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posted by coriann
Chap 1
They say the woods had magical powers, or that there were creatures possessing the woods that caused strange things to happen in the neighboring town. But myths may be able to fool the 19th century, maybe even the 20th century, but the 21st century? You’ve got to be kidding me. With the kind of first class technology that can map out entire areas through every nook and cranny, and that can create a program that can entangle the entire world in its web. The 21st century was 1st class, un-gullible and not easily fooled, too wrapped up in our own little bubble of a world that we created for ourselves, that we forget the dangerous place of death and misery that this world really is.

For hundreds of years no human had touched Greenwood Forest. But with it’s lush fields, tall shady trees, excellent soil and abundance in water, Greenwood forest had caught the eyes of 21st century housing development planners, and soon a little town was to be constructed there. And that was the place that Eleanor and Brandon Dyson and their kids 17year old Brandy, 19 taon old Cadence, 11 taon old Carly and 8 buwan old Caylee were going to be moving to. After all with the new baby and everything the family needed madami space, and Mr. Dyson had gotten a job there.

They drove down the dusty old road for what seemed like forever, with nothing surrounding them but dead damo and murky grey skies. There was a grey sky yeah, but somehow, stupidly enough, there was no rain. The long electricity lines made a pretty sight as birds used them for a nest and huge epiphytes grew onto them hanging on with their long and pretty roots. Soon they could see the forest ahead of them, It was so beautiful and lush and green. And as they entered, the sky automatically turned bright blue and the clouds opened up, white and cottony and pretty. The road here was brand new.

“You know, there are a lot of stories about these woods” sinabi Mr. Dyson “One of the reasons why they took so long to build on it.”
“Oh come on Brandon, let’s not scare the kids”
“I’m not scarin’ them hun just trying to make this drive a little madami interesting that’s all”
Eleanor rolled her eyes, and then Brandon continued “They say the forest is filled with malevolent creatures, and not the good kind either, I’m talking about spirits that live inside of the trees so that they can watch you at night, spirits of children who died in horrible ways when they were only babies, they say their feet turn backwards and they wear big straw hats over their heads to hide the fact that they have no face, every once in a while, they like to call other kids so they can drag them into the forest to sumali them in play forever. One a the popular rumors is that if you go deep enough into these woods you see a pretty lady, and you know what she does to you? She leads you deeper and deeper inside the woods and then she…” then all of a sudden the car started to shake and tumble, then Mr. Dyson pulled over.

“Looks like we popped a tire” he said. The teenagers gave a fed up sigh while Carly just had on a worried look. Mom looked pretty fed up herself, leaning her head out the window with a tired look on her face, then all of a sudden, for what seemed to make no logical sense, Caylee burst out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. brandy just stared at her; this usually humored him, but not this time, not after what seemed like a 1000 oras drive to the end of the world. Yes, he was cranky. He looked at his sisters. Cadence had instinctively pulled out her phone and started texting wildly, while Carly was playing with her ponies. He rolled his eyes, and then he checked his phone. 0 messages, 0 calls. He shrugged, and then he opened the door of the car.

“Where are you going?” asked Cadence
“I dunno” he smirked. She just shook her head. Ironically enough, even though brandy was named after his father, he looked absolutely nothing like him; he had his mother’s Bright blonde hair except with hints of brown and her crystal blue eyes. He even got his curious and slightly laid back, hands off attitude from his mom. His sisters were feisty, fiery and forceful like their dad, and they had his deep black-brown hair and green-brown eyes except with a hint of blue. They were exiting and alive and interested, while brandy lived in Brandon universe.

His white sneakers hit the ground. He was wearing bright blue jeans and a hot red sweater. His hair was combed up in something like a Justin Beiber hairdo. He started to walk. He looked back; he could see his father trying to fix the white hatch back. He turned his head away from the car and into the forest.

