"Aido? Where are we going?" I asked, looking around. This was part of the school I didn't recognize. Aido looked back at me with a smirk.

"It's a surprise. Close your eyes." Aido said. I chuckled a bit before closing my eyes. It was another minuto or so before we stopped.

"Can I open my eyes yet?" I asked.

"No...not yet...I need you to lay down.." Aido said. I was a bit confused, but I trusted him. I kept my eyes closed and laid down on tuktok of something cold and wet. Then I felt straps on my arms, legs, and neck. I opened my eyes quickly.

"Aido?" I questioned as I looked around. The stones and the trees blocked my view from where we were. "What are you doing?" I asked, panicking. Aido stood there laughing. He placed a hand on his face and ripped it off. My eyes were wide as I started to shake. "Aido!" I screamed. When the skin fell, a new, scarier, Vampire was revealed. "You're...not..Aido.."

"No silly girl! I'm not! I happened to be in the slums of the town...I smelled something so sweet. I had to come! And then...I found such a silly girl, running away." His teeth...all of them were sharp. His eyes were like none I had ever seen before. Could this be a Level E Vampire? His nails grew as madami skin ripped and tore all over his body. I was scared, terrified. "So now...I'm going to devour you!" He lurched at me, pinning my body. With the little light I had to see, I glanced down to try and find something I could use to defend myself. That's when I saw what I was laying on. Blood. The Vampire laughed. "Yes...I take all my victims here...and eat them...!"

I closed my eyes, cringing as I could feel his tongue against my skin. I shook my head the best I could. I tried to breakfree, but it was no use. Then, the sharp pain caused my body to shiver. This was different, I didn't like this. But I guess this was how it was going to end. Zero was probably mad at me now, Aido wouldn't know where I was, and my Father...had no idea. I cried as I could feel my warm blood running down my neck. I opened my eyes as madami blood came pouring out. The Vampire stopped drinking from that wound when it became cold, then jerked my neck to make a new wound. I screamed feeling his fangs cutting through me. His nails clenched into my arms.

My breathing started to slow, hitching. My eyes rolled and I felt cold. The Vampire laughed as he continued to make me bleed. When he pulled away for a moment, he seemed to be in complete ecstasy. I shook as my body felt frozen, with every minor move, I seemed to loss madami and madami of my life. My body twitched as I felt something colder wrapping around my legs. The trees caught on apoy all around me.

"Wha...what is this?" The Vampire screeched. I tried to take a deep breath, before hearing a gun shot. The Level E fell off of me and I could see he was terrified. "A..A..Pure..blood!" He shouted before taking off. Another gun shot went off and I could see apoy and ice attacking every inch of the forest. With one madami shot, everything fell quiet.

"Ikeda? Keda..come on now..stay with me..You'll be alright.." I could hear Zero as I felt warm hands.

"What's a Level E doing here? On School grounds..?" Aido spoke.

"Either way...the Ball is over. All the Vampire's in the School could smell this amount of blood...Cross was forced to kanselahin it." Akatsuki sighed. He didn't sound disappointed in the least bit.

"I gotta get her out of here.." Zero sinabi quickly as he unbuckled the straps and pulled me into his arms. "I'm gonna make things alright again, Keda.." Zero's voice cracked a bit. As he ran, I felt numb and I couldn't think. I felt a couple of warm drops fall on my face. I averted my eyes from the sky and tried to focus on Zero's face. Tears fell from his eyes. A shiver ran through my body as I swallowed the hard lump in my throat. Everything was moving so fast.

"What happened, Zero!" I heard my Father, though it was still cold. Was I inside now? I couldn't tell. Then a blinding light made me close my eyes.

"Don't close your eyes, Keda! Don't you dare close your eyes!" Zero shouted.

"Kuran? What the hell happened?" I supposed Kaname had followed us into whatever building we were in.

"Kaname...was it a Level E?" Headmaster tumawid asked. That was the last words from them that I heard. Now, it was just Zero's shaky voice that kept me here.

