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Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Tawnypelt and Stormfur sing this as they head tahanan to the Clans.
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Chapter 13: Entering The Tribe: Part 1, Invasion

Squirrelpaw looks at a large waterfall. "Wow! Waterslide!"

Brambleclaw exclaims. "No! Too dangerous!"

She scoffs. "Who are you, my father?"

Brambleclaw is taken aback. "What right do you have to compare me to your father?"

"Plenty! Now, I'm going on the waterslide!"


Squirrelpaw has no sense of commonness, so she slides down the waterfall with everyone else behind, because they're jealous that she's going on.

Stormfur raises his forepaws in the air. "This is awesome!!!!"

Feathertail rolls her eyes. "You're embarrassing me, again."

"Feathertail likes...
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Chapter 18: You're Not On the List

It is that Saturday night that I was talking about WAY back in Chapter 16 Part 2 in StarClan. And everyone is getting ready for the Saturday Night Dance.

DJ Oakie Heartie was at his podium, setting up the night's tracks.

"I've upgraded, Lionheart," he purred.

Lionheart gave him a weird look. "What are you talking about?"

"It's not just gonna be all BASSHunter tonight!" he yelled randomly. "I've heard some good Deejays within the past couple of week."

"Like, who?"

"MANIAN!" Oakheart squealed.

"O.O...Okay," Lionheart looked away, eyeballing the room.

"What's with the...
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Chapter 17: Attack of the Fangirls 1

Firestar looked out at the expanse of territory. He breathed in the carbon monoxide tinted air, as if it was his vital medicine.

I must...find...Charlie!


"AAAhhhh!!!!" Firestar jumped nearly out of his skin. He jerked around to see Graystripe making a silly face at him.

"...Why?" he mewed.

"Because!" Graystripe cackled. "It's fun!"

Firestar rolled his eyes. "It's not funny! Twolegs had just invaded everything. Dustpelt's kit died, and Leafpaw is captured!"


"Whatever!" he growled. He stepped off of the Highrock, absorbing all the sunlight...
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Chapter 15: The Sword in the Stone



The five remaining Clan Pusa were ready to leave the Tribe of Rushing Water to return to their lovely crumbling home.

Crowpaw was still depressed. "I loved Feathertail! I want her back!"

Everyone ignored him, occasionally giving him awkward glances. :uhh:

"May Feathertail rest in peace," Stoneteller grumbled.

The other Pusa all murmured their grief.

Stormfur looked around. As much as he wanted to grieve for Feathertail, he had to say goodbye to Brook.

"Stormfur, we're leaving!"

"I'm coming!"

He looked...
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Chapter 16 part 1: The NonRefundable iScreen Incident

Read this: link Before Chapter 16

Now, there are two different kinds of Pusa in StarClan. There are the idiots, and then, there's...Oakheart.

Oakheart is the worst of them all. He has the tendency...to do stupid things. This, sa pamamagitan ng far, is one of the stupidest.

One night (in particular, the night Ninja Bluestar went to go back in time and stalk the Clans) he went on E.bay.

Oakheart was looking up stuff to get, the Basshunter tracks on his iPod entertaining him as he searched the web.

"There's gotta be something that can help spiff up the place,"...
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Chapter 14: Entering the Tribe Part 2: ...Everything else...

"I know, like, Omigosh! He's kyewt!!!!!"

Stormfur had heard that she-cat called Brook talk like that the whole trip to the camp. The mountains were all hard, and...ugh! He had to admit that it needed a LOT of remodeling.

They made it to the mountain, seeing all those Pusa talking in that STRANGE language.

"Hey, every--"

"Brambleclaw, Brambleclaw!" Stormfur interrupted. "I got this."

Stormfur padded to the center of the clearing, lifting his paw in a greeting, as he had seen the Tribe Pusa do. "Hao!"

The Tribe Pusa look up, hearing a strange...
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Chapter 12: StarClan Help Me


"Feathertail, wake up."

The silver tabby opened her eyes. "Where am I?"

"Don't you remember? You're in StarClan."

Feathertail sighed. "That's right." She saw her mother looking at her. "Why am I up?" She stayed at the party till 5:00 in the morning. "It feels like I've only been asleep for five seconds!"

"There's no need to dream, here," Silverstream mewed. "But, it's 10:00."

"But--why am I up?" she repeated.