He knew forests were dangerous and whatever, he thought. But that was just talk, he had never experienced it himself, and what if they were wrong? If they were right then he would just die...and what would be the problem with that? Yes, as you can probably tell brandy was a very apathetic young man, not caring about his own life or where it took him, just simply going with the flow. He was bored and was simply curing his boredom.

He took one step into the forest over a big twig, and then all of a sudden some long hanging vines blew behind him and sort of shoved him into the forest, he fell on his hands. “Ah!” He got up, dusted off his hands and then continued walking. Then he heard moans coming from the trees. He looked around, looking for deformed children, then sighed. It was only just the breeze. He stifled a laugh.

He looked down; the ground was so full of bright brown fallen leaves that he couldn’t see the ground. Then he looked ahead at the deep brown, thick puno in front of him and surely enough, a young lady peeked out.
He smiled, finally something about his pantasiya that could actually be true. I mean, any sensible boy would have thought back at his father’s story and realized that it was dangerous, but he was desperate, so so desperate, and she was so so beautiful, so beautiful. He walked over a twig and it cracked. He reached out his hand to grab her soft, beautiful luscious body when suddenly he could hear his dad calling him from the distance. "Brandy" he heard. He moved back his hand, gave her a sad stare and ran away. Her breasts were blooming beautifully, filling up the tuktok part of her baby doll white and brown dress, the tuktok was white highlighting her bosoms and the bottom was nature brown. “She had curly blonde hair, kind of like a princess, and her eyes were brighter than the sky over the forest” he explained to his sister when they got to the house and had already unpacked and everything.
“Why do you always talk out all your disgusting girl fantasies to me Brandy? for the last time, I don’t care!”
“But she was real, I swear!”
“Well, if she’s so real then why didn’t you try to help her? Go run after her or something”
brandy sighed “I could hear Dad calling my name and plus I didn’t want to get too deep down in those woods. I have horrible navigation senses”
“Oh wow, so you loved her so much that you didn’t care she was in the forest all alone? You could have told Dad or Mom”
“I…I didn’t think she needed help, she looked…fine” he chuckled
Carly rolled her eyes. He laughed and gave her a friendly nudge and then walked away. She laughed too “You need to find yourself a real girlfriend!” she shouted after him, and then she smiled, she loved her brother; him and her were very very close ever since he could remember, even though half of it was arguments.
posted by HarryPLover
I banged my head against the mesa when my science teacher, Mr.Underwood woke me up from my sleep with his slave owner voice.
"Do you care to sumali us?" I personally didn't really feel like it but then again I wasn't in the mood to argue.
"Sure." I yawned. He went on teaching his boring lesson on frogs. As if we need to know about frogs. What career requires you to have frog knowledge as one of your skills?
The kampanilya rang louder and longer than usual. Lucky for me that was my last period.
Usually Matt is waiting sa pamamagitan ng the car sa pamamagitan ng the time I come out sa pamamagitan ng this time he wasn't there. His car was...
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posted by HarryPLover
looked in the mirror and saw that ugly girl
That girl that constantly reminded of who I was,
Of what I was.
I was a murder
People say My parents death wasn’t my fault
I killed them
I felt guilty
I felt ashamed
I was the one to blame
My life flashed before my eyes
I saw the fire, the crash
I saw the flames erupt inside me
I felt tears burn my eyelids
I felt it as much they did
They burned, I burned
I didn't want to be left alone
I never wanted them to leave
Though I was taken from them
They were also taken from me
Though they're gone,
We both pay the price
And Scars.
posted by twilight-rocks9
please tell me if you like it.

The rest of the night i didn't sleep. When it was time to wake up jose found the package dad sent. His was like mine but he had a skull ring and a skull and crossed Buto necklace. He loved it i still disapproved of it. And suprise suprise Brandon had the same one. I stopped talking to near everyone until i can understand what was happening. Tyler tried to get me to talk but i couldn't till today. "Babe please say something i want to hear your voice." he pleaded. "Don't worry Tyler it's better this way." Maybel said. That was it i hated her madami then ever. "Maybel...
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I still remember the araw I saw you. I never thought that meeting you would destroy me, would leave deep wounds that no one is able to heal not even you. You looked like a beautiful angel walking between your tow friends, carrying your books, ready to start a new taon in collage with arms wide open. You laughed and the whole world laughed in my face. You waved to us, me and him. When he pointed to you I could hardly listen to him. I could hardly see anyone but you. You nalugod me with your beauty.Your silky, long, black hair. Your big blue eyes, their look full of pag-ibig and passion. Behind those...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
That night I locked my windows it seems it only really brings me trouble. But again I couldn’t sleep. “Knock, knock” Dawn sinabi coming in her voice was gentle. “Hey, you’re up late” I sinabi getting out of bed. “Yeah, what did Ethan do?” she said, Dawn could read your anger. “Nothing, there was just a misunderstanding, that’s all” I said. “Really?” she said. “Well we kissed” I sinabi now sitting on my bed. She followed and sat down susunod to me. “Wow, Why?” she asked, “Why would you ask me why?” I asked. “Because you have always sinabi that you would never go...
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posted by iluvtheshow
I remember the araw I fell in love.
Not just simple love.
No, this was head over heels, I'd die for you love.
I remember where I fell in love.
A small middle school in a small town.
A place you could easily miss.
I remember the my matchmaker.
A short women, but with madami apoy then you could ever imagine.
madami passion for what she does then I had ever seen.
I remember my girlfriends who were with me.
My athletic, sassy, fun-loving chicks.
My flirting consultants.
I remember him.
Good God, he was beautiful.
Yes, I remember the araw I fell in love.
True Love.
Head over heels love.

This is dedicated to my first real basketbol coach. She taught me not just how to play basketball, but how to be part of a team. I have so much respect for her and I know I should thank her everyday for helping me fall in love. For Coach Joy.
posted by XhuddyobsessedX
I looked out the window at the man I wanted to be with. He doesn't know my name or that I watch him leave for work everyday. He doesn't even know I live susunod door to him. But, one araw that will change.
The susunod araw I brought myself to go meet the man I had watched from my window for so many years. I wanted to know evetything about him. And most of all, I wanted him to know everything about me. From the segundo I saw him I knew we were ment to be.

I went up to his door and knocked on it. It opened. He looked at me with curiosity.

"Can I help you?"

