearing a ginto band on your wedding finger and wave it about saying "i...
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One of the best scenes in Twilight was when Bella descovered what Edward is..!The dialogue was perfect and Edward's face was something between sweet and sad,scared and worried!He didn't know how bad could Bella react,or how could her reaction effect their relantioship!Bella seems to not was afraid just a little like she couldn't just believe it! She knew that Edward wouldn't hurt her..
----“Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pail white and ice cold, your eyes change color and sometimes you speak like your from a different time, you never eat or drink anything, you dot go out in...
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 One of the pictures of the mother's child....
One of the pictures of the mother's child....
I recently found these pictures in the Renesmee Carlie Cullen fanclub.

A mother was ipinapakita us pictures of her little girl, saying she thought her daughter would make a great Renesmee. And quite frankly, I agree with her :)

I admit, I don't know a lot about her daughter's pagganap skills. I plan on asking her when I send her a message. But I think her looks go well with Renesmee's; the curly strangely bronze hair, the tsokolate brown eyes, and being so beautiful!

Well, basically, this article's purpose is to ask all of you if this mother should definitely take her daughter to audition for the role...
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Hmmm.....ten reasons why I pag-ibig Twilight.Well, I think that I have madami than ten.It's practically an epidemic in the world!Yas. Twilight. I could talk about Twilight all day.Here are the reasons why I pag-ibig it so much...or just some of them!!!

1. Well, this is obvious.Edward Cullen. Need I say any more? He honestly has to be the most amazing fictional character ever created. Though he's not fictional in my mind. If only. Bella is so lucky lucky lucky.Am I jeallous?God yes!

2.The words that are used are beautiful. Amazing.Charming!Admit it, who didn't want to cry in the meadow scene in Twilight?...
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twilight stars talking about going to work on new moon
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The plane ride to the island was long than it took forever once we were done with the planes just to get to the island. But we finally made it. “Wow it’s beautiful.” Jacob helped me out of the bangka then grabbed the suitcases. “Jump on my back, I’ll carry you there.” Jacob sinabi turning around. I jumped on and kissed his neck. “I pag-ibig you, when we drop of the suitcases you wanna go swimming?” I asked him just as we made it to the door. “Of course as long as I’m with you I will.” He sinabi opening the door. We walked to the tabing-dagat and got undressed and jumped in.

The water was...
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