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 First stills from Welcome to the Rileys!!!
First stills from Welcome to the Rileys!!!
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Here it is.Chapter three.Special thanks to RosalieLillian who helped my writers block.Thanks so much to everyone for pagbaba and being supportive of Painful Memories.Hope you like this chapter :D

xoxo bree xoxo


Painful Memories

Chapter Three

Alice POV

"Alice what's wrong?What did you see?" Edward asked me.I knew he would freak if he saw my vision.I quickly started sing Brick sa pamamagitan ng Boring Brick sa pamamagitan ng Paramore in my head.That was my paborito song sa pamamagitan ng Paramore.

"Edward, It was about Rosalie" I turned to face the rest of my family and Bella."I'll tell...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 13
6 months later
Edwards pov (from what happens in the last chapter)
I was so dipresed its been 6 months scince bellas missing I am sitting on the coutch watching nothing. my family was dipresed too so jaspered went out a lot not wanting to be in the same room as us he tried to cheer us up but it didn’t work rose was less concerned and acted like nothing had happen Emmett and Alice were mostly like me they loved Bella as their sister Emmett alwas made fun of her and made her blus, Alice was so dipressed madami like me ,now she hated me less and tried...
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I honestly didn't hate it, but i was dissappointed. The whole thing read like fanfiction to me: cute, but not the conclusion i wanted to hear for my beloved Bella and Edward. The wedding/honeymoon business was very cute. i really loved it. The segundo Carlisle sinabi Bella was pregnant my puso just sank. How could SM do that to me?

I turned the page to see Jacob's perspective, *groan*. I like Jacob, but i didn't want to spend the final installment of the twilight saga in the mind of "what could have been". Surprisingly enough, Jacob was quite funny and i enjoyed his part a lot. I thought it was...
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