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I pag-ibig giving you my little "miracle"
making spells and little Magick words of
wisdom each and every week...


Today, 96 days after you expressed your interested in using Magick sa pamamagitan ng signing up to
my Witchcraft newsletter, is very special.

You see, I have been guiding you through some "sneak peeks" at the Mastering The
Magick Of Witchcraft tahanan Academy, and now I want to get into the Advanced section
of the checklist with you!

I am doing all of this because - if you have already signed up to get the Witchcraft
tahanan Academy, you will know exactly how you will progress through the...
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posted by Dark-Blood
This spell will provide you temporary
relief in a time of crisis... or just
to make you feel better after a bad

You'll "feel" good feelings flow into your
soul, and will feel better for many days.

STEP 1: Pour boiling water over dried basil,
dried parsley, coriander seeds (or leaves),
cinnamon, brown sugar, and grated orange
peel, into a big pot.

STEP 2: Allow the water to cool.

STEP 3: Fill a bathtub half full.

STEP 4: Strain out the leaves/etc and
bring the water to the bath.

STEP 5: Sit naked in the bathtub and
pour the water over yourself, make
sure it's not too hot first!

STEP 6:...
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Sometimes someone else really needs

If negativity emanates consistently
from a single individual, tainting
the mood and atmosphere, perform
this "indirect" cleansing spell on
them... and see a change almost

STEP 1: Peel and crush a single clove
of garlic.

STEP 2: Place it under the person's bed,
chair or under the carpet where they are
sure to stand.

STEP 3: Remove and burn after twenty-four

STEP 4: Replace as needed; an improvement
in attitude will be observed shortly.


So that's that!

Keep this spell in your Book of Shadows
and use it whenever you...
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posted by Dark-Blood
My goodness the world news has put me in
a "funk" lately.

Of course the media knows that bad news
sells madami papers, and it's been that
way throughout history... but it's a
struggle to find just ONE positive
story in these times...

It really is true, there are a lot of
people who have fallen on hard times,
and it breaks my heart.

I truly want the best for everyone, and
when I hear about a family who has lost
their home, or a child who has fallen
ill, or about someone who has passed
away, I feel sad.

While I don't have the chance to help
most people in the world, I have the
power to help YOU,and...
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