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List by Zeppie posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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I thought I would put together a listahan of facts about (the greatest anime character ever) Sasuke Uchiha, just bits and pieces found from official Databooks. Major fans probably know most of these things, but to those of you who are new to the character, I hope this interests you! Enjoy!

Sasuke Uchiha

Born: 23 July
bituin sign: Leo
Age: 12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)
Blood type: AB

Graduated academy: age 12

Chakra nature type:
• Blaze release
• apoy release
• Lightning release
• Yin release

Databook Stats (out of 5)

Databook #1
• Ninjutsu - 2.5
• Taijutsu - 2.5
• Genjutsu - 1.5
• Intelligence - 2
• Strength - 2
• Speed - 3
• Stamina - 2
• Hand seals - 3
TOTAL: 18.5/40

Databook #2
• Ninjutsu - 3.5
• Taijutsu - 2.5
Opinion by SasukesBlade posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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So.. I have been devoted to Sasuke since I was 8 or 9 years old. I guess I just wanted to set this all out somewhere.
Every day, I have people come up to me and either a) Tell me how much I look like Sasuke Uchiha and comment that I'm obsessed, or b) Tell him off in front of me. I get into a lot of mindless debates with people, normally I'll win them. And still, I always tanong why these thoughts ulap the minds of other people. How can people not understand him?
It is to my own understanding that one cannot simply understand Sasuke, they must endure him. What I mean sa pamamagitan ng that is, you have to introspectively feel as much as he does. Endure his world.
When I was little and I first had my sights on him.. I had this feeling. I didn't understand it at the time. But it was this estranged, bulking feeling inside, the kind that set your mind on apoy and set your spirit free. It was, in my hilt of feelings, what I felt to be love. And I felt it again madami and madami as years surpassed me.
Fan fiction by ajdv posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Opinion by juurizero posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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kakashi:sasuke! hurt too many innocent people!
sasuke:as you did my brother do
kakashi:was for the good of all
kakashi:not give me a choice I will kill you<saying he rising bandana and activating the sharingan>
sasuke:hm!listen me!the sharingan is a symbol of uchiha why not have the right to use<saying he activating sharingan>
>>fighting tow powerful<<
>>sasuke throw some daggers explosive<<
the fight carried when sasuke chidori been active
and kakashi as face to face fight has just begun
kakashi:fire style fireballs
sasuke dodge well
sasuke:chidori nagashi!
kakashi is strong wounds
kakashi:is a dangerous technique! I can only dodge!
with this technique sasuke drestroying everything in its path
sasuke:fire style apoy vortex!
>>kakashi was totally burned<<
sasuke killed him falling back
Opinion by juurizero posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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we pag-ibig you because you are cool, strong and cute
even if you are not always good,we pag-ibig you for ever,hope to see you every night,to win, to be the best!
to pass everyone and everything!to be better than all!
everywhere are your fans,we and many others
who created you is our idol(MASASHI KISHIMOTO)we pag-ibig you forever sasuke!
Your fans fondly <3
P.S.hope to anyone!
respect for people like you
and those with your name!
SASUKE!forever yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we pag-ibig you
Fan fiction by juurizero posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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sakura:Sasuke! why go always run us! you are idiot!
sasuke: Me? I am a idiot? idiot is who loves you sakura! to you between right mind does not pag-ibig you sakura!
sakura: what? no no you are a big idiot! always seek revenge but do not see how hurt< saying she pulling it>
sasuke: you are a nuisance!
^^removing the dagger went bihind her said^^
bye bye sakura!
sakura: sa su ke! what you doing?
sasuke: I wanted to do at the kill!
thwarting me quite!if kill you can easly finish revenge!
sasuke: kakashi come after you!
sakura:not anymore!
sasuke:because who were longer now I am stronger,worse,and I hate you all
dugger stuck in sakura sasuke
sakura:sasuke.......kun<she sinabi and die>
Article by juurizero posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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sakura: sasuke!I want you back!
sakura:I would do anything!
sasuke:kill her and I accept your offer!
sakura:who is she?
sasuke:is member on my organization!karin!
sakura:"no stop is innocent!but sasuke come back and i pag-ibig him!
sasuke start to kill with chidori but kakashi stop it sa pamamagitan ng holding the hamd
kakashi:you want to kill her right sasuke?
sakura:kakashi sen sei
kakashi:you did what you could Now take it from here defend your!
kakashi:I did not have to kill you sasuke!
kakshi:Sasuke!looking for revange and come back!
sasuke laught evil
sasuke:bring it back on itachi and my father and my mother!
kakashi;I do not want to kill you but you give me no choice!
sasuke:I oserved you then but those days are over sensei!
Guide by Sasunaru120 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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1. Observe: Watch the episodes and watch Sasuke and note what he does, and when he does things.

