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 Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
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kasanayan ng tagahanga
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This Bampira kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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I guess i fell asleep but when i woke up kooroo was in the kama too.When i sat up she rolled over like she knew i was going to wake her up."Kooroo get up"i said."just a few madami minutes"Kooroo said."Kooroo come on"i said.Kooroo got out of kama and went to get her clothes.She went to school while i went back to the cemitary.I had no real school because my mom always told me there will be a girl i like then i will tell her my secret then she'll tell everyone.I walked around for a while and came up short on pagkain like alot of times happen.Meanwhile Kooroo got a new boy in her class his name was koodo.He had red hair black leather gloves a black tanktop and a blue jacket.Koodo took the upuan in front of kooroo.When school was over i walked to the school to get kooroo."Kooroo you might not be expected for a while longer"i said."Why"kooroo said."Because i saw them again well only one but he had red fur"i said."Fine"kooroo sinabi as we walked back to the house
Chapter 3- Family Secrets

The susunod day, I woke up to a knock at the door. I quickly pulled my strait, black hair into the perfect ponytail. "Just a minute!" I shouted as I sprinted over my kama and to the door. "Willie! Why are you awake so early?" I shouted as I pointed to a wooden chair for him to sit in. His honey colored eyes were now black and he seemed really angry. "Brittney, we gotta talk." He sinabi not looking at me. "What is it?" I asked scared at his reaction. He turned around, his back facing me. "Ready? He asked, "What you are about to see will frighten you." "Yes,I'm ready I said...
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Is he there?
He is isn’t he?
Ellie what’s happening?
Answer me
Ellie I sreaw if you don’t answer me I’m coming over
Ellie Danny called he asked why you wasn’t answering I sinabi it was because you were asleep
Ellie phone me when you’re awake

“Wow he is so possessive” I hadn’t realised Ryan was pagbaba over my shoulder until he spoke making my phone fly against the wall
“Ryan ugh you scared me”
“Sorry but it’s still true”
“No it isn’t” it took me a while to answer and even when I did it still felt wrong. Like he was possessive. “Let’s just go sleep ok?”
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