"Why have you come here...Shizuka Hio?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. I wanted to protect Ichiru from this woman, but something told me to wait. She stopped jumping around when I finally sinabi her real name. Father had told me she was the one who killed the Kiryu's, and made Zero a monster. She was the reason I hated Vampires.

"So...your Father has taught you well...I actually..have come here to check up on Zero. As you can tell." Shizuka sat down on the small kama and giggled. She wasn't in her own body, even I knew that, and I had no idea what she really looked like. "But, since you have found me out...I can't have you running off and tell the Headmaster...or even your little drinking buddy.." She narrowed her eyes and smirked.

"That doesn't really answer my question." I sinabi as I backed up a bit, but Ichiru grabbed my hand and pulled me over to him. He wrapped his arms around me and covered my mouth.

"Zero, needs to drink my blood...and I wish...to shed a bit of blood here at this School...Once my body has returned to me. Sleep for now...cause when you wake up...You're mine.." I watched Shizuka as my vision blurred. What was Ichiru doing to me. I lifted my hand up to his face before my vision completely failed me.

Zero had been walking around outside with Yuki, making sure none of the araw Class students broke any of the grounds rules. He paused a second, feeling something in the air.

"Zero? Is something wrong?" Yuki asked, noticing how stiff he was. When he didn't answer, she finally asked something else. "Zero, do you know Ikeda Yagari?" Zero turned to Yuki, as though she had just snapped in his face.

"Why?" He asked.

"Well, she got angry at me today...Because I was describing you..And then she skipped class. I haven't seen her since." Yuki rubbed her arm.

"You..haven't seen her since? Did she go back to the dorms?" Zero asked quickly. Something sparked inside of him as he didn't wait for Yuki's answer before running as fast as he could to the Girls Sun Dorm.

"Zero! Where are you going?" Yuki yelled as she quickly followed him. Something was up, but what could be bothering Zero so much?

Once the two reached the dorms, one of the girls was at the stairs, yawning. Yuki walked in front of Zero, since he wasn't supposed to be there anyways.

"Yuki? What are you doing here?" The girl asked, still half asleep.

"Did Ikeda come back after class? Or was she already here?" Yuki asked. The girl narrowed her eyes, looking at the two Guardians like they were crazy.

"Yagari? Haven't seen her since yesterday. Nana says she hasn't been back all day, the room is the same as it was left." Zero's eyes were wide as he took off out the door. Yuki groaned.

"Zero! Wait for me!" Yuki yelled as she waved to the girl. "Thank you!" She shouted back before high tailing it behind Zero. "Zero! What's going on!" Yuki asked as he stopped, looking around as though searching.

"That new Night student...Maria Kurenai...Have you seen her?" Zero asked, narrowing his eyes. When Yuki didn't answer right away, Zero became frustrated. "Have you seen her or not, Yuki!"

"No, not since the change over from the araw Class to Night Class." Zero fidgeted a bit before rushing down the old path towards the Night Class's old building. "Zero!" Yuki shook her head, this time watching him go. Maybe the Headmaster would know what's going on with Zero. Yuki hurried into the School, heading to the Headmaster's Office.

When I woke up, I was sitting on the sopa susunod to someone I didn't know. I blinked my eyes a bit and rubbed them before realizing, Maria's body was laying on the floor, and it was Shizuka that was sitting susunod to me. Her arms extended around me when she noticed I was awake.

"You didn't sleep long..." Shizuka had a lower tone than Maria did. Though, just sa pamamagitan ng the way she looked I knew she would. As she moved, bells went off. "Zero should be coming shortly...Ichiru, make sure you meet him downstairs."

"Ichiru!" I sinabi quickly. Shizuka held me against the sopa as I tried to move. I shook my head. "Ichiru, why are you with this woman! What happened to you!" I shouted.

"You know...Ikeda...I might wait for Zero before I share that story." Ichiru smirked a bit. His hair was longer than Zero's, but I knew it was Ichiru. I knew it was him the first time I saw him with Maria. When Ichiru left, I felt my body drop and my puso sank. Shizuka stroked my hair a bit, then snapped my hair tie, letting my hair fall around me.