2. Personality: Sasuke is calm, cold, indifferent, cruel, cynical, a bit sarcastic and somewhat arrogant.

3. Intelligence: You are smart, and you know it. ipakita people that you are smarter than them. Sasuke is considered a 'Cool Genius'. Try to learn everything easily, and be the tuktok on your class.

4. Attitude: You don't give anyone the time of day, not a best friend, or a girl/boy friend. They are so much below you in skill and knowledge, you should act like you hate them. Don’t talk too much. Sasuke rarely talks, but when he does, he keeps it brief and to the point. Don’t use Honorifics. Try your best not to use them with people, except with your parents.

5. Hobbies: Sasuke's hobbies are training and taking walks.

6. Speak clearly to look confident and make pauses between sentences, for madami effect. You must not look uncertain when you speak, just say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't stop in the middle or start fading your voice. Confidence shows that whatever you are talking you mean it.
Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Nika (me:I don't like making up last names so if you don't like it screw you!)
About you: You weren't a very bright kid growing up and still aren't you had a unfortunate past (me:use your imagination on what the past is)
How you and Sasuke: One araw you went to the cemetary and put bulaklak on your mothers grave. When you were walking back to your abandond house you felt a presence it was Sasuke but you didn't say or do anything you just kept walking. It started to rain u:"Sasuke i know your following me now come out!" Sasuke:"how did you know it was me" he asked. You just stared at him then turned around. U start walking away from him Sasuke:"Nika, h uy do y you want to train with me some time?" he asked. U turned at him and he was blushing but not looking at u. U:"sure how about tomorrow?" u ask. Sasuke:"*looks at you* ohhh uh sure yeah" he says hesitating. U:"*smiles* ok I'll meet you at the dock ok" u say. Sasuke looks at u but thinks why are we going to the dock.
::at the dock::
Article by Sasunaru120 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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You are Liarli uchiha! your bff: gaara, sasuke. most lilkely bf: gaara
You were born into the uchiha clan, a powerful clan in konoha in the apoy coutry witht he sharingan bloodline limit. your brothers itachi and sasuke (sasuke is your twin) cared for you a lot. But at the age of 8 sasuke and you came tahanan to find that itachi had murdered your entire clan, sparing you and sasuke only. itachi then went to sumali akatsuki leaving the two of you alone.
Since then you and sasuke have lived in pain, only surviving to become stronger and kill itachi! The two of you are quiet, not speaking much. Whilst Sasuke is being glomped sa pamamagitan ng fangirls, you sit with your one friend gaara. He is the only one besides sasuke who understands how you feel.
you are in team 9 with kurenai.
What do they think of you?
naruto: sasukes sister, shes hott! emo like sasuke, and powerful she and i drew in battle!!
sasuke: my sister, i care for her very much, the last survivors of the uchiha clan. our dream is the same, we are not emo naruto!! shut up you jerk! how dare you say she is hott!
Fan fiction by tammav5 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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walking through the grassland eveything was,as it should be,calm. sasuke sakura naruto and kakashi were quite exsept it seemd kakashi seemd to fouceing on sasuke madami then ever. every now and again kakashi would make a jesture with his hand to tell someone to come closer.
"ugh! my legs really hurt!! can we stop and rest?" naruto asked kakashi.
"i dont see the harm." kakashi said
everyone else sat but sasuke stood. kakashi muttered something. then sasuke was hit down sa pamamagitan ng an unknow assalint.
"sasuke!" naruto yelled
kakashi sensei stood and wasnt surprised. a man showed up and foursed sasuke's arm behind his back and while he was still on the ground smashed his foot down on sasukes head.
"im sorry sasuke...but until you and naruto get along im puting you in prision." kakashi said.
