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Fan fiction by RoleplayCraz98 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
Here's where the story starts
There once was a world named Topanie. It was filled with six major kingdom that each owned acors and acors of land just to that Kingdom. Topanie was a verry peacefull place. Every class with every Kingdom got along with each other . It was happy as could be. Well at least it was. All hope and peace dropped when the araw Ashardalon ( the dragon) arrived at the kingdom Erg Eran (The water kingdom) . This dragon took all the lives of that kingdom exept for two lovers. They tried to ask the other kindoms for help, but the kingdoms didn't want to risk the lives of there people against this powerful dragon. They turned there backs against the two mga manliligaw Which that began the wars against the Kingdoms. The water kingdom over time repopulated and built another kingdom for there people, but never forgave any of the kingdoms. The dragon brought other dragons to the kingdom, and it became the dragons nest. Centurarys past since that event happened. Now you get to tell the story from here on.