I'm a proud florist
So I have been on fanpop for sometime and decided it's time for me to say why Flora is my paborito character along with doing my tuktok ten listahan which I am currently working on. So here it is.
When I first watched this ipakita almost ten years nakaraan I fell in pag-ibig with Flora from the start. The six taon old me loved her because she looked like me the tan skin, brown hair with blond highlights and I realize now that I am older there is madami than just looks I like about Flora. Sure some people don't like her because she is too nice, too sweet, too caring, talks about nature too much but that's what I pag-ibig about her.

Sure she isn't the strongest power wise or the bravest, but she is relateable to me and that's probably I took a liking to her. When people say something negative about her, I listen to them because that's their own opinion but when someone attacks the Florists I feel that pain because you know what I will proudly admit I am a Flora fan, sure I can be slightly biased towards her at times but we all have our moments when bias takes control, so who cares at least I am admitting when it comes to Flora I can be biased. However the moment I only like for her appearance is the moment I know I am shallow, so until then here is why Flora is my favorite.

Flora is my paborito from the beginning. The reason is she cares about others madami than herself, sweet, has a gentle nature, is the shoulder the cry on for her friends, she listens to them and doesn't interrupt, I can relate to her because it took me a while to believe in myself, my mga kaibigan were the ones to help me out because I was shy and how she constantly talks about nature for me it's my ankle I have broken twice in the same spot less than a taon apart so we both have items that we constantly bring up to the point of being annoying of times but I like that about her not afraid to bring up something that worries you or hurts you, sure I also like her for being the fairy of nature, her paborito color being kulay-rosas like mine, her boyfriend having the characteristics I would like one to have, yet the fans who only like her for just that and being pretty are shallow. Each Winx has something relateable about them to people my age, but I pag-ibig Flora because she is the most relateable to myself others like other characters for them being relateable to their lives, but for me I really didn't believe in my talents until my 9th grade taon which was only a taon nakaraan so that's why she is my favorite. I know that she isn't the bravest or strongest of the group, but to me she's braver than me because I would never find myself bravo enough to tell the gut who has been my best friend since 6th grade I like him. So that's why Flora is my all time favorite.

Also I do think she is the segundo strongest and here's why. Not the segundo strongest based off of just power but I will say she is stronger than some in that aspect. None of the Winx really were the ones to tell their first boyfriend they were in pag-ibig with them, but she did not worrying about at that exact moment he might not like her back. Also her sacrifice is my segundo paborito she willingly drowned herself just to save her sister's life because if lets say she already had her Enchantix nothing would have saved her from drowning at that point. Also she has protected Bloom in season 4 when she didn't tell the wizards where she was and became unconscious because of it. Even though her power is abundant, and she constantly gets hurt because of not having the strongest power. I see her being the segundo strongest if you didn't take powers in to count. She has defiantly taken the hit instead of letting her mga kaibigan get it because of how much she cares about them and that is defiantly being bravo and strong, because who knows death could have come from it yet she was willing to risk her life for it, and also for a long time we didn't see her cry just sa pamamagitan ng herself not counting the times she cried when others did because she listens to her mga kaibigan and is the shoulder to cry on and is strong for them and will protect them even if she gets hurt. So sure maybe I am the only one who thinks she is the segundo strongest Winx but I am not afraid to stand up for it.
So remember this is my own opinion. You don't have to like it all you need to do is please at least respect.