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posted by Brotherhood65
I am a cocky little bitch, and whenever someone meets me. They start to hate me in seconds.

I’m like that, if people don’t like it. Shove it up your damn ass.

Sorry, that’s a great way to introduce myself, huh?

I am 17, with silver hair. Yes I dyed my hair silver because I was stupid. Ugh, don’t remind me!

It goes down to my waist, and I have hazel eyes. I look like an alien basically...

I was also short, but not that short. Average height. Fun size.

And to explain my life: One word, disaster!

I wasn’t the average teenage girl, I was a girl with parents....that weren’t actually my parents....
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posted by juurizero
In a quiet room zero wash the face saying:
I pag-ibig her but why?????????????why
she is a human and i am a vampire!!!!why!!!
she is in pag-ibig kuran!why!(saying he grind)
why why why???????????? why me
i pag-ibig her but she does not know I exist!!!!!!!!!
(saying he taking bloody rose to head)
suddenly someone knock
zero?you are here?(ask yuki)
yuki?you are?
yes!!!!(smile yuki)
zero jump on it
shut up now i'll talk and i talk I pag-ibig you!
(saying he and halik her)
I pag-ibig you too (saying she halik his)
^giving away coller yuki bite it^
yuki..... you are a vampire?
yes....(saying she)
what? since?(saying he astonished)
but you pag-ibig kuran(saying he)
that you understand?oh no kaname is my broather no my pag-ibig you are my love
what? so you are not a human?
no i am a vampire!!
both kiss
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