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posted by juurizero
Aidou kun:Hello friends!!!!!!
Kain:you! you are a monster!
Aidou kun:what?!why?
Kain:someone eat last cake!!!!!!!!
Aidou:what? not I!!!!!!!!!!
Kain:oh yes?proves!!
Aidou kun:so...........I do not like chocolate
Kain:It was Ruka!
Ruka:Me?I'm confused!
Kain:It was Rima!
Rima:I eat with shiki!
Kain:Oh corect!It was shiki!
Siki:No I eat with Rima!
Kain:It was Kaname sama!
Kaname:I thank the blood!
Kain:who was it!?
Aidou:Wait a minut,what you crumbs on shirt?
Kain:Well.............ok ok I ate
Aidou kun:case closed!!!!!!I brought pizza!
posted by KathyKiryu
"Aido? Where are we going?" I asked, looking around. This was part of the school I didn't recognize. Aido looked back at me with a smirk.

"It's a surprise. Close your eyes." Aido said. I chuckled a bit before closing my eyes. It was another minuto or so before we stopped.

"Can I open my eyes yet?" I asked.

"No...not yet...I need you to lay down.." Aido said. I was a bit confused, but I trusted him. I kept my eyes closed and laid down on tuktok of something cold and wet. Then I felt straps on my arms, legs, and neck. I opened my eyes quickly.

"Aido?" I questioned as I looked around. The stones and...
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I had been born in a family of Vampire Hunters. My Mother had died when I was born, and my Father, Toga Yagari, had tried his best to raise me. At an early age he taught me everything I would need to know to become a Vampire Hunter. I always admired him so much. I wanted to be just like him when I was older. I was my Father's pride and joy.

When I was five, he had finally told me madami about Vampires. How there were different levels to them, and the Pure bloods. For as long as I could remember, Bampira were something I was interested in. With each story, I hated Bampira madami and more.

Then the...
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i think that they should name the new series of Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Innocent. i mean they already made a Vampire Knight Guilty. i think in the new series they should get rid of Yuki and bring in a new human girl that can replace Yuki and play Zero's pag-ibig interest. let's face it Yuki left Zero for Kaname and Zero vowed to kill her the susunod time they meet, so their relationships ruined and everybody likes Zero and Yuki together. i want to hear your opinions so e-mail me at
posted by LovelyDreamer_x
Zero is a composed character though occasionally he can be very cruel and hostile, particularly to Kaname. Zero is a gentle person though appears otherwise, he builds barriers around himself rather than opening up to Yuki. He has a kind puso and longs to protect humans and will never betray the one he holds dear.
As a child, Zero was a quiet and gentle boy, to the where Ichiru questioned whether or not he was even capable of being a vampire hunter. However after Shizuka's attack, Zero developed a strong distrust of vampires. Zero is a tsundere character, he sports a scary aura that makes...
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