The Four
Chapter 2 ~

Tanglepaw's mentor, Ivyspring, was teaching her how to swim. "You just need to..." Tanglepaw looked over the stream, forgetting all about her training. She wondered what her littermates were doing... Her thoughts trailed off. "... And make sure you don't panic or thrash about." Ivyspring finished. "Got that?" she asked. "Uh-huh." Tanglepaw mewed. Suddenly, she felt her paws slipping on the bank of the stream. "Tanglepaw!" yowled Ivyspring. Tanglepaw tried to keep her head above the water, but the currents were pulling her deeper. She thought she would drown. But, she felt the same as if she was on land, just a little wetter. Could she breathe underwater? Now she was sure. Could all MarigoldClan Pusa breathe under water?

She felt somebody lifting her up, out of the deep stream. "Are you all right?" a ginger tabby with a bent tail was looking at her worriedly, her green eyes wide. "Fine. Who are you?" asked Tanglepaw. "I'm Kink." mewed the ginger she-cat. "Ivyspring asked me to help you." Ivyspring was looking a bit embarrased. She hadn't sinabi a word since Kink rescued Tanglepaw. "Kink is my friend." she admitted. Tanglepaw decided she would ask her why she could breathe underwater. "Why can I breathe underwater? Can you do it too, Ivyspring?" The two she-cats stared at her. Was she the only one?

Chapter 3 ~

Bravepaw was sleeping in the apprentice den. Lakeshine had proudly announced to the Clan that Brownfern had made her into a full medicine cat. Kinktail, Tanglepaw's rescuer, was a new member of MarigoldClan. Bravepaw was chasing a mouse. Then he froze. Crack!

Bravepaw woke up. He ran out of his nest, into the clearing. Willowpaw was about to fall off her branch, into the camp! "I'm coming, Willowpaw!" yowled Streamsky, rushing over to help her apprentice. Cloudflight and Gorsefire ran over to her. "I can save Willowpaw!" Bravepaw yowled, sure that he could do it. "Help!" she yowled, the branch beginning to break. Bravepaw had climbed up the trunk and was slowly edging toward her. The Pusa in the clearing all watched, nagyelo with fear. Goldenstar and Mintheart were out hunting. Bravepaw grabbed Willowpaw sa pamamagitan ng the scruff of her neck. Crack! The branch snapped. "Now!" Bravepaw leaped to the susunod tree. "That was easy!" he mewed when he had put Willowpaw down. "Why couldn't you do it?" he added. "How did you do it?" she asked warily. Bravepaw was confused. Why couldn't she do it?
The Four