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posted by coriann
Chap 1
They say the woods had magical powers, or that there were creatures possessing the woods that caused strange things to happen in the neighboring town. But myths may be able to fool the 19th century, maybe even the 20th century, but the 21st century? You’ve got to be kidding me. With the kind of first class technology that can map out entire areas through every nook and cranny, and that can create a program that can entangle the entire world in its web. The 21st century was 1st class, un-gullible and not easily fooled, too wrapped up in our own little bubble of a world that we created for ourselves, that we forget the dangerous place of death and misery that this world really is.

For hundreds of years no human had touched Greenwood Forest. But with it’s lush fields, tall shady trees, excellent soil and abundance in water, Greenwood forest had caught the eyes of 21st century housing development planners, and soon a little town was to be constructed there. And that was the place that Eleanor and Brandon Dyson and their kids 17year old Brandy, 19 taon old Cadence, 11 taon old Carly and 8 buwan old Caylee were going to be moving to. After all with the new baby and everything the family needed madami space, and Mr. Dyson had gotten a job there.

They drove down the dusty old road for what seemed like forever, with nothing surrounding them but dead damo and murky grey skies. There was a grey sky yeah, but somehow, stupidly enough, there was no rain. The long electricity lines made a pretty sight as birds used them for a nest and huge epiphytes grew onto them hanging on with their long and pretty roots. Soon they could see the forest ahead of them, It was so beautiful and lush and green. And as they entered, the sky automatically turned bright blue and the clouds opened up, white and cottony and pretty. The road here was brand new.

“You know, there are a lot of stories about these woods” sinabi Mr. Dyson “One of the reasons why they took so long to build on it.”
“Oh come on Brandon, let’s not scare the kids”
“I’m not scarin’ them hun just trying to make this drive a little madami interesting that’s all”
Eleanor rolled her eyes, and then Brandon continued “They say the forest is filled with malevolent creatures, and not the good kind either, I’m talking about spirits that live inside of the trees so that they can watch you at night, spirits of children who died in horrible ways when they were only babies, they say their feet turn backwards and they wear big straw hats over their heads to hide the fact that they have no face, every once in a while, they like to call other kids so they can drag them into the forest to sumali them in play forever. One a the popular rumors is that if you go deep enough into these woods you see a pretty lady, and you know what she does to you? She leads you deeper and deeper inside the woods and then she…” then all of a sudden the car started to shake and tumble, then Mr. Dyson pulled over.

“Looks like we popped a tire” he said. The teenagers gave a fed up sigh while Carly just had on a worried look. Mom looked pretty fed up herself, leaning her head out the window with a tired look on her face, then all of a sudden, for what seemed to make no logical sense, Caylee burst out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. brandy just stared at her; this usually humored him, but not this time, not after what seemed like a 1000 oras drive to the end of the world. Yes, he was cranky. He looked at his sisters. Cadence had instinctively pulled out her phone and started texting wildly, while Carly was playing with her ponies. He rolled his eyes, and then he checked his phone. 0 messages, 0 calls. He shrugged, and then he opened the door of the car.

“Where are you going?” asked Cadence
“I dunno” he smirked. She just shook her head. Ironically enough, even though brandy was named after his father, he looked absolutely nothing like him; he had his mother’s Bright blonde hair except with hints of brown and her crystal blue eyes. He even got his curious and slightly laid back, hands off attitude from his mom. His sisters were feisty, fiery and forceful like their dad, and they had his deep black-brown hair and green-brown eyes except with a hint of blue. They were exiting and alive and interested, while brandy lived in Brandon universe.

His white sneakers hit the ground. He was wearing bright blue jeans and a hot red sweater. His hair was combed up in something like a Justin Beiber hairdo. He started to walk. He looked back; he could see his father trying to fix the white hatch back. He turned his head away from the car and into the forest.

He knew forests were dangerous and whatever, he thought. But that was just talk, he had never experienced it himself, and what if they were wrong? If they were right then he would just die...and what would be the problem with that? Yes, as you can probably tell brandy was a very apathetic young man, not caring about his own life or where it took him, just simply going with the flow. He was bored and was simply curing his boredom.

