Sunset Blvd
Album: Ladies & Gentlemen

Music & Lyrics sa pamamagitan ng Tyler Hilton and Rune Westberg

I come from the desert
Where sun’s the only hazard
And I spent my days a-wondering why
Nothing seems to matter

So the boy went to the city
Of the smarter and the faster
Where you can petsa opportunity but it takes cash to undress her

I met a girl who’s a lot like me
She double knots her shoes and wants to live sa pamamagitan ng the sea
She don’t talk much and that’s ok sa pamamagitan ng me
I still write a lot of songs about her

Baby walk with me on Sunset Blvd
We’ll watch this devil city fall apart
We were Nawawala here from the start
But that’s just who we are on Sunset Blvd.

So I’m a hopeful songwriter
And she’s a model slash actress
Pagsulat our vows down on cheap kainan napkins
And dreamin out loud about these things that will never happen
It would be so sad if we weren’t always laughin
I’ve got my name in a vending machine
You can get your own hell there almost free
Or you can stay unknown and that’s ok sa pamamagitan ng me