Silverstream purred. "It's Sunday: Prayer Answering Day. Now, wash up, and follow me to Yellowfang's cottage."...

Everyone arrives at Yellowfang's cottage....
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Chapter 11: You Go Across the Border to Look at Wood?!

"What are we going to do?!"

Firestar had just told the Clan that the world, as they knew it, would come to an end.

"Silence, everyone!" he yowled.

The medicine cats' TV and the sound of those annoying birds were all that were heard.

"That's right, folks!" a male voice boomed from the TV. "The world as we know it will end!"

"Oh, Mike!" a female voice purred. "You're exaggerating!"

"An 8.9 earthquake has hit Japan, along with a devastating tsunami," he growled. "The country's in ruins!"

The Clan meanwhile, was panicking.

"Oh." the female groaned,...
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The Silver Cat Prophecy (What Really Happened)

The pools glittered in the moonlight on the cave floor. The entire cave was filled with the music of Breaking Benjamin. The brown tom didn't like anything else.

The rest of the Pusa poured in, looking at the tom.

(The only living Tribe cat that walks on two legs) The brown tom stood up, holding a long cane, limping and leaning against it. "Welcome to the Funny Farm," he rasped sarcastically.

"The moon is on the water!" one of the Pusa panicked.

"No, you mouse-brain!" he yowled. "It's just moonlight reflectin off the pool. So, you want me to tell you...
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Firestar is Going Crazy

Firestar led the patrol farther out into the forest. He was sure that all the things that were happening around here were just coincidental.

"The last thing I need right now is..."

Then, the ground started to shake as a puno toppled over in the distance. After the thunder rumble, Firestar screamed like a little she-cat and jumped in the air.


"Firestar!" Sandstorm meowed. "What are you meowing about? It was just another puno falling!"

"Why do you sound so optimistic about it?" he retorted, his balahibo lying back again.

"I don't," she replied coolly, "but you're acting...
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Bluestar Takes Charge

"You toms are idiots!"

The three toms in the last chapter had returned, only to be scolded sa pamamagitan ng Bluestar. Lionheart and Swiftpaw had their paws behind their backs, and Oakheart was holding an ice pack over his head.

"We just wanted to have fun!"

"You've just tormented those cats!" Bluestar yowled.

"My head hurts, Bluestar!" Oakheart groaned.

Giving into his handsomeness, she removed the ice pack from his head, revealing an ugly bump from the camera. She bent down and kissed her mate's head; Oakheart surprisingly relaxed.

Lionheart and Swiftpaw sniggered as Oakheart had a love-struck...
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Riding the saging Boat.

The sun was high in the sky. Five Pusa were travelling drowsily down a mountain towards the setting sun.

A ginger she-cat groaned. "I wanna go home!"

"We're on our way home, Squirrelpaw," a dark tabby tom murmured, pressing against her. "Then you'll see ThunderClan again."

"If the Clans are even there," a gray-black tom growled.

The tortoiseshell she-cat whispered in the tabby tom's ear. "He's still upset because of Feathertail's death, Brambleclaw. Don't pay the least attention to his side comments."

"Tawnypelt, we can all admit we're tired."

"My pads hurt!" Squirrelpaw meowed....
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Feathertail is Tested in StarClan

DJ Oakie-Heartie set up the tracks for another long night at his golden mansion. His brother, Crookedstar, was supervising him, so that he wouldn't use the surround sound system.

"Why are you watching me like that?" he yowled. "I'm not a kit anymore! Besides, I'm older than you!"

As the music started for the night, Crookedstar's feelings were hurt. He did not see any compassion in his brother for all he had done to protect him. It just wasn't fair.

Saturday sa pamamagitan ng Basshunter was playing in...
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Song that the Dark Forest plays
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Firestar helps Sandstorm

Several weeks passed since Firestar saw 2012, and he got madami and madami paranoid. He had nightmares for days, and he couldn't get the larawan out of his head. It was all so intense!

"Firestar," Sandstorm murmured, "are you okay?"

His balahibo was matted as if he hadn't groomed it in a moon. "I don't know. Everything that's happening is so odd."

"Do you think StarClan holds the sagot to what's going on?" she whispered, pressing against him.

"I don't know..." he sighed. "But, I do know this..."

He cleared his throat.

Then, Jamaican music starts playing out of nowhere. Sandstorm looks...
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