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Sonny In The kusina With hapunan (2009) Ep 1x16

Chad: (pointing to a magazine with Sonny and Hayden halik on the cover) Who is this guy?!
Tawni: The pag-ibig of my life!
Chad: (voice high)THEN WHY IS SHE halik HIM?!
Tawni: I DON'T KNOW!
Sonny: I told you it was the halik cam!
Nico: Sonny...
Sonny: IT WAS THE halik CAM!


(Sonny drops her phone into the sink and Tawni turns on the carbage disposal, causing Sonny's phone to dial Chad.)
Chad: (answering phone) Let me hear you say HEEEEEEEYYYYY!
Sonny: (on phone) No! That's my phone!...
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Sonny With A Chance Of Dating (2009) Ep 1x09

Sonny: Well at least there is some variety. (sees someone with a taco) That looks tasty. (looks up and sees a cute guy) That looks really tasty! I meant the pagkain on your plate.


Chad: Sonny.
Sonny: Chad.
Chad: [to James Conroy] Anyway they're shooting our scene we should probably go.
Sonny [to James Conroy] Oh, you're on Mackenzie Falls this week? Let me guess, stuck up Mackenzie being chased sa pamamagitan ng bad boy bank robber.
Chad: Let me guess, Life of the Boston tsaa Party.
Sonny: Well,...
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The cast was ibingiay 24 hours because thier beloved pagpaparangal house is gonna be took away to be used as the Mackenzie Falls meditation room. Sonny and the cast handcuuf themselves to the pagpaparangal house to try to get it back and after two hours they decide to fight back! Sonny Tawni Nico Grady and Zora annoy Chad into the litrato booth and he gets chased out sa pamamagitan ng a daga and the So Random! cast wins the pagpaparangal house back! Chad comes and gives the cast presