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kmlutz5x5 posted on Apr 01, 2013 at 07:55PM
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It is an ebook I have written and published.

Here is the synopsis of the book:

More than a century after her parent's murders, Detective Keira Frost strives to balance her birthright as a Guardian - werewolf peace keeper for the humans living within her territory - and the desire for a normal life among humans.

The sanctity of her city, Philadelphia, tarnishes as a series of grisly homicides splatter across the news. All evidence asserts that another werewolf has perpetrated the slayings. She struggles to understand the motive that has him betraying their common legacy. Regardless, she knows she must hunt him.

News 22 camerawoman Sarah Gannon tracks the story from behind the lens of her video camera. After Detective Frost saves her life, Sarah is compelled to step out from behind the camera and help her pursue the killer. As the search intensifies, a strong sisterly connection begins to form.

Will the developing bond be severed if Sarah discovers the werewolf nature Keira shares with the killer? Threatening both the city and that link a dark duo, two werewolves who have forsaken their heritage as protectors looms.

Sebastian Levar, assassin, is weary after centuries of wrecking havoc. In his mind, death by Detective Frost's hands (or paws) will bring the redemption he seeks. At this point, that was peace enough for him. Committing one last sin before repentance, he uses Sarah as bait to lure Keira to his lair.

Razor is the puppeteer. As a member of the Consortium, werewolves bent on controlling humans, he issues the death orders Sebastian follows. Razor's nefarious plans extend beyond the Consortium. He wants to rule everyone. With the aid of an ancient demon, he just might do it. Only Keira stands in his way.

Wolf Trap is a supernatural thriller that reshapes the image of werewolves. The book explores the themes of the whim of Fate, choices and possibilities and a heroine's acceptance of her noble birthright.

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