"what!?" naruto and sakura yelled together in disbelife.
"you cant be sereious! im a uchiha dang it! you cant do this to me!!" sasuke yelled
"well,im doing it right now so i clearly can...take him away!" kakashi said.
Opinion by brunin2 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Time is at 7, trained sa pamamagitan ng Kakashi Hatake. His teammates are Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. Sasuke's main goal in life to become a powerful ninja in order to kill his older brother, Uchiha Itachi and avenge his clan. Why be a member of the Uchiha clan, has the Sharingan, which enabled him to learn and copy the Chidori technique, which is a high technical level and is the main ninjutsu Kakashi Hatake, his jounin. It is cold, distant, always avoiding cling to people with fear of losing them later, continuing his life with only one goal: revenge. Still, Naruto is in a rival and a great friend. But pasulong we see that Sasuke goes to Orochimaru's side to gain madami power to win his brother Uchiha Itachi. After a while, Sasuke says he has nothing madami to learn from Orochimaru and decides to kill him. After finding Suigetsu Karin and Juugo are going to seek to complete the Hebi (snake), through which the team plans to eliminate Sasuke Uchiha Itachi. Chapter 398 was revealed sa pamamagitan ng Uchiha Madara, that the shootings sa pamamagitan ng Uchiha Itachi reliza occurred under the orders of Konoha, and that only four people knew the truth about Uchiha Itachi, Sandaime Hokage, Danzo, and the two counselors and Homoru...
Fan fiction by BurnOut posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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First Of All,
Happy Birthday Sasuke-Kun ..
I'm Pagsulat This artikulo On Sasuke's 17th Birthday, Especially For fans ..
"Sasuke is The One, Only One Perfect Character in Naruto .. Whatever He Does,He Becomes, He's Still Sasuke , Yes OUR Sasuke ..
Nobody Else Can Compare Him, i Like Both Sasuke's Good And Evil Personality .. Not Like Some Others, Who Only Like One ,Sasuke's Good Or Evil Personality , Why The Hell They Don't Understand He's Still Sasuke .. Yup, That Sasuke Who You pag-ibig ..
I Had Prepared A Large Site For Sasuke's 17th Birthday, But Due To My Laptop Problem , The Preparation Was'nt Complete & 23 July Came.
Anyways, There's Always susunod Time, I'll Try susunod Year..
Well Forget It, Let's Come To The Topic "Sasuke"..
Why Don't We Talk About Sasu x Saku, Hell YEAH !! Best Couple in Naruto .. I Hope SasuSaku Should Be Together At A Time . Yes I Know That Time Will Come .. Just You Wait .. It's Time For A Big Noise ..

Opinion by yukikiyruu posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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it is a reserch artikulo about don,t mind if i say something wrong.please it is request.

sasuke is from uchiha clan we all know.His name literally means japanese warrior and uchiha means fan.but we know that is grandson of madara uchiha

but this not matter
as a conclusion of my reserch abot sasuke and uchiha clan i found out many things about them.These are:-
1.uchihas use their beloved wokmen and marry them just because to secure their clan.i mean just just to give birth to susunod generation of their clan(madara do this)
2.they don,t care about their wifes and boloved womens.they only care about their children because those children have uchiha blood in their veins.

but in my opinion sasuke,s chakra in current episode get madami darker and coolerthan part one.but many of us like not only girls but also boys also like him. we like him because he is cool , hot etc.
you know what i mean.but there is tanong about sasuke,s future or what what happen in susunod episodes.we all want sasuke come back to konah but how .sasuke want to fight with naruto with his full power. but if he fight with naruto what happen.the...
Fan fiction by Sasukes-girl123 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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This is Who We are
A Naruto Fanfic: all Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto
Madna Uchiha is a fictional character and she does not belong to me

