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Reasons why I hate 'TORI VEGA'

just to make everything clear here, i don't hate victoria justice i just hate her character and this is just my opinions =)

let me start episode sa pamamagitan ng episode .

- in this episode i hate it when she was rubbing the coffee off of beck's sando , cuz she was seriously flirting with beck , how did i say so? well she was smiling while looking directly at beck's eyes while she was rubbing his sando and the way she kisses beck infront of jade not acceptable .. even if she wants revenge , i mean come on halik someones boyfriend infront of his girlfriend thats just...
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(We see Peter wearing a housekeeping women's uniform at the honeymoon suites level. He looks tired while pushing his malaking kahon full of cleaning products. He stops at room 214. He hears moaning noises and giggling. he knocks on the door) Housekeeping. (No answer. He knocks again) Housekeeping.

Beck's Voice: Come back later, please.

Peter: Housekeeping?

Beck's Voice: Not now.

Peter: (annoyed) Housekeeping!

Beck's Voice: Go away.

Peter: I come in anyway?

Beck's Voice: No! Go away!

Peter: I come in anyway. (He walks in on Beck and Jade having sex under the kama sheets and nothing revealed)

Jade: (Her hair is...
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victoria justice
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