I had been born in a family of Vampire Hunters. My Mother had died when I was born, and my Father, Toga Yagari, had tried his best to raise me. At an early age he taught me everything I would need to know to become a Vampire Hunter. I always admired him so much. I wanted to be just like him when I was older. I was my Father's pride and joy.

When I was five, he had finally told me madami about Vampires. How there were different levels to them, and the Pure bloods. For as long as I could remember, Bampira were something I was interested in. With each story, I hated Bampira madami and more.

Then the araw came I would meet a couple of my Father's other students. He had dressed me and I smiled at him, though I was nervous to be meeting anyone new. I had been shut away for the first five years of my life. When we arrived, I looked out the carriage window. The tahanan was beautiful. My hair had been pulled up and my puntas dress made me look as though I was the daughter of a Royal family. Father helped me out of the carriage and gestured me to follow him down the cobblestone path. I paused a moment, then ran and grabbed his hand.

He knocked on the door, waiting for a moment before a woman with light brown hair, answered for us.

"Come in, Toga." She said. Her voice was like velvet. It made me feel better and my stomach didn't turn as much. When we walked in, I could see two twin boys standing in the kusina doorway. "Zero, Ichiru. This is Ikeda, your Master's Daughter. Say hello." My eyes were wide as the silver haired brothers hesitated. Then one walked up to me with a grin on his face.

"Hi, I'm Ichiru." He sinabi quietly. He seemed a bit at war with himself. I could tell he didn't know how to act, whether he should be friendly or shy. When I didn't say or do anything, Father pushed me out from behind him. I placed my hands behind my back and blushed a bit.

"I'm Ikeda.." I whispered. Then the other boy walked over.

"I'm Zero. Are..you a Vampire Hunter too?" He asked. I looked up at him, pausing a bit.

"I want to. Daddy's been teachin me."

"So..does this mean you'll come with him when he visits for lessons?" Ichiru asked. I opened my mouth to say something, but glanced up at my Father instead. He smiled a bit and nodded.

"Only if you want to." He said, placing a hand on my head. I bit my lip and nodded at Zero and Ichiru. These two were my first friends, I wanted to make a good impression.

Now, I couldn't have been madami than eight years old. Long auburn hair pulled back in pigtails, and bright blue eyes. I had a wide grin on my face as I ran up the familiar stone path, in front of my Father. He chuckled as Mrs. Kiryu opened the door to let her boys outside.

"Toga, you're early." She spoke so sweetly.

"Ikeda wanted to come early, before lessons, to see the boys." My Father sinabi as he stopped. He placed his hands in his pockets and watched my excitement. I had grown attached to the boys in three years.

"Zero! Ichiru!" I shouted as I slammed into both of them, wrapping my arms around them.

"Ikeda, we have something to ipakita you!" Ichiru sinabi with a great smile. Zero grabbed my hand and followed his brother to the back yard. Their Mother chuckled as she looked up at the sky. When we stopped in the back, I smiled widely seeing the seresa Blossoms falling.

"They're pretty!" I sinabi as I reached up to catch a few petals. Then a pain suddenly went through my chest, causing me to retract my arms and fall to my knees. The air seemed dirty as it went through my lungs.

"Ikeda? Ichiru, run and get Mother!" Zero sinabi quickly. Ichiru paused, terrified but did as his twin brother instructed. Zero fell to my side, placing a hand on my back.

"Z..Zero.." I whispered as I coughed hard, holding my chest. His face looked scared, he wanted to help. He jumped when Toga ran over.

"Keda!" He yelled as he dropped to his knees susunod to me.

"Daddy...I hurt..." I sinabi as I gripped my dress tightly. Father pulled me up into his arms and held me close to him.

"It's alright honey..I got you..I have to take her away...I'll write to let you know." Dad sinabi to Zero and Ichiru's Parents, who were just as scared. They had grown to care for me as much as they had their own children.

"Please do." Mrs. Kiryu sinabi as she placed a hand on Ichiru. Tears swelled in his eyes, seeing his friend hurting.

"Will you bring her back, Master?" Zero asked as he stood to his feet. Father paused before he looked back at Zero. His eyes were lowered.

"As soon as possible. Wait for my letter." He sinabi as he took off. Zero was left standing there.

It was three years later, I was laying in my bed. As I had drifted in and out of the darkness the past year, Father had told me stories of the boys. Apparently he still left to teach them. I had felt helpless, useless. I finally opened my eyes, cringing a bit at the bright sun peeking in my window. I sat up and placed my hand on my forehead, the sweat had dried and my chest was light again. I turned when Dad walked through the door. His eyes were wide as he hurried to my side, dropping what was in his hands.

"Keda? You're awake.." He gasped a bit, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Daddy?" I whispered as he felt my forehead. He sighed and smiled.

"I'm so glad...I thought I was going to lose you..." He pulled me into his arms, holding me tightly.

"Where's Zero? And Ichiru?...I thought you sinabi they would come see me when I was better?" I asked. He lowered his head and took a deep breath. That face, even as young as I was, I knew something bad had happened.

"Keda...honey...A Pure blood Vampire...killed their parents...Ichiru was nowhere to be found...and Zero...well he will be alright for the time being.." My eyes were wide as they filled with tears. I couldn't believe it. The Kiryu's...were dead...and Ichiru was missing...he could be dead too...and Zero. I held my chest a moment.

"Where is...Zero?" I wondered, holding back the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

"He's safe..Don't worry honey.." Dad sinabi as he pulled me close to him. That was the first time, I had really felt pain. The sickness was nothing compared to this. I wanted to see Zero, it had been so long. I wanted to hug him, I wanted to run to him and always be with him. Such an innocent boy, he didn't deserve this pain.