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posted by CullensFinest13
You hurt me I hope you die I cant belive I trusted you I cant belive I loved you I cant belive I stayed up and worried that you wouldnt call. I cant belive that i loved you i trusted you and cared for you. im tired of you its time i let you go but your always there you wont leave me alone...its time for you to leave so never come back walk out of my life i am going to lock my door and never let you back in stay out so i can be happy you need you need to die let me live my own life you shouldnt be controlling me anymore im not property im a human and i dont belong to the likes of you, you were...
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posted by CullensFinest13
This is how you breathe; this is how you look; this is how you understand; this is what you need to live; this is how you laugh; this is how you smile; this what makes the world go round; this is what makes you cry; this is what takes you places; this is the beauty of the dreams; this is how you sing; this is how you breathe; this is what you feel; this is how you dream. Don’t be the victim; be the strong one; be the back bone; be the things all you want to be. Never doubt; never question; never stop believing; please understand. This is how you scream; this is how you play; this is how you...
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posted by Euri
The red glare of the apoy blurs all other colors. The smoke chokes me with its sulfuric perfume. I watch from the tower as the city burns to ashes before my eyes. I want to stop it, I wish I could, but I cannot. I listen hopelessly as I hear the cries of the people, shouting, taunting.
Tears run down my cheeks. I Nawawala it all, the power I once had has been taken from me. I could have helped so many, but I was foolish and in my foolishness I did not realize what was transpiring under my nose, what would lead to this, the burning of once a proud city to rid it of us.
Turning from the window, I...
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posted by lucius_malloy
Under the surface of the ever-moving ocean, it is calm.
There are hardly any sounds bouncing about the vast space, and the ones that are have been muted, many times over. The roaring of a ship’s engines, mighty as a lion, is only a faint humming sound, madami felt than heard as it vibrates its way through your body.
You’re floating, floating in a mass of blue. The only thing you can see is blue, blue, and blue – different shades, some lighter than others, some dark as a winter night in the North, but blue nonetheless. Now that you think about it, it’s slightly disturbing – oppressive,...
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Source: Henry David Thoreau, axemnas,Casablanca
posted by NagisaTomoya
The araw You Slipped Away
    I will start off my story sa pamamagitan ng telling you this: Karma is very real. In fact, that is me. I am Karma, though I prefer the name “Exodus.” Karma sounds a bit too feminine for such a strong and mighty force like myself. I, Exodus, have come to write a story for you. If you are expecting a cute and fun filled story get out while you still can. Close this book and get on with your life. Forget about me, even though you will surely encounter me in the rest of your lifetime. You just won’t know when I am approaching you from behind or staring you...
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A Spec Screenplay Rivalry & Friendship With Shane Black sa pamamagitan ng Joe Eszterhas from STORY EXPO 2014 via link madami video interviews at link
joe eszterhas
shane black
film and telebisyon
Most Common Reason Why People Fail At Screenwriting sa pamamagitan ng Peter Russell from STORY EXPO 2014 via link madami video interviews at link
film and telebisyon
posted by vanelandsisters
The reyna walks into Amy's and Sonia's bedroom, where her children are having a slumber party with their friends. The girls's best friends, Cream and Bunnie, had recently been ibingiay up sa pamamagitan ng their mother because their father had passed and she didn't know what to do with her daughters. They'd been staying at the palace for a few months while Aleena and Jonathan decided what to do with them.

Queen Aleena: "Sorry to interrupt, guys. Can I borrow Cream and Bunnie for a bit?"

Sonic: "Sure, Mom. Just bring them back within two hours. And you know that I'll be waiting!"

The reyna shakes her head and the...
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posted by vanelandsisters
Told By: Sonic J. Aleena (and when Sonic's a baby) Shadow the hedgehog or Miles 'Tails' J. Prower

Chapter 1: Turned Into a Baby

I waved 'bye' to Tails and ran off. I went to the forest at Möbotropolis Park. My siblings were at home. I started to attack Butt-nik's robots- even the two main idiotic ones. I said, "Alright, Ro-butt-nik. Enough is enough, egghead." I looked around desperately for a hiding place before he caught me. I saw a bunch of plants, so I ran towards them. I hid under a palumpong and waited for the perfect moment to attack Ro-butt-nik. I had a smirk on my face, cause he'd no idea...
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posted by vanelandsisters
Told by: Amelia-Rose J. Aleena

Chapter 1: The First Reunited Morning

I woke up and saw that my four siblings were awake, too. I smiled and told them, "Good morning, my royal siblings!" My little brother, Tails, responded, "Good morning, sis." My brother, Sonic, was just like, "Mornin'." My sister, Sonia, glared at him and said, "Sonic! (turned toward me) Good morning, Amy." We all looked at our brother, Manic, who was still in his bed. He said, kind of weakly, "Morning? Already guys?" We gave him a look that meant, 'yes, now get up, lazy bones!' Tails threatened to spin our brother out of bed...
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posted by vanelandsisters
(If you get sad easily, don't read this!)

Told by: Amelia-Rose J. Aleena

Chapter 1: Sonia's Wedding

I was in my room, getting in my maid of honor dress and accessories. I was very excited, for my sister, Sonia, was getting married. I heard a knock on my door and answered it. It was my brother, Manic. "We've gotta be out there in five minutes, sis. Not trying to rush you, but you've got to hurry up. See you out there with Sonia and Jacob." I nodded and answered, "Yep. See you, Manic." I was having a lot of trouble putting on my pearl necklace, for I had to hide my medallion under it. I finally...
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