It was almost a week later, since that day. I was finally going back to class. Dad sinabi I had a lot of catching up to do, so I would be busy for awhile. I got up early, so I could leave before Yuki tried to walk with me. For the past week of me being on lock down, I heard things that were gossiped through the Dorm. It was sinabi Zero had a thing for Yuki, but so did Kaname. All the girls had their own Vampire they liked. I found that out quickly as well. The girls who liked Aido, didn'ttalkto me though. It had been awhile since I'd seen Aido as well. And that dream I had. It all boggled my mind.

After I finished getting dressed, I grabbed a couple notebooks and my school books. I had pulled my hair up and twisted it into a bun, sticking my pencils and pens in it. As I walked, I heard Nana, my roommate, trying to get my attention.

"Hey! Hey! Ikeda! Wait up!" She sinabi quickly as she blew a piece of her ebony hair back.

"Nana? I thought you were still sleeping." I sinabi a bit confused. When I had walked out, Nana had been sleeping in her bed.

"Well, I wanted to walk to school with you. Didn't think you'd leave this early though." Nana chuckled as she pushed her glasses up. I smiled as I walked a bit slower. "How are you feeling?" She asked. The story around school was that I fell down the stairs in the Academy, breaking a couple Buto in my chest. I shrugged.

"Feeling better. Still a bit sore though. Sorry if my Dad made you feel weird." I sinabi as I cringed a bit. He had drugged me a lot over the past week, so I couldn't help it much that he was always there. Nana just shrugged as she chuckled.

"It's alright. I wasn't there much anyways. The Ball is coming up." Nana said. I narrowed my eyes.

"Ball?" I asked. Her eyes got wide.

"You don't know about the Ball? It's the onlytimethe araw Class and Night Class get to be in the same room together. It's great! But with Exams coming up before the Ball, whichever class has the lowest average scores, has to work that night. Our class always loses because of Yuki."

"Really?" I chuckled a bit. When we reached the gates, I noticed the Night Class was leaving from their sessions. "Wow...we are early." I said.

"Oh wow...Oh wow, wow, wow, wow..." Nana blushed brightly. I narrowed my eyes looking at her.

"What?" I asked.

"Shh! Akatsuki is coming this way!" I turned to see Akatsuki and Aido walking over to us. I chuckled a bit. I guess Nana liked Akatsuki.

"Why hello my love! I have missed you so! I hope you are feeling better! Had I known..." Aido turned his gaze towards his side as he grabbed my hand. Nana blushed brighter as Akatsuki stopped in front of her.

"Hanabusa..." Akatsuki snapped. Aido nodded, sighing. I knew the whole Night Class knew about what had happened.

"Right..Anyways. The Ball was coming up soon and I was wondering if you would like to be my one and only petsa for that night." Aido sinabi as his mood changed to his normal, cheery, childlike self. Nana looked jealous. I thought for a moment, then came up with an idea. I pulled Aido off to the side.

"I will go with you, if you can get Akatsuki to go with my friend, Nana." I whispered. Aido looked back at Nana and then sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, anything for you my love." Aido sinabi as he walked over to Akatsuki. I walked over to Nana and smiled brightly at her. She cocked an eyebrow, confused.

"So what did you say?" She asked.

"I have a date." I answered, shrugging. I turned to see Akatsuki sighed and rub his eyes.

"Come on Akatsuki! I'm your blood! Please!" Aido begged. Akatsuki finally nodded and walked over to Nana and me. Nana's eyes were wide as he turned his attention to her.

"Nana, is it?" He asked. She froze for a segundo before nodding. "Would you like to go to the Ball with me?" He asked in a bit of a mono tone voice. I narrowed my eyes and nudged him in the side. His eyes snapped at me. "Would you care to be my petsa to the Ball?" His voice was a bit more, up beat. Nana's eyes sparkled.

"Yes!! Yes!" Nana sinabi quickly. Akatsuki nodded as he walked off towards the rest of the group.