"You were always so cute. I was actually jealous. That was why I sent that Virus after your Immune System...That and I wanted the Kiryu's to suffer..as I had." I saw her face grow dark and fill with hatred. Then she changed her tone and moved closer to me. "Since you survived...my interest peeked a bit..You would be a great addition to my little...family.." Shizuka whispered. My eyes were wide as I picked through her words.

"Do what you want with me...But I only have one request.." I lowered my head. Shizuka narrowed her eyes a bit, waiting for me to continue. "I want..you to make Zero better...and leave him alone...in return...I'll give myself to you.."

"What makes you think you're madami important to me than Zero?" Shizuka chuckled.

"Am I not?" I asked, a bit confused. Had she not just wanted me to be a Vampire? Shizuka watched me, studied me for a moment. Then smiled.

"Alright, deal." Shizuka sinabi as she cut her wrist. My eyes were wide, smelling the blood. And then, Ichiru and Zero crashed through the floor. When they landed, I jumped up on to my feet. "Sit, dear." Shizuka ordered. I sighed a bit and did as I was told. Zero pushed Ichiru off of him and stood.

"Shizuka...Hio...What have you done to Ikeda?" Zero growled as he pulled his gun out and aimed it for her.

"Zero! No! She can make you better!" I sinabi quickly, standing again and pushing the gun down. Zero's eyes were wide as he stared at me.

"Ikeda, what...what are you doing...?" He asked. Tears filled up in my eyes.

"I've...I've made a deal...with her...So that you get better...You'll be safe.." I shook my head and flung my arms around him. "Please Zero! Let me save you.."

"It's ALWAYS about Zero, isn't it! Even when we were younger...It was ALWAYS Zero!" Ichiru shouted. He pulled his sword out and took his mask off, throwing it to the ground.

"Ichiru...I loved you the same as Zero..." I whispered as I took a step towards him, letting go of Zero.

"No! Lies!" Ichiru yelled as he went to attack, but Zero pulled me away. He blocked Ichiru's sword and pushed him into the wall.

"Girl...I will only let him drink from me...once your end of the deal is kept." Shizuka said. Zero narrowed his eyes.

"Ikeda? What is she talking about?" I lowered my eyes as I walked over to Shizuka and moved my hair from my neck. A nakaraan bite wound was already there. Zero saw this. He had known about the first bite wound, but this one looked fresh. So many emotions burned inside of him. He turned his gun towards Shizuka, holding the trigger.

"You can't kill me, Zero..I created you..." Shizuka smirked as she wrapped an arm around me, licking my neck. "And she smells so good..."

"Don't...touch her..." Zero growled. Then Shizuka tossed me over to Zero.

"Then you hold her and I will devour her soul.." Shizuka ordered. Zero cringed a bit, holding me tightly against his chest. I closed my eyes for a second, taking in a deep breath.

"No..." Zero whispered, trying to move. I could feel his body shaking. "No...I won't...let...you..hurt her!" Zero yelled as he broke free of her hold, eyes burning crimson as he shot his gun at her. One shot, then another and another. My eyes flashed open as I saw the blood being soaked into her Kimono. I gripped on to Zero's arm, as she took deep breaths.

"Ichiru...finish him.." Shizuka cringed as she limped off. Zero let go of me to chase after her, but Ichiru stopped him.

"Not this time, Brother. I think it's time to tell you...It was me...who let Shizuka kill our parents...and it was me who made her keep you alive.." My eyes were wide when I heard Ichiru speak.

"Ichiru...how could you!" I screamed.

"Stay out of this Ikeda! Go! Now!" Zero yelled as he blocked another attack Ichiru threw at him. I shook my head.

"No! i won't run!" I cried as I hurried to Zero, pushing him out of the way. He had Nawawala his focus for just a segundo when Ichiru went to plunge his sword right through his brother's chest. Instead, I felt the cold blade penetrate my body. I gasped as Ichiru froze. Zero looked up from the floor. When the blood fell, his body pulsated and his eyes burned.

