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Hawkeye: *Hears the song playing*
Tim: Okay, who turned on that song?
Tom: Get something better on for crying outloud!!
Mortomis: Yeah!
Captain Jefferson: Fine. *Switches the song*


Captain Jefferson: You don't know good music when you hear it.
Percy: We're back!
James: Everyone already knows that Percy.
Henry: *Crosseyed* Duh, hi, I'm Henry, and I'm so hungry, I can eat your whole face off.
Duck: *Stops susunod to Henry* That's not right Henry. Hi guys, pato here with Henry. He's hosting this week, but as...
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Coach Straits: (Blows whistle) Alright, everyone. Today, we’re gonna be playing a little dodgeball. And despite what the school said, Wind has to play, as he has demanded to do so, or he will take work tindahan again, and we all know Wind should never touch power tools
Cody: Why do you wanna play dodgeball
Wind: Simple. It’s the only time I get to hurt these people without getting in trouble
James: Fair point
Coach Straits: Okay, everyone get into teams
(Wind takes the team with James and Amanda)
Cody: Okay, guess it’s just this side then (Goes on the other side with Hannah and Miku)
Coach Straits:...
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Why are there all these "parent review" sites..

Descibing everything BAD about Hellsing Ultimate, ALL war movies, Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto... ANYTHING adult themed..

It's called ADULT THEMED for a reason.

Shit like Hellsing Ultimate is NOT for kids, so my question, why were you letting them watch it in the first place.
Frankly if I watched Hellsing Ultimate as a child, I would be even madami screwed up than I already am.
That shit is freaky.

And as for grand Theft Auto.

"it's not fuckin real!"

Please get that though your heads.

Cops aren't morons, they wouldn't just "give up" cause they Nawawala sight of you.
They know what you would look like now.

And if you resist arrest and shoot at them, their aim won't excatly be "Major's" aim, like displayed in the game..
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A dark comedy taking place in Victorian London. When Bentley and his fiancee, Rosalia, are soon to be married, they decided to spend some time out on a snowy night. However, little did they know, that a vampire was prowling the streets. The vampire then knocked Bentley unconscious and sucked the blood of Rosalia, turning her into a vampire. However, nothing about Rosalia’s personality had changed, only her strength and her teeth had become sharper. She killed the vampire and woke Bentley up. Bentley, able to see that it was still Rosalia, still married her, despite she was now a vampire....
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Carl was pranking everyone today, but one prank went a little too far, because as Dale opened his RV, Carl somehow managed to put a live Couger inside it, and Dale was leaped on.

In the aftermath, everyone was attending Dale's funeral.

"He looks so peaceful" Rick said, despite the fact that Dale's intestines be most of his brain were ripped out if his body, and flies we're covering him, all while his corpse still has the horrified expression on Dale's face.

"This is what the world's come too.. Death. So much death.. Not that.. I anything to do with it though" Carl sinabi nerbously.

"Yes.. But he's...
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Now, if you know me, you would know that my paborito game of all time is Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Just look at my name. It should be obvious. But, my segundo paborito Zelda game is Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. What this game does better then Wind Waker is its sidequests. Yeah, sorry, Wind Waker, but not every game is perfect. You kinda lack good sidequests. I guess Nintendo used up all their ideas for Majora's Mask. So, I will tell you all the tuktok Five best sidequests in Majora's Mask. First off, no sidequests that give you items that are mandatory to beat the game. So, none of those...
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic: (Runs real fast) Yeah, I am the fastest thing alive
Robotnik: Oh, are you, Sonic. Then prove it sa pamamagitan ng catching me
Sonic: Ha, anyone can catch you, you fat bastard
Robotnik: Oh yeah, then catch me if you can (Runs off) (Sonic chases Robotnik) (Robotnik runs faster as Sonic gets madami tired) (Sonic falls onto the ground in fatigue)

Street Fighter - Announcer: Round One. Fight
Ryu: Haduken (Fires Ha-Du-Ken) (Guile dodges)
Guile: Sonic Boom (Sonic Boom from Sonic CD plays)
Ryu: What the-
Guile: Oh, wait. Sorry..... SONIC BOOM (Fires Sonic Boom and hits Ryu)
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We are one number.
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I like to think of myself as a pioneer when it comes to gaming, going beyond the boundaries to try and discover what lies behind them. It could be something amazing, or could be something completely strange. Nawawala games are something that fascinates me. Nawawala games are games that are completely gone within just a few days. They come into our lives, stay for a bit, and disappear without a trace. I like to imagine Nawawala games as being different from cancelled games, because then I’d be thinking of Silent Hills and how bastardized of a company Konami is. But, anyway, this listahan is all about games...
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