"Thank you." I whispered to Aido before halik his cheek. He blushed a bit as he hurried off before Yuki showed up. I sighed a bit. I wonder what I would tell Aido if Zero asked me to the Ball. I sighed again before I tried to push Nana's shocked body into the Classroom. That was when I saw my Father sitting at the Teacher's desk. I narrowed my eyes as Nana went up and saved me a upuan susunod to her.

"Well good morning Miss Yagari." Dad smiled at me. "I'm shocked you're up so early."

"I'm actually shocked to see a classroom..." I cocked an eye brow and crossed my arms. Then i lowered my voice. "How is...Zero?" I asked. Dad lowered his head a bit.

"He is fine. I'm not sure how though...but we will talk about it madami later. Take your seat." I sighed and nodded as I walked up the steps and took my upuan susunod to Nana. She seemed to be in a good mood all of class. I tried to focus, taking good notes and Pagsulat down the assignments I need to complete before the exams. sa pamamagitan ng the end of the class, my brain was rattled and my hair was a mess from me running my fingers through it every time I became frustrated.

When class was over, I had to stay late to try and finish everything I needed to finish. I noticed Yuki was there as well. I narrowed my eyes a bit.

"Hey, do you want me to stay? Help you out?" Nana asked. I thought for a moment and chuckled a bit.

"Please?" I asked with my shoulders raised. Nana smiled as she sat back down. It was a lot faster with Nana helping me, but when it started to get late she sighed. She had to go study for her exams. She apologized before she left. I was just thankful she stayed this long with me.

When I was all alone, Dad came back to the classroom and walked up to where I was sitting. He sighed, knowing I was working hard. He kicked the bench, seeing I was asleep on my papers. I jolted a bit and put my arms up, as though I was going to karate chop something.

"Hey, it's late. The Night Class are on their way. You should take off." I yawned a bit, letting my guard down as I gathered all of my things and nodded.

"Oh..Father?" I asked before I took off out the door. He turned to me. "About Zero..." I said.

"Don't worry about him. He's out on duty tonight. I'm sure you'll see him." I smiled a bit, nodding again and taking off. As I walked down the hall, I narrowed my eyes and stopped. Yuki and Zero were talking.

"Zero...why can't you tell me what's wrong? What is she to you!" Yuki shouted. Was she talking about me?

"Yuki, it's none of your business! Drop it!"

"Zero..I's you need it.." Yuki pulled her hair back. My eyes were wide. Was Zero...drinking her blood? Why her? true then? Did he her?

"Yuki..." Zero whispered. I shook my head, I couldn't see this anymore. I turned and took off down another hall. Zero glanced down the corridor, seeing me walking away. He sighed and narrowed his eyes.

As I turned down another hall, I saw Aido. I smiled a bit. Could I really be happy to see a Vampire? Aido waved when he caught wind of me, then looked around before rushing down and grabbing my hand. He pulled me into another room and smiled a bit. The only thing I could see was his red eyes.

"Well, well, well. Ikeda, fancy meeting you here." I laughed a bit, then held my hand over my mouth, trying to quiet myself.

"We're in a closet, Aido." I noted. Aido smiled a bit.

"Yes, I am aware. It's are the only Human I find interesting..." Aido whispered. I was quiet for a moment. My puso had always longed for Zero, since as long as I could remember. But something about Aido made me smile. I pushed my hair back away from my neck.

"It's been awhile, hasn't it?" I asked. Aido took a deep breath, smelling my scent.

"You tempt much.." Aido whispered as he bit into my neck, in the same spot he usually did. I grabbed on to his shoulders, feeling something new this time. Something went through me, like strength. When Aido pulled away, he licked his lips. "I know the way you look at Kiryu...What is he to you?" Aido asked, I held my neck for a moment before answering.

" an old friend of mine..." I whispered. Aido stared at me for the longest time, and then nodded. He opened the door behind me, wrapping his arms around me and pressing his lips to mine. I was nagyelo for merely a segundo before he pulled away and smirked.

"I'll see you later." Aido winked. I lifted my hand a bit, waving bye to him. For a moment, I felt like everything was alright. Until I turned and saw Zero standing there, his eyes were wide.