Ichiru was only nagyelo for a moment before he ran, leaving his sword. I held the wound for a moment, everything started to spin and each time I blinked, my vision darkened and became worse. I fell to my knees, as Zero held his throat. The blood must have been to much for him.

"Ikeda?" I heard someone yell, but it sounded distant. My eyes rested on Zero, his eyes were all I saw, but I reached my hand out, grabbing his. "Ikeda, honey stay with me...Cross, we need to hurry. The Night students will be smelling all this blood." Was that my Father? I tried to look around, but my body refused to ilipat anymore.

"Z..Zero..."I whispered before the lights went out.

I narrowed my eyes, looking around the darkness. I didn't hear anything, or see anything. Fear filled my body as I took a few steps one way.

"Zero?" I called. I froze when I heard a kampanilya chiming all around me. "Zero?" I called again, not wanting to be alone. As I walked, I could sense someone behind me. I began to panic as I started to run. "Zero! Help me!" I shouted.

"Ikeda! Hurry!" I heard someone yell. I looked around for a second, before seeing red, glowing eyes.

"Aido...I can't do it!" I screamed as I placed my hands over my ears.

"You can, you have to! You will die if you don't! I can't protect you there!" I narrowed my eyes. Why was Aido here? Where was Zero?

"Die? Zero won't hurt me.." I shook my head.

"He's fallen, Keda...there's no saving him now!" Aido held his hand out. Ice surrounded him. I shook my head, wrapping my arms around myself.

"No! I won't let him fall!" I shouted as I turned and ran the other way. I stopped, seeing Zero. "Zero?" I was shocked, though his eyes were bright red, his nails were long and jagged, and his teeth looked sharper. "Zero..." I went to touch him, but the smirk he made sent fear through me. "Aido!" I screamed.

I jumped, screamed, and jolted myself awake. I took in deep breaths as I shook my head and looked around. I narrowed my eyes, noticing the wraps around my upper torso. I touch it, remembering the fight. I gasped a bit.

"Zero.." I whispered as I tossed the blankets off of me and stood up. Instantly my knees buckled and I fell. My body was weaker than usual, I could feel it. But it didn't matter. Zero needed my help.

In the Tower, susunod to the Academy, Zero snapped and growled as he thrashed around in his chains. His eyes were red and he was falling to a Level E, quickly. Toga sighed, watching his student thrash about.

"Cross...what should we do?" He asked, lowering his hat.

"Zero...You have to calm down...If not for yourself...then.." tumawid paused for a second.

"Do it..for Keda.." Toga finished. Zero's eyes were wide as he slammed himself against the wall. Both tumawid and Toga shook their heads as they took off down the steps. Zero gripped the chains tightly as he tried to take control over himself again.

"I figured..you would have gotten to Shizuka before she was destroyed...I left her there for you to drink her blood." Kaname crossed his arms as he walked out of the shadows. Zero narrowed his eyes. "You know...the only reason you are still alive...Is because Yuki cares about you...So..drink my blood..."

"N..No." Zero stuttered. Kaname gripped Zero's neck, holding it tightly against the stone wall.

"If you don't, you will fall to a Level E Vampire. I know Yuki doesn't want that..and neither does Ikeda..." Kaname narrowed his eyes. Zero paused a moment, nodding as he lifted himself up and bit into Kaname's neck.

I was dressed and out on the grounds, wondering where Zero was. I felt light headed, and I should still be in bed, but I needed to know if he was alright. When I reached the gates, I saw my Father standing there. I hurried over to him.

"Father!" I shouted. He looked up and looked confused.

"Keda? What are you doing up? You should be in bed." Toga sinabi as I let my knees buckle again. He stepped forward, catching me. "See? Back to bed.." He sinabi as he picked me up.

"Father! Where is Zero! Is he alright?" I asked. Toga only sighed as he paused. Headmaster tumawid walked over, holding a needle in his hand. "What's that?" I asked as he stuck it in my shoulder. My eyes became heavy and my body fell limp.

"Sweet dreams, love.." Toga sinabi as he kissed my forehead. Him and Headmaster tumawid walked back to the Sun Dorms, dropping me off. Toga stayed through out the night to make sure I didn't wake up and leave at any point.