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This is Iris's Journey to Phobos's kastilyo with her friends
Iris-Dont worry guys ill get you out! *is about to throw puso to Wylie*
Iris-*gives it to them but the puso flies away to Phobos's hands* Hey!
Phobos-Na-ah-ah no touchy the puso is mine *does an smirk*
Wylie-Iris you will have to fight him without your powers! Here is some liquid to use your powers! *throws a bottle of water*
Phobos-Ah lets play...shall we?
Iris-I think not! *uses a bit of liquid and throws it at Phobos but he only gets wet*
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When we last saw M.A.G.I.C...
Iris-How are we gonna get tahanan now
Amber-I have no idea we might be stuck here forever
Hayley-We'll be living like cavemen forever!
Carly-Well not forever..
Wylie-And we are not going to live like cavemen that's silly..
Amber-Well are we gonna stand here and freeze to death or starts going in those woods?
Carly-I vote woods
Iris-Do you see what's in those woods!? They have zombies and aliens and stuff!
Wylie/Hayley/Carly/Amber-...... -_-
Iris-What?.....oh fine woods it is...
Wylie-Good *starts walking*
To be continued...