I am a cocky little bitch, and whenever someone meets me. They start to hate me in seconds.

I’m like that, if people don’t like it. Shove it up your damn ass.

Sorry, that’s a great way to introduce myself, huh?

I am 17, with silver hair. Yes I dyed my hair silver because I was stupid. Ugh, don’t remind me!

It goes down to my waist, and I have hazel eyes. I look like an alien basically...

I was also short, but not that short. Average height. Fun size.

And to explain my life: One word, disaster!

I wasn’t the average teenage girl, I was a girl with parents....that weren’t actually my parents. They are Purebloods. sa pamamagitan ng Purebloods....I mean Vampire, the high and most respected vampire. Yes, vampires, the ones that suck blood.

Oh and I’m really sarcastic...so warning.

No, I am not a vampire, and never ever wish to be a vampire. Those purebloods that take care of me were mga kaibigan with my parents, who were human. But they passed away, so now I am being taken care of them, vampires. I call them my aunt and uncle, just to be nice.

It’s not fun, they are so protective over me! I couldn’t even step outside for the past freaking 10 years!

Now since I am 17, and bothered them a lot. They are going to send me to tumawid Academy; school with humans and vampires. What idiot did that?

That’s where we are at now. Sitting in front of a huge desk, while my uncle was talking to the headmaster, they are talking about my admission.

I sigh and sit back on my chair. I put my headphones on. I seriously am going to hate this school. I have never ever been to school, the maids at tahanan taught me, so it’s going to be hard for me to be social.

My uncle faces me, “August, sit up please”
I sit up, “Sorry....” I put my headphones around my neck.
Oh, my name is August...no I wasn’t born in August!

The headmaster had long blonde hair and glasses, he looked funny, he looks at me, “August, are you excited?”

Do I have to lie? My uncle gives me a look, he knows I was going to say something rude, “Of course! I’m just confused..
The headmaster puts his hands on his chin, “What are you confused about?”

I smile, “If there are Bampira and humans....like together? Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

He starts laughing, “No! We wouldn’t do that, the humans have araw class and the Bampira have night class!”

I get a good feeling, “So, I am in the araw class!”

My uncle interrupts, “No, you’re in night.”

My smile fades, “What? I’m human!”

He faces me again, “I don’t trust you with humans yet...you might tell them....and you're very violent”

I raise my hands dramatically, “You’ve got to be kidding me! This is so stupid! Are you trying to kill me? I finally get out of the house from vampires, now I get put into classes with vampires? I had enough of vampire’s god damn it!”

My uncle eyes turn red, he was mad, “August, don’t talk to me like that! You follow instructions, you got that?”

I tumawid my arms, I was so mad, “Give me a reason!”

He sighs angrily, “August...please be quiet! The Bampira won’t touch you...”

I stand up and walk to the door. I’m not going to like this place one bit. If I could just kill everyone right now, that would be lovely. I’m very violent, that’s a reminder.

The headmaster gets up, “Well...um, let’s all go and introduce August to the night class!”

Uncle gets up, “That would be good, August stay sa pamamagitan ng my side.”

I mimic him without letting him see me. Wow, I’m so childish.

We go out the door and walk down a couple hallways. We get out of the building and start walking across to the other building; I’m guessing that is where the ugly Bampira live!

We get to the gates, and we’re let inside.

The headmaster opens the grand doors, we enter a huge living room. What the hell, I thought this was a school. Wait, this is rich Bampira I’m talking about!
There were scattered Bampira sitting around, and right when my uncle enters, they bow. Of course, he’s a freaking pureblood. Smh

I looked around and noticed how every vampire was....perfect? They didn’t have a flaw! Damn it, August! They are vampires!

Someone was walking down the stairs, he had black not really long hair, and scary black eyes.

He comes down and my uncle and him shake hands.

My uncle says, “Kaname, it’s been long since I have seen you.”

Kaname smiles, “You too Aleister.”

The headmaster talks, “You guys have a new student!”

My uncle puts his arm around my shoulders, “My adopted daughter!”

I clench my lips, I am not your daughter god damn it!

Kaname looks down at me and smiles, it seemed fake, “She...is human?”

The grip of my uncle’s hand gets tighter, “I see that, but she is allowed.....she’s under my rules”

I look at them, and Kaname shares a look with my uncle.

Kaname smiles, “Okay”

I manage to get out of my uncles arm. My uncle starts to leave with the headmaster. He wishes me good luck. I watch them leave the door. Right when they leave I turn around, facing the others.

I raise my hands, “Okay, you guys are probably trying really hard not to kill me!”

Kaname smiles at me, “Your name?”

I glare at him, “I’m sorry, can I please ask why I’m here, you seem to understand my uncles intention....does he want to kill me? sa pamamagitan ng putting me here? Wanting me slowly die sa pamamagitan ng vampires?”

I see a blonde with blue eyes rush up to me, “He asked you a question”

The blonde was an inch away from my face, I back away, “Whoa, what question?”

Kaname says, “Aido, stop”

Aido backs away, and I say, “Okay...You guys might think I am a asong babae now....I am...sometimes. I haven’t talked to humans for a long time now, and I have been stuck with Bampira basically all my life. So yes, I do hate them. And since I am living here, you guys as might as well just suck it up. I don’t talk.”
Kaname laughs, “I just asked for your name”

I kinda was embarrassed, why? I don’t know.

I reply, “I don’t give away my names to strangers”

I pass him and start walking upstairs. The headmaster did say my room was 23, got to find that! Hopefully he kept his word about transferring my stuff into the room!

While I was going up stairs, the atmosphere in the living room was cold.

Shit, what the hell did I just cause?