Based on Actual Recordings

Bramblestar: What a Fine Day, im going to go out for a walk.

Later Bramblestar Runs into Squrrielflight

Squrrielflight: oohh I have being looking for you Everywhere.

Bramblestar: Really?

Squrrielflight: Oh Yes Yes Yes, I Brought something tahanan on my Trip to Earth.

Bramblestar: Did you Really?

Squrrielflight: Yes its Right behind you.

Bramblestar Looks behind to find a Large Boeing 777

Bramblestar: Sqq.. Sqq, SQURRIELFLIGHT WHAT IS THIS!!!

Squrrielflight: Just a little gift.

Bramblestar: Gift!! MALAYSIA AIRLINES WHAT!!! 9M-MRO Thats the Missing Aircraft!!! Squrrielflight where did you find it!!

Squrrielflight: At 35.000 Feet while i was Flying in my X-Wing i took it home.

Bramblestar: How long as it being here?!

Squrrielflight: About a Week or So.

Bramblestar: AHHH!! Squrrielflight Send this back to Earth right now safely.

Squrrielflight sends it back to Earth but crashes in the Ocean somewhere.

Squrrielflight: Ummm.. Something went wrong.

Bramblestar: No No I Do not want to know.