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posted by yaya1809
♥Chapter 5 - The Real Me

As lunch time appeared, the boys collected some wood for the apoy while Hyuk and Hyomin are still under the waterfall with Hyomin sound asleep. Hyuk admired Hyomin so much that his bond with her has grew even stronger as the dangers of Hyomin is in high stacks, one false ilipat then it will be Hyomin’s fate in the wrong hands. With fear still going through Hyomin’s mind about last night, she finally woke herself up when the others got pagkain and started cooking.

“Hyuk” The two heard N’s mother voice. “Hyomin, its lunchtime”
“He can be so annoying.” Hyuk...
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posted by Sarahkaypop

Hello. This is RealVIXX.

Today, the araw that you have all been waiting for,
is the araw that we reveal through this news the name of the fanclub that makes fans become one.
Last year, since VIXX's debut we’ve been searching for a fanclub name through mga boto and hearing fans’ opinions,
VIXX deliberated for a long time and are sorry yet thankful for your patience.

From now on, with the comeback of VIXX for "I'm Ready to Get Hurt", the fanclub that will run together with VIXX is the jewel-like sparkling and shining ST★RLIGHT.

To VIXX, the fans are like sparkling and shining stars, the fans' ST★R is not VIXX, but VIXX’s ST★R are the fans!!
ST★RLIGHT is the finalized fanclub name.

We hope that ST★RLIGHT will always be beside VIXX and become a pinagmulan of strength from now on.

And dont' forgot to listen
vixx 3th album song(I'M READY TO GET HURT)

Thank you.
♥ ♥ ♥
posted by yaya1809
♥Chapter 2 - Leaving

As the two went inside, Ken's puso felt like that it got stabbed so hard, making him feeling weak when he saw Hongbin and Hyomin holding hands again but Hongbin is smiling but in a fake way, on Ken knows that it's fake. N and Hyuk turned around and looked at the two and clapped while Ravi is making walang tiyak na layunin noises and Leo... just being Leo, as the usual chic person.

"Dance performance now." The Co-director shouted. "You guys get changed and in 3O, (minutes) you guys start."
"Nae", the boys spoke in sync.

The group went inside the small room full of make-up stations. Hongbin,...
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posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: Ravi
Real Name: Kim Wonshik
Position: Main Rapper, Dancer
Born: February 15th, 1993
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 183cm or 6 feet
Weight: 65kg or 143lbs
Blood Type: O
Family: Father, mother, younger sister (he’s the oldest sibling)
Education: Howon University


Favorite Foods: Anything
Favorite Artists: BIG BANG, Trey Songz, Ludacris
Favorite Pastries: Coffee
Favorite Colors: Black, White
Favorite Hobbies: Body training

Fun Facts:

He was featured in Brian Joo’s “Let This Die” music video and Seo In Guk’s “Shake It Up” music video.
He is considered the “mood...
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posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: Ken
Real Name: Lee Jaehwan
Position: Main Vocalist
Born: April 6th, 1992
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 180cm or 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 64kg or 141lbs
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father, mother, two older brothers (he’s the youngest)
Education: N/A


Favorite Foods: Instant foods and chocolate
Favorite Artists: Kimbum, Kim Hyojun, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Park Hyoshin
Favorite Pastries: Korean candies
Favorite Colors: Black, White
paborito Hobbies: Drawing, watching/studying gag shows, beatboxing, dancing to other Kpop groups’ songs

Fun Facts:

He has won multiple awards...
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posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: HongBin
Real Name: Lee Hong Bin
Position: Visual, Sub Vocals, Rapper
Born: September 29th, 1993
Astrological Sign: Libra
Height: 181cm or 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 62kg or 136lbs
Blood Type: B
Family: Father, mother, two older sisters (he’s the youngest child)
Education: Dong-ah Broadcasting College


Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Curry, Korean Sweet and maasim Pork
Favorite Artists: John Legend, Park Hyoshin
Favorite Pastries: Energy Bars
Favorite Colors: Navy Blue
Favorite Hobbies: Taking mga litrato and playing basketball

Fun Facts:

He, like N, was also featured in Brian Joo’s music...
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posted by Ieva0311
Real Name: Jung Taekwoon (정택운)
Stage Name: Leo (레오)
Nickname: Poker face
Birthdate: November 10th, 1990
Height: 183cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Seoul (Yangjae-dong)
Family: Parents, 3 Older Sisters
Religious Views: Buddhist
Position: Main Vocal
Education: Howon University
Hobbies: Read fashion magazines, watch Japanese romance films, and learning how to compose
Favorite Artist: Park Hyoshin, Naui, Trey Songz
Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Pastry: Coffee
Favorite Color: Blue, White, Black
Links: Twitter

Featured Brian Joo “Let This Die”
Featured Seo in Guk’s “Shake It Up”...
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posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: N
Real Name: Cha Hak Yeon
Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocal
Born: June 30th, 1990
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 180cm or 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 65kg or 143lbs
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger brother (he’s the middle child)
Education: Howon University


Favorite Foods: All types of meat with a major emphasis on Galbi.
Favorite Artists: BIG BANG, SMAP, Beyonce, and David Archuleta.
Favorite Pastries: Ice cream and Jagariko
Favorite Colors: Red and Black
Favorite Hobbies: Dancing and performing. He also likes directing stages.

Fun Facts:

He is called...
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posted by yaya1809
♥Chapter 7 - From The Past

The voice in my head is getting louder and madami stressful for me now. The voice has been calling out my name for the past couple of minutes. I stopped while the boys went ahead and I nodded at them, giving them a gesture that I’ll catch up with them. The voice stopped as I turned to a direction where I can see large trees at the direction, which is completely opposite of the direction where the boys are. I couldn’t resist but I walked to the direction where the large trees are headed. The air atmosphere where I’m heading seems to become sharp and hard to breathe...
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posted by Ieva0311
Stage Name: Hyuk
Real Name: Han Sanghyuk
Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Born: July 5th, 1995
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 181cm or 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 62kg or 136lbs
Blood Type: B
Family: Father, mother, older sister
Education: Hanlim Arts High School
Twitter: HSangHyuk


Favorite Foods: No particular favorite
Favorite Artists: Justin Bieber, Park Hyoshin
Favorite Pastries: Doesn’t eat any snacks
Favorite Colors: Black, White
Favorite Hobbies: Reading

Fun Facts:

He is lactose intolerant.
He is the “cutie” of the group.
Fans say that he looks very similar to BIG BANG’s Seungri....
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neon eonjena
kkok damun ipsullo nal bomyeo
saenggakhal siganeul dallago
nae gobaegui daedabeul mirwotji

neon ijeya
jageun moksoriro nal bulleo
josimseure soneul geonnemyeo
uri sarangeul mideobojago

ganjeolhibaraewatdeon jigeum i sungan
niga nareul badajun sungan
igeo hanamaneun naege yaksokhae

oneulbuteo neon naeyeojanikka
na anin namjaneun
chyeodado bojima
jigeumbuteone yeppeun useumdo naman bollae
neon naepumane
kkok angyeoisseo

igeon kkumi anin hyeonsil
miraega anin oneul
dallyeogedaga pyosihae ppalgake
oneureun uriui saengiriya
urin saengiri segaeji
romaentik komidibodado...
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♥Chapter 9 - Ken's Secret...

As Rose watched the boys resting, she noticed that something was odd at a distance. So she observed the bushes behind her as she walked closer to it and something grabbed her hand. It felt like another person dragging her towards the bush. She screamed, “Help me! Someone please help me!” She shouted as a hand covered her mouth and it started to make her tired.
The person hid as it heard Ken’s voice’s close by.
“Rose, where are you?” Ken asked with patience. “This isn’t funny at all Rose.”
Nothing was heard as a reply, so the kidnapper swiftly escaped...
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VIXX’s 1st full album is just around the corner! It will be officially be called “VOODOO” or in Korean “VOODOO Doll“.

It looks like VIXX will continue their dark, monster-like theme with this album.

They’ve already ibingiay us a hint of what to expect with their pre-release track “Because the Answer is You (Only U)“.

Alongside “Only U“, there will be 14 other tracks included in the album.

The tracklist for VOODOO is as follows:

2. 저주인형(VOODOO Doll)
3. Beautiful Killer
4. Someday
5. Because the Answer is You (Only U)
6. B.O.D.Y
7. Secret Night
8. Say U Say Me
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I can’t ilipat an inch, I lifted my hands in surrender
The darkness is getting thicker
When I first saw you, no even before that
There was no reason, I just went toward you

I can’t think, my feet are moving first
In the trembling darkness (my eyes are the light)
The closer I get, the louder my alarm goes off
You know you know you know

Yeah, she’s a killer, she went exactly for my left heart
She’s constricting me even more
Yeah she’s a killer, she aimed for my heart
She is coldly aiming for me

Your blade-like smile cuts my heart
Which is engraved with a final fantasy
Beautiful killer, your...
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There are days sometimes where
I just miss you even more
I just can’t explain it, I’m fall in love
Like a fall in love
The madami that time goes by, the madami I lose my head

* I only want to be with you
I only want to hold you
I don’t care about the stares others give me
It’s as if it’s just us two, right now

Lalalala (lalalalala)
Lalalala (just you and I)
Lalalala yeah

I draw a line above a dot like an exclamation point, in secret, I think of you
Sometimes days like this just have me feeling good
Do you remember our temperature? My warm hands that held you?
Now I hold a brush called memories...
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You probably hated me all day
You still don’t know me, stupid

Your birthday comes only once a year
How could I forget?

I’m sorry I couldn’t express my puso for all this time
I guess I was too shy to say I pag-ibig you
Will you close your eyes?

Congratulations, happy birthday to my love
I won’t change, I’ll make your puso race every day
I promise you

Thank you so much, thank you for my love
For being born today, for coming to me
Meeting you was a great fortune in my life
Now blow out the candles, my love

The only thing I can do is
To pag-ibig you even more

There might be times when I hurt you
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Ken: The best was when we received the Voodoo Doll choreography, and I was put in charge of the jump in the beginning. I was proud to be ibingiay such a key point of the choreoraphy and I wanted to do it well. The worst was when we experienced the cold weather in Sweden while we were there to hold the showcase and film the music video.

Hyuk: There wasn’t an exact moment that I thought was the best, but this was my last taon as teen, so being able to celebrate my 19th birthday with the people around and through bidyo and fanletters sent to the company. The worst was when we went to America…and...
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posted by Gretulee

ansseureowonneunji chinhan chingu
nomi sogaereul sikyeojwosseo
neoboda deo joheun yeojal manna
geuman neol ijeurago

cheosinsangeun gwaenchanhasseo myohage
waenji neowa jom darmasseo
geureoda eoneusae nan jeomjeom geunyeoga
wanjeonhi neoro boine

tto mwora mwora haneun geonji
gwie kkochiji anha
nae mameun neo hanappuningeol
nan jujeoljujeolhaneun mari
neowa itdeon yaegippun
nado moreuge neoman malhajanha

nae malkkeunmada baeeoinneun neo Yeah
nae malkkeunmada ssodajineun neo Yeah
naega johahaneun geot
heunhan ilsang gateun geol
geureon ppeonhan jilmunmajeo
naegen cham nangamhae
geu daedabeun neoinikka...
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♥Chapter 4 - Close Call

As the group found a waterfall nearby with a small lake susunod to it, the boys ran to the waterfall to cool down while Hyomin collapsed on the group from exhaustion. She was fine but she just collapsed since she have been running and walking for a long time with no water or food. The boys played around in the water, Hyuk watched Hyomin as she fell asleep when the boys continuously throwing water at him but he placed his eyes on her. This is new for him; it’s like his in pag-ibig with someone. Hyuk can’t explain how it happened in the first place but he felt something...
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Girl, awake those swirling instincts inside your body
Oh, look at your lips, in a slumber from a sweet kiss
Your teasing touch has melted my body

Yeah a secret romantic veil
hides our game
My entire body hardened
She cooks with her own recipe
Make it stronger, that’s right mezzoforte
You’re Columbus, a pag-ibig pioneer who shows me a new land

Girl you’re my beautiful my lady, a red silhouette
Hotly rock n’ roll on this night when everyone is sleeping
Beautiful my lady, I will do a secret dance with you and fall asleep

* I’m drunk off your hazy eyes and scent
The tip of a sweet pag-ibig is like...
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