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Sam/Dean - Blame It On The Boom Boom

Sam/Dean - You Had Me From Hello

Sam/Dean - The Moon Over Georgia

Sam/Dean - How Far

Sam/Dean - Open Your Eyes To pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - Secret mga manliligaw

Sam/Dean - I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You

Sam/Dean - While You Loved Me

Sam/Dean - Run To Me

Sam/Dean - Never Had A Dream Come True

Sam/Dean - Ready To Fall

Sam/Dean - My Valentine

Sam/Dean - No Place That Far

Sam/Dean - Sleepdriving

Sam/Dean - True pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - NFWMB

Sam/Dean AU - Be Somebody

Sam/Dean - Hear Me Now

Sam/Dean - Battle Cry

Sam/Dean - halik With A Fist

Sam/Dean - Your pag-ibig Is A Lie

Sam/Dean - Wisdom Justice pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - Take Me Away

Sam/Dean - No Need To Argue

Sam/Dean - Sleeping In My Car

Sam/Dean - Sorry

Sam/Dean - Ashes And Wine

Sam/Dean - Taking Over Me

Sam/Dean - Crush Crush Crush

Sam/Dean - Bite Into My Flesh

Sam/Dean AU - Never Forget You

Sam/Dean - Wonderwall

Sam/Dean - Without You I'm Nothing

Sam/Dean - If I Could Just Hold You

Sam/Dean - Living In A World So Cold

Sam/Dean - Jealous

Sam/Dean - Lies

Sam/Dean - I Ship It

Sam/Dean - I Don't Wanna Live Forever

Sam/Dean - ET

Sam/Dean - Closer

Sam/Dean - Wildest Dreams

Sam/Dean - We Don't Talk Anymore

Sam/Dean - Praying For Daylight

Sam/Dean - Come Out Of The Shade

Sam/Dean - No Matter What

Sam/Dean - Road Romance

Sam/Dean - Honest

Sam/Dean - Calling Me

Sam/Dean - Sleep Alone

Sam/Dean - Share

Sam/Dean - Trouble Is

Sam/Dean - First ilipat

Sam/Dean - Lazy araw

Sam/Dean - Settle Down

Sam/Dean - Criminal

Sam/Dean - You Told Me You Loved Him In Georgia

Sam/Dean - Someday

Sam/Dean - All Or Nothing

Sam/Dean - I Hate You

Sam/Dean - Pretty When You Cry

Sam/Dean - My pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - Still Here

Sam/Dean - Orientation

Sam/Dean - All We Are

Sam/Dean - What Goes Around

Sam/Dean - Breathing

Sam/Dean - bravo

Sam/Dean - What Hurts The Most

Sam/Dean - Until The araw I Die

Sam/Dean - I Think I pag-ibig You

Sam/Dean - I Need You Here With Me

Sam/Dean - Until The End

Sam/Dean - Ever Fallen In pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - Weak Spot

Sam/Dean - Nobody Sees

Sam/Dean - What Would Happen

Sam/Dean - Shut Up And Sleep With Me

Sam/Dean - The Fallen

Sam/Dean - The Ballad Of Jeremiah Peacekeeper

Sam/Dean - Under Your Wing

Sam/Dean - I Just Want You

Sam/Dean - Halo

Sam/Dean - The Doomed

Sam/Dean - Beautiful Crime

Sam/Dean - Never Say Never

Sam/Dean - I'll Be Yours

Sam/Dean - Criminal

Sam/Dean - Losing Your Memory

Sam/Dean - Accidentally In pag-ibig

Sam/Dean - Tell Me Where It Hurts

Sam/Dean - Brothers On A Hotel kama

Sam/Dean - Need You Tonight

Sam/Dean - Closer

Sam/Dean - Brothers Under The Sun

Sam/Dean - pag-ibig Is Not Enough

Sam/Dean - Fallen From Grace

Sam/Dean - Something To Live For

Sam/Dean - I Think I pag-ibig You Again

Sam/Dean - Losing Your Memory