One taon nakaraan was Halloween 2012 and it was the araw a group of mga kaibigan went into the haunted house on Mulberry Lane, but only twelve of the thirteen came out when a blood curdling scream sent them running out of the shabby old house on the corner. They were so scared when a week later the police investigated the house only to find traces of her blood on the floor on the long hallway upstairs. Now a taon later those twelve have decided to come back to see if they can find little old me. They thought I wouldn’t survive in this house since bulaklak need light to grow, but they were right about that. I don’t even know how I died and became this way, all I know is they are in for a surprise because real mga kaibigan wouldn’t have run from the scene but would have stayed and tried to figure out where it came from. So I have a little surprise for them. I hear the knock on the door and I opened it and make it creek just to put a little fear in them. As the group splits up, I decide to follow Roxy, Helia and Layla to have some fun. When they walk up the stairs to the long hallway I slam doors shut, make the lights flicker and leave a trail of my human self’s blood that I have kept. They all scream, this is fun. I get closer and a breeze blows throughout the house whispering if you had stayed maybe I’d still be alive. I see the chills run down their spine and can sense the others have made their way into this hallway just as the wind talked. Oh the look on their faces is worth it. I creek open the one door that changed my life forever and they all follow. I decide to make my ghost self-visible. They ask are you dead? I laugh and reply of course I’m dead and it’s your entire fault. They don’t say a word, Helia is the first to speak up he asked what happened. I tell him when the lights went out a taon nakaraan I got Nawawala and tried to find my way out, but I was only able to get a scream out as I was killed in this very room. They all gasped. Roxy asked where, I told her right there pointing to the area help me was scrawled out in blood. They all cried and I laughed as the door slammed shut. The Winx all held onto a specialist in fear as I laughed at their stupidity. They asked what is going on. I told them welcome to your new tahanan because you are all not getting out at least alive anyways. The wind blew harshly and I disappeared listening to them all cry and scream. I walk to the graveyard to a tombstone that reads Flora Marie Monroe March 1st 1892-March 16th 1910 Beloved daughter and cherished friend and loved one. Jokes on them I haven’t been alive for the past 103 years. Welcome to the haunted house everyone.