"Keda..please.." Zero whispered. I heard running water, then felt even colder as my laced dress peeled off of me. I wanted to tell Zero no, to blush and ilipat away from him seeing my naked body. I could feel his body clench when he saw what was under the cloth. I tried to look, to see what he saw. I squeezed my eyes together, trying to focus without the blurry haze. I made out a boney, white body, sitting on a bathroom floor. "Keda..." I could hear the pain in his voice. No madami than an oras ago, I was healthy and pink. Now, I was ugly and I couldn't bare to see myself. I could feel massive tremors running through my body, then warmth surrounded me. Zero had picked me up and laid me down in the water.

"Zero.." I heard my Father. I tried to turn away from him too. I didn't want anyone seeing my body, naked in a tub. I heard his breath hitch. He had seen it anyways. "She'll need these...they're shots...I used them when she was sick...they're supposed to make her body stronger...though only for awhile.." The tone in my Dad's voice. It was like I was sick for three years, all over again. The tone he used...was as though he thought he was going to lose me.

"D..Da..add...addy.." I mumbled and stuttered with each shake my body made. I heard him kneel down susunod to the tub. He stroked my hair and smiled.

"I'm right here baby...You're going to be fine..." He whispered. I tried to place a smile on my face.

"D...D-don't...w..w..w-or..rry...I..I...g-g..et...to..see...M.M-Mom..." I breathed out. I hadn't even realized my eyes were open until I closed them again.

"Keda...don't you dare do this to me again..." Dad choked as he grabbed one of the shots, stabbing it into me. When one didn't work, he did another, then another and another. Zero sat there on the bathroom floor, covered in my blood, his face buried in his face.

"Yuki! You can't!" tumawid shouted, but Yuki walked in anyways. She gasped before Kaname pulled her out.

"You don't need to see that.." Kaname whispered. Toga took his hat off and placed it over my face.

"I pag-ibig you baby girl..." He whispered.


I hated myself, madami than anything now. I let her go, I made her run away. This was my fault. I closed my eyes as the tears came streaming down. How could I have been so cruel to her?

"Zero? We'll be friend forever, right?"

"Forever and always, Keda..."

I flinched, hearing those memories. That five taon old girl, so innocent, so frail. All she ever wanted was to be with me.

"No, Zero. It was either me or her. And..what I've heard and seen is...you want nothing to do with me!"

No, Ikeda. You were wrong. I always wanted you. Ever since the araw I met you. I thought I Nawawala you after eight years of nothing. When Yuki cared for me so much, she reminded me of you.

I slammed my fist on the pader behind me, creating a massive crater. I growled at myself. The suffering I had gone through, that I still go through. None of that ever could amount to this pain, nothing compared to this moment. Seeing my Master, having to cry over his fallen daughter. Because of me. I shook my head. No, this can't be true. This can't be happening.

"I won't believe it!" I shouted as I got up off of the floor and slammed the door open. Kuran was standing there, his hand resting on Yuki's shoulder. Headmaster tumawid looked up from his desk, a few tears had escaped his eyes and smugged his glasses. "Kuran! You're a Pure blood..." I started. He just looked at me. I became frustrated again. "You're a Pure blood! Change her!" I shouted.

Kuran shook his head, his eyes sad. "It's too late Kiryu....If I gave her my blood it would kill her faster..." he says.

I look at him and fall to my knees. I could feel my puso beating as if it were trying to leave my body. I pag-ibig over my shoulder at the girl I have loved since childhood. I walk over to the kama and hold her now ice cold hand.

She opens her eyes and says softly, "don't be sad Zero..." he voice was a mere whisper of what it once once. "Remember what Daddy always said?" She smiles at me one last time as she says, "Death is only the beginning."

I watched as the life left her eyes and her puso beat is final beat. Her last words echo in my head. "Death is only the beginning..."

I know if my puso that I will see her again one day, but until then, she will always be my Still Doll.