Nika (me:I don't like making up last names so if you don't like it screw you!)
About you: You weren't a very bright kid growing up and still aren't you had a unfortunate past (me:use your imagination on what the past is)
How you and Sasuke: One araw you went to the cemetary and put bulaklak on your mothers grave. When you were walking back to your abandond house you felt a presence it was Sasuke but you didn't say or do anything you just kept walking. It started to rain u:"Sasuke i know your following me now come out!" Sasuke:"how did you know it was me" he asked. You just stared at him then turned around. U start walking away from him Sasuke:"Nika, h uy do y you want to train with me some time?" he asked. U turned at him and he was blushing but not looking at u. U:"sure how about tomorrow?" u ask. Sasuke:"*looks at you* ohhh uh sure yeah" he says hesitating. U:"*smiles* ok I'll meet you at the dock ok" u say. Sasuke looks at u but thinks why are we going to the dock.
::at the dock::
U:" Come on Sasuke attack me with the intent to kill!". Sasuke gasping for breath he tries again but fails and falls in the water. U: * gives Sasuke your hand*, Sasuke takes your hand and gets back on the dock. U:"ok thats it for to" Sasuke:" no I have to get stronger" he interupted you. U:*slighlty smile and walk over to him to help him over to sit down*. U:* put healing ointment on his face* You push yourself.......*whispering* just like me. Sasuke:*looks at you* U:* not looking at him and looking at the ground* are you trying to impress me for some reason? u ask. Sasuke:* looks away blushing*! he says. U: *still looking at the ground*. Sasuke:*puts his hand on your lefy cheek, pulls your face to him*. U:"what are you pu...." you were interupted sa pamamagitan ng Sasuke halik you but pulled away. Sasuke:"you talk to much!". Sasuke halik you again and there you two were halik under the sunset and hung out with each other more!
Wow you have a great life!