The Separation,

“Firestyle Blaze of Glory!” apoy blazed from Madana’s mouth. When the flame receded she gazed up at her father who was watching her practice he held a strong dissapointment in his eyes. She sulked back to the house feeling useless. She gazed into the kusina trying to imagine her mother Sakura waiting for her and Father with a steaming pot of ramen ready for them after a hard day’s work.Sadly her immagination wasn’t coming true her mother left both of them 5 years nakaraan she never saw her since.
“Why weren’t you pleased I did it right,” Madana sinabi to her father, Sasuke turned around to face his small frail daughter,
“It was good I’m just dissapointed that Itachi isn’t teaching you much,”
Madana sighed and jogged upstairs to her room. She fell onto her kama exhaughsted Itachi, her uncle, entered her room,
Article by banu23 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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stay right where you are b cuz i pag-ibig you in that role

cry as you was that night b cuz i like why you cried

say what you usually say bcuz i pag-ibig what you say

lie as you always do bcuz i pag-ibig the way you lie

be with me as long as you can b cuz you are my watch

walk with me b cuz who knows what happines susunod

i pag-ibig your( smile . anger . evil. lips .hair.sckin.eyes hands.clothes )

every part of you

you are far from my body but so near my puso billive you are the first boy i like

remmember im always beside you !

written sa pamamagitan ng

banu 23

my strange love

Fan fiction by banu23 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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its right i pag-ibig sasuke so much that cant explain!

but some one who loves sasuke should underestand how he feels right ?

sasuke always loved sakura bcuz

when they was in the fight with zabuza he sinabi thats sakuras voice kakashi wat are u doing ?

in the exam he brocked the boys hand who hurt sakura first when he wacked up !

he always loved her but reveng was first so he didnt want to hurt her and he knew his path is not ligtas !

he never gonna kill her that is just nothing wen he sinabi that she will be in plays of karin he wanted her beside him but she wanted to kill him
so he turned to kill her too !

i hope this helps who dont like sasuke b cuz of sakura!
Fan fiction by BurnOut posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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“For it Was Not into My Ear You Whispered,"
"But into My Heart"
"It was Not My Lips You Kissed, But My soul."
It is True I pag-ibig Sasuke madami Than Myself,
"“If You pag-ibig Somebody,"
"Let Them Go. If They Return,"
"They Were Always Yours"
And I Know:
"Love is Just Love, It Can Never Be Explained."
What Do You Think?
Fan fiction by BurnOut posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Club Guide:
This Group is For Sasuke Uchiha Pictures.
Post Your Favourite Pictures/Wallpapers iugnay Here.
1.Don,t Share Pics. Of Others.
2.Post Your Pics. in Comments.
Picture Format:
Picture Name:
Picture Link:
tuktok Pictures:
Picture Name: Sasuke Uchiha "Hot"
Picture Link: link
Picture Name: Sasuke Uchiha Kusnagi "New"
Picture Link: link
Article by kinomotho posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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You already regret it,right? After you know the truth. The truth about Uchiha Itachi. It's all your fault.You should continue your life after that bloodly incident. Your are very talented. You can rebuild your clan. You have many friend, many fangirl and best friend ever, Naruto.
Everyone here would pag-ibig to help you. Naruto,..He know it. He know how it feel, losing someone you love. And now, you are about to make another wrong decision.

I dOn't know what is this feeling. This feeling always bothering me. My heart. It's hurt. Seeing you became like that. I dont want to see you hurt.

I always thinking about you and it making me feel worst. Really worst. I cannot do anything. I cannot breathe without you. It's killing me. I know its never easy to forget what has happen.

Forget all your past. Let we start a new life. Please...., I'm begging you. Please come back. Please, SASUKE...

***I also don't know what i'm trying to say. SORRY for the mistake. i don't really good in english. Also I'M sorry if anyone don't like this...
Review by BurnOut posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Sasuke Was Not Evil..
Actualy That Was Uchiha Itachi,s Mistake!!
Sasuke Was Never Wanted To Hurt Sakura.
But Now? He Wants To Kill Her..
Itachi sinabi To Sasuke :
"Why You Are So Weak?"
Actualy Real Weak Was Itachi..
Why Itachi Killed Almost Every Body in Uchiha Clan..
Can Somebody Kill His Own Parents With His Own Hand ? ? ?
Why Itachi Why
Why You Are So Weak?
Fan fiction by BurnOut posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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I,m Not A Sasuke tagahanga !
I,m A Sasuke Lover !
Just Like You .. !
But Why ? ? ?
Because Sasuke Uchiha is Just Amazing in Our Lives..
He is Too Hot ! ! ! Too Sexy ! ! !
I Wish That May Sasuke Was Born in Real Life,
Both Guys / Girls Are CraZy! For Him . . (Me Also)
& You ?
Let,s Come To My Personal Life!
I'v Collected Almost Every Picture Of Sasuke.. (Sounds Looks Crazy?)
Why Sasuke Don,t Cares Sakura?
I Think His Life is Full With Dangers & He Don,t Wanna Hurt Sakura!
Because He Loves Her ! !
Fan fiction by Catlion posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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(In the hospital)

"Oh! Sakura you are awaken"Sasuke said"Where i am?"Sakura asked "Don't you remember the kyuubi attacks you sa pamamagitan ng the way Ino and Hinata will visit you and i will go to Naruto's room to visit him so just stay here a few minutos Ino and Hinata will be here"Sasuke answered

(In Naruto's room)

"Sasuke"Naruto said"What?....What do you wan't?"Sasuke answered angrily "I'm sorry to what happen i will promise that i will not do it again"Naruto sinabi "Not do it again even can't control your kyuubi and your promising that you will not do it again"Sasuke shout "I promise that i will not do it again"Naruto said"Okay find i'm out of here"Sasuke said

(Back at Sakura's room)

Ino and Hinata is there

"Hello Ino and Hinata sa pamamagitan ng the way i will buy some needs for my artwork just enjoy there Sakura i will be back at few minutes"Sasuke said

(After 30 minutos Sakura,Ino and Hinata is chatting)
Fan fiction by Catlion posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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The following araw Sakura hurried eat her breakfast and went to the forest to practice but Master Tsunade called the Team 7,8,9 and 10 "Orochimaru is planning to ruin the konoha you need to stop him"Master Tsunade sinabi So the Team 7,8,9 and 10 hurried.The team kakashi or 7 seen Orochimaru no longer they have to fight Orochimaru they have the diffrent attacks but none of them defeat Orochimaru the last one Sakura fight Orochimaru sa pamamagitan ng using the Sakura Fibuki or seresa Blossoms Snow Storm Techinique but Orochimaru defeat Sakura so the kyuubi of Naruto attack Orochimaru finally Orochimaru defeat but he has escape but the susunod target is Sakura everyone in the team can't do such a thing but Sasuke saved Sakura and the kyuubi of Naruto go back inside him they hurry ran Sakura and Naruto to the Hospital

(TO BE CONTINUED.........)
Fan fiction by Catlion posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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So Ino and Sakura walk slowly to Sakura's house"Ah Sakura can i ask you something if it is okay to you"Ino said"Sure what is it?"Sakura Questioned"Who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"You first"Sakura said"Don't say this to anybody just you abd me will know this thing okay my crush in the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha"Ino said"So who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"My crush to the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha too....But i have a tanong why his brother killed his clan?"Sakura said"Because the konoha ordered it"Ino said

(A few segundos it is raining so Sakura and Ino need to hurry)

"Oh!"Ino said

Ino slide because they was in hurry

"I'm on it"Sakura said"(Sakura heal ino's scar)"Thanks"Ino said"You're welcome"Sakura said

(A few minutos Sakura and Ino is in the house of Sakura)

"3Wow it is so beautiful"Ino said"Not really"Sakura said

(Sakura cooked some ramen for Ino)