He took one step into the forest over a big twig, and then all of a sudden some long hanging vines blew behind him and sort of shoved him into the forest, he fell on his hands. “Ah!” He got up, dusted off his hands and then continued walking. Then he heard moans coming from the trees. He looked around, looking for deformed children, then sighed. It was only just the breeze. He stifled a laugh.

He looked down; the ground was so full of bright brown fallen leaves that he couldn’t see the ground. Then he looked ahead at the deep brown, thick puno in front of him and surely enough, a young lady peeked out.
He smiled, finally something about his pantasiya that could actually be true. I mean, any sensible boy would have thought back at his father’s story and realized that it was dangerous, but he was desperate, so so desperate, and she was so so beautiful, so beautiful. He walked over a twig and it cracked. He reached out his hand to grab her soft, beautiful luscious body when suddenly he could hear his dad calling him from the distance. "Brandy" he heard. He moved back his hand, gave her a sad stare and ran away. Her breasts were blooming beautifully, filling up the tuktok part of her baby doll white and brown dress, the tuktok was white highlighting her bosoms and the bottom was nature brown. “She had curly blonde hair, kind of like a princess, and her eyes were brighter than the sky over the forest” he explained to his sister when they got to the house and had already unpacked and everything.
“Why do you always talk out all your disgusting girl fantasies to me Brandy? for the last time, I don’t care!”
“But she was real, I swear!”
“Well, if she’s so real then why didn’t you try to help her? Go run after her or something”
brandy sighed “I could hear Dad calling my name and plus I didn’t want to get too deep down in those woods. I have horrible navigation senses”
“Oh wow, so you loved her so much that you didn’t care she was in the forest all alone? You could have told Dad or Mom”
“I…I didn’t think she needed help, she looked…fine” he chuckled
Carly rolled her eyes. He laughed and gave her a friendly nudge and then walked away. She laughed too “You need to find yourself a real girlfriend!” she shouted after him, and then she smiled, she loved her brother; him and her were very very close ever since he could remember, even though half of it was arguments.
posted by DxCFan123
I had saved Bruno's life. He knew it was too dangerous to be on a mounain, he teleported to the Apache Junction. Unknowing where we were, we camped out. We heard someone walking outside and when we walked out, it was Apache Indians. They started talking, they were speaking Indian so we couldn't tell what they were saying. Bruno threw red circles at their necks, and when they landed, they started speaking english. One of them sinabi " Why are you here? This is the Junction! Get Out!" Me and Bruno looked at each other. We ran as fast as we could, but, I wasn't fast enough. They grabbed me sa pamamagitan ng the hair and pulled me away. Luckily, Bruno put his hand in the bon-fire and threw the apoy at the indians. The ran away with so much fear, they fell off a cliff. Bruno grabbed my hand until the reached a forest, there was a small waterfall sa pamamagitan ng the forest.
posted by DxCFan123
Bruno had just.. saved me. The giant apoy monsters were gone. He grabbed my hand and kept saying "follow me, follow me" Finally, we reached a forest."I have a confession. Im magic" I tried to sound surprised and sinabi "What? How?" He sinabi shamefully "Im a god helper. I am a god but may never go to the god world." " Wow! Thats amazing! So that's how you saved me?" I said. He nodded. He sinabi out loud "I AM HERE!" And we were sent into a room. The room was dark and musty. Only a dim light lit the room. Bruno sinabi "We shall go to the mountains" and we teleported into the mountains. I was amazed....
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Okay, so I'm Pagsulat a book on, and it's about the Sookie Stackhouse Novels sa pamamagitan ng Charlaine Harris, its a tagahanga fiction, so I dont want to make publicity out of it, I just want ppl to read it, and tell me what they think!
So, if you have time on your hands, and you wanna read what I wrote (which has Bampira and werewolves, and shapeshifters, witches, etc. (like in the actual series)) then follow this link, and tell me what you think in comment if you have a tagahanga fiction account, if not tell me what you think down below this! Please do so, I really wanna know if its good or not...thanks for pagbaba this and hopefully u follow the link!

Everyone has a red glass window.It's called your heart.People's windows differ from others,some windows are shaded out and don't let any light come in and than there are some windows that are open to whatever goes pass their them.
Is your window open or closed out?
Would you let the air in if you had the chance?
My window has been open for quite some time and the same gush of wind keeps coming in and I've grown to pag-ibig and need that one breath that air gives me.But that gush of wind I've grown to pag-ibig sometimes easily breaks my window with it's power.But yet can easily fix my window up again with it's strength.It is a constant fight between letting that gush of wind in because I'm afraid of the wind breaking my window once more.But that same gush of wind I'm so scared of but yet pag-ibig so much,loves me as well but that wind can spread far.Far enough to other people's windows as well.

Always an constant fight between the wind and the window!
Arlette and I walked into my own house as if I was a stranger or something.I saw everything in a different way;in a baby form now.Like,would my huge sparkly white wooden staircase be dangerous for the "thing" that was inside of me?The fact that my house had over 15 sockets scared me or at least scared the "thing".
"Wow Ann,I've really missed your house."Arlette took in a big breath as if she hadn't been to my house in ages.When really she came twice last week and stayed over both Friday and Saturday night.
"I'm sure it has missed you too Lettee."
Arlette plopped on the sopa while I just stood...
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Maybe I should ditch P.E. today?Ive never ditched school before so this was definitely a first for me.What would be my excuse though?I could just picture Ms.Anime's face if I were to come to be P.E. with this crap:"Oh,hey Ms.A.,I can't exactly stay for P.E. today....because I'm pregnant...well at least I think I am?So,yeah I'll see you tomorrow,maybe." then just walk away without looking back."I'm screwed!"Those were the words that would repeat in my head over,over,and over again.

"Hey Annie!Missed you at lunch yesterday!"My best friend Arlette was referring to yesterday when I bailed on lunch...
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posted by Free_Spirit
Me" okay, well this is a complete tester. I'm just posting the start of my story on here, just to get some opinions. I don't think i will post the rest of it on here, unless people ask me too =) anyway i would pag-ibig some feedback, especially critism, that probably sounds weird, but honestly you learn from critisism. anyway i'm rambling here.

I sighed, and stared out the window. The sun was glaring down, and it looked sweltering outside. For once I actually wanted to stay in the classroom, the nice cool air conditioner never looked better.

I glanced over to the tatty metal box that was somehow...
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posted by Kimi4312
heres a song about me and my boyfriend enjoy :)Lyrics:
As a very small girl, I met a boy, hes so sweet,

I was shy and he wasn't, he always watch out,

He never left my side, I never left his side,

Because we're stuck together,

Always be stuck together,

His new girlfriend showed up but I don't like her,

He is blinded sa pamamagitan ng her but I know her pag-ibig is a lie,

I seen him being unhappy everyday since she show

But I ask uy wanna hang out at my house,

Then he sinabi yeah and we start hanging out,

We are stuck together and always will be,

I have been stuck to his side forever,

Then we been playing video games and laughing,...
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I starred down at the skinny "liar" in my hands.I couldn't be pregnant.Pregnancy test could be wrong right?At that moment I didn't know whether i should scream or pass out."What happened to perfect little Annie?" I thought to myself."The one who had gotten into a ivy league school and would be attending in the fall?Well she was gone now,along with her virginity."
In case you hadn't figured it out already,I'm Annie,Annie Green and I'm PREGNANT!Shivers went down my spine as the words echoed in my head.This was my fault;and Emett's of course.Emett is the "thing's" father."That's even if I have...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Black moon
Edward left me. edward left me. I couldn’t cope with it how could he leave me? he loved me didn’t he? I was subbing so hard that I couldn’t breath I was picturing his hard emotionless face when he told me he never loved me or wanted me every time I thought about him I subbed harder, my hole body was shaking, it was raining and my hole body was wet I was freezing but I didn’t care I rather die than live without crazy the guy left me and I don’t want to live without him!
My body was freezing and my head was about to explode when I heard someone calling my name
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walang tiyak na layunin Song or Poem or Something
So um enjoy. Idk wot this is but whatev :)

I'll Break this Spell

I’ve lived my life in shadows
Walking at your pace
I couldn’t see that you were so shallow
I was too mesmerized sa pamamagitan ng your face

Now I can see
All that you’ve done to me

I’ll break this spell
That you’ve put on me
Ever so easily
I won’t treat you well
After all it’s me
That you’ve messed up completely
I’ll make you pay hell
If that’s what will set me free
If it’ll set me free
posted by emmett

I feel like I have always known you
We’ve always been so close but
You look away

You tell me that you pag-ibig me
But your eyes say something else
It shouldn’t be so difficult for me
To turn away

Every time we talk at night
Every time you make me feel alright
When you say goodbye
You say you’ll think of me all the time
I know it’s a lie
And I’m slowly breaking
I’m slowly breaking

Somehow you just cannot see
The way I smile when you look at me
Are you completely blind?
Cuz’ I’ve ibingiay you all the signs
That I pag-ibig you


And now I’m falling apart
You’ve gone from my life
I can’t take it anymore
My new best friend is a knife
What you were to me
Made me complete
posted by Thalia_huntress
“Brandon!” I call. “Just follow my voice love.” he says sweetly. My pag-ibig I miss his light brown hair and slightly tan skin. “I’ve finally found you!” I sinabi happily. “Now my love…” he kissed me I missed him so much, then something sharp cut my neck.[i/] Then I woke with a start “who in the world’s Brandon?” I ask myself. I sat up on my kama looked at my clock it was 4:37 ugh three hours till school. I took a warm paliguan dried my hair. That left me with two hours till school. Finally sleep found me again. [i]“Kura! Find a man named Charlie well this would be his grand...
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Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when you have to murder a loved one because they're the devil.

Belinda’s p.o.v

All 6 of us stood in the lounge room; we tried to not pay attention to the maid cleaning around, dusting and wiping anything that looked dirty. It was awkward sitting there doing our normal routine in fact it was too weird. Tayce was just sitting there eating an mansanas while doing her toe nails, which were on tuktok of Bobby’s legs. Kale and Ruby just sat there giving each other the death glare...weird. Justin was hard in paper work and I was just sitting there standing...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
"What reason do you have for living, if all you have done is brought sorrow, pain, and anger? Everyone will want you dead, in any case."

Taylor looked up at the blank, expressionless face of Lady MacDonald.

Taylor scrambled to her feet, bowing her head at the superior vampire.

"I apologise for the havoc I have caused, my Lady," Taylor sinabi bitterly, gesturing at the shards of broken glass that lay on the floor.

"No matter. It is not as if I was particularly attached to my father's belongings," Lady MacDonald said, sounding detached.

Taylor kept silent, not knowing what to say.

"What reason for...
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Pitching A Crime telebisyon Series To Hollywood - Full Interview with Screenwriter Curtis sinag via link For madami videos, please visit link
film and telebisyon
true crime
The wind was howling like mga lobo in the night, and Will sat shivering in his post. The toresilya on which he sat overlooked a tall rock ledge that sloped into the ocean.
“Why do I get this bloody post.” he sinabi to himself. The air was so cold up there that it sank right into your bones. Even though Will had dressed as warmly as he could with a thick woolen cloak, he could still feel the icy fingers creeping up his back. The apoy in the brazier barely helped either.
“Nothing as always.” he sinabi as he looked out to the edge of the sea. He had taken to talking to himself when he...
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Are Writers Born Or Made? sa pamamagitan ng UCLA Professor Richard Walter via link For madami videos, please visit link
Best Place To Write A Screenplay Is Not A Coffee tindahan sa pamamagitan ng Diane kampanilya and Chris Byrne of and Obselidia via link For madami videos, please visit link
women writers
indie film
Should Screenwriters Adapt Their Own Screenplays Into Novels? sa pamamagitan ng UCLA Professor Richard Walter via link For madami videos, please visit link