Firepaw had just become a warrior, his warrior name was Fireheart. Beside him he heard a soft whisper "Fireheart" and to his surprise there was the cat he thought was dead 'Spottedleaf'."Spottedleaf is that really you?" he sinabi with wide-eyes
"Yes my love" she whispered
" Oh, Spottedleaf how I've miss you! We must tell Bluestar -"
"No, Fireheart I've come to ask you something" she said.
" What is it?" his asked.
She stared at the ground, than she sinabi in a soft whisper "Will you run away with me Fireheart?" He was surprised that was what she wanted to ask him. Than he sinabi " Yes, you know I will. Because you know I pag-ibig you, but how Spottedleaf, how will we run away together?"
"Tonight can you meet me outside of camp, then we will travel until we can find a home, a real tahanan were we can be together forever my love."
"Spottedleaf your the smartest cat I know!" He saw her blushing "Not the smartest mt love." Now that amused him.
Fireheart crept out of camp that night and when he saw Spottedleaf he almost fainted.She was as beautiful as ever maybe even more.
" Spottedleaf you look beautiful tonight. Do you want to start going now Spottedleaf?"
" Yes, Fireheart, but on the way I must gather some herbs!"
Fireheart brushed his flank with hers" Of course Spottedleaf."
Thay stopped after they passed WindClan territory.
" Spottedleaf are you alright?" He ask with concern
" Yes, I have an idea on where we can make our home." she sinabi
"Where." he ask curiously
"behind MotherMouth, but we shall be a two araw travel behind MotherMouth."
"Sounds good to me" Fireheart sinabi knowing she would be leading them to their new home..........