Winx mga manika What Kind Of Winx Merchandise Do You Have?

lovebaltor posted on Jan 05, 2011 at 11:16PM
Well, I suggested this idea to Ella, but, she hasn't posted it yet! XD
So, I decided, to post this myself! :)
It's nice and easy and all you have to do is tell everyone what kind of Winx merchandise you have! :D

Have fun! ;)
 Well, I suggested this idea to Ella, but, she hasn't posted it yet! XD So, I decided, to post this my

Winx mga manika 7 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lovebaltor said…
Well, here's the first post on what I have! :D


Bloom Season 1 and Winx doll.
Tecna Season 1 and Winx doll.
Icy Season 1 doll.
Flora Season 2 doll with Chatta.
Musa Season 2 doll with Tune.
Stella Party outfit Season 1.
Layla Enchantix doll.
Flora in Enchantix with light up wings.

Doll Accesories:

Brushes (Came with all the dolls)
Season 1 outfits (For Bloom, Tecna and Icy)
Little acessories for each girl.
Little transparent cards. (For each doll)
All Season 1 party outfits. (For each Winx)
Spare Winx outfit.


I have 4 large Winx books that are in French and have 3 comics in each.
I have 2 English comics.
I have a Winx club that has little activities in it. (Its in French too)
I have 8 books in French. The first 8 re-tell the first Season, and my other 2, are random episodes re-tellings from season 3.
Winx Journal.
2 French Winx books that tell new stories.
A Winx sticker album in French.


2 Season 1 DVD's.
1 Season 3 DVD.

Video Games:

Winx Club. (Season 1 Game)
Winx Club: Quest for the Codex. (Season 2 Game)
Winx Club: Mission Enchantix. (Season 3 Game)


Flora socks.
Loads of Winx stickers.
Flora, Bloom and all Winx bracelet.
A few Winx cards.

And that's it! :D
PHEW! I seem to have more than I actually thought! XD
Well, I am very thankful to have all this! :)
 Well, here's the first post on what I have! :D [i][b][u]Dolls:[/i][/b][/u] Bloom Season 1 and Winx
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas enchanting424 said…
Well, for now I dont have any dolls...

I have 2 winx coloring books, 1 sticker story book, one friendship book, the complete season 1 in rai version and 4kids, season 2 in 4kids, half of season 3 in 4kids, secret of the lost kingdom dvd, the winx games: winx club on gameboy advance, quest for the codex, mission enchantix, winx club secret diary 2009, and winx your magical universe. Its not much but I'm proud of what I have!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Winxlove said…
Well,peoples was BUSY around here!
I'm not lieing about my stuff,I'm really telling the truth(and I don't want to be selfish)
btw,this may take a day to finish!!!!!!! XD

Bloom season 3 everyday clothes
Stella season 3 everyday clothes
Flora season 3 everyday clothes
Tecna season 3 everyday clothes
Layla season 3 everyday clothes
Bloom raincoat(season 3)
Stella raincoat(season 3)
Flora raincoat(season 3)
Musa raincoat(season 3)
Layla raincoat(season 3)
Stella charmix doll
Layla Charmix doll
Bloom doll(that bloom in season 3 clothes i don't know it's name)
Stella BIG doll magic winx
a winx mermaid with blue hairs(she was in season 3,in Andros)
and some other winx dolls but they don't look so much like WINX DOLLS.

Doll Accesories:
Brushes (Came with some dolls)
Stella's Spectre
Little accesories for each winx girl
Charmix stuff(came from Stella and Layla)
Musa's season 1 outift(came from those dolls who didn't looked like Winx girls XD)
The umbrellas of the Winx girls raincoat
Some other little things.

14 Winx magazines(for now because i will buy more the upcoming months)with comics inside(they are in my language,in Albanian)
6 coloring books(they have and stickers inside too,well in fact only 2 of them)
ALOT of Winx diaries,journals,and notebooks!!
"A magic for Flora" book but in my language :)
Some Winx books who talks abotu different things:Bloom-magic,Stella-fashion,Flora-na­tur­e,M­usa­-mu­sic­,La­yla­-da­nci­ng and sport,Tecna-Tecnology.

2 dvds from season 1(with 3 episodes each and in my language too).
2 dvds from season 2(with 4 episodes each and in my language too).
5 dvds from season 3(with 3 episodes each and in my language too).
The secret of the lost kingdom-the movie(in my language)

Video Games:
Winx Club season 1 Game(that commands only Bloom)

Winx Pencilcases(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... I lost count XD)
Winx artsets
Winx hat
Winx socks(2 pairs of socks)
Winx schoolbags(2 schoolbags)
Winx pencils
Winx pens
Winx School stuff
Winx bags for putting moneys(4)
Winx carton plates
Winx carton glasses
Winx carton tiaras
Winx 3 packs with cards
2 Winx bracelets with sound(came from the BIG stella magic winx doll)
Winx handclock
Winx boxes
Winx stickers(alot of stickers but some of them wasted because i have puted them on my schoolbooks and I've made some winx books myself and with my sister)
Winx liquid soap
Winx shampoo(Bloom,Stella and Flora with each perfume)
Winx(that thing you brush teeths...not brush)
Winx pillow(it's anti-stress!!!)
Winx photo album
Winx Umbrella
and maybe some other Winx things

Finally!!I thought I won't never finish!! XD lol joking.
You see,maybe there aren't much,but my parents promise me that they will keep buying me winx until their show is over.
I'm very proud for these things I have,and I won't sale or give them to anyone!! lol XD


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 Well,peoples was BUSY around here! I'm not lieing about my stuff,I'm really telling the truth(and I d
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas enchanting424 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Winxlove said…
LOL!!I thought it was a little merchandise before i created this club.But now I understanded that I'm a Winx collector!!lol joking
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lunaginny said…
a chatta doll
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas tecna535 said…
Tecna Believix
Tecna Season 4 Casual
Stella Charmix
Bloom Believix
Bloom Harmonix

Secret Of The Lost Kindom DVD
2 Winx Comics
1 Magazine
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