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demonkin posted on Oct 31, 2008 at 01:04PM
hiya.which class in the game should i play as.which is better.what class has the best skills.i was thinking hunter with night elf.good choice?

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JKMcD said…
I dont know anything about the Alliance and which Class suits which race so I'm no help with them.

But when it comes to class you need to think about which would be the easiest for you to do. Hunters are fairly easy from what I see, your pet does most of the work so its just in training your pet that takes your work, the annoying thing with hunters is the bar thats added above your normal spells that controls your pet, I dont like it lol.

Mages are also fairly easy if you can play it right. Which inclues knowing how to control your agro and knowing when to use which spell. Also Frost Mage is the better way to go if you go mage. Frost only does about 300 less damage then fire but you survive alot better with frost then fire or arcane.

Pallys are another good one. I have a ret pally, very easy to lvl and easy to do lots of damage really fast.

Good luck, You may have to ask around on your surver for ally help though cause I'm not any help with ally things lol