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 Tawnypelt teaches her kit Tigerheart
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This Warriors (Novel Series) litrato might contain kuting and Kitty.

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Bramblestar see Squrrielflight in Jayfeather's yungib from his.

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight what are you doing in there i meow?

Squrrielflight: Just Helping him because he is sick you know.

Bramblestar: Well hurry up you need to finish your deputy duties.

Squrrielflight(Dalek): Don't Worry i will finish!

Bramblestar: Umm yess.

Squrrielflight: Oh no looks like he is about to sneeze.

Bramblestar: Sneeze?

Jayfeather: Ahhh chooo.

As soon as he sneezes his yungib Followed sa pamamagitan ng the entire camp explodes.


Squrrielflight: WHAT!! Nothing to do with me at all something went wrong.

Bramblestar: I think your brain went wrong come back here quickly.

Squrrielflight: At least he Respawns.
the first episode of warriors!
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Hello Twolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar here and today about in 20 minutos we are going to play Captures the Prey the main goal is to, gets all the prey in each clans camps the game starts in 20 minutos we will keep you updated in the comments below but for now place your bets. And also Starclan and Darkforest Pusa have also come to play in there default clans however Tigerstar/Claw REfused to play so he is not playing now all the characters are listed belows who will Win!!!

1. Pusa can Tag Cats.
2. Your Base must must be the CAMP.
3. you start off with 3 prey NO MORE.
4. If all your prey...
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"Oh, uy Ferncloud. So, bun in the oven?"
―Firestar to Ferncloud.
Ferncloud is the biggest whore in the world. She has, like, millions of kits, due to the fact that she

1. enjoys kits.

2. never lets Dustpelt use a condom.

3. and that she doesn't want to be a warrior so she just has kits.

Also, should I mention she's a kit machine?

"Yes, Ferncloud, I'll mag-ihaw your buns...."
―Dustpelt reluctantly agreeing to do Ferncloud for the, like, 1,000,000th time.
Ferncloud often got down and dirty with Dustpelt. She thought he was sexy. Like, male Jennifer Lopez sexy. Also, she loved having kits. Ferncloud...
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"what is it, Warrior?" StarKit asked with worry. "do you know who RubyFeather is?" Raveneye asked the Kitten with a fearful glare. "no." she answered with confusion. "you carry her scent." he explained. Starkits eyes widened with excitement. "how strongly?" she asked immediately. "strong enough for you to be her kit." he admitted. "WHERE IS SHE!?!?": she demanded, jumping up and down. RavenEye smiled at the thought of finally finding her Kit. it was his too. but then he thought about what a burden it would be to Lithium. she wasn't the Kit loving type.

"StarKit, get up here!" FireStars yowl...
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man! this is soooo funny! I couldnt stop laughing!!!!!
warrior Pusa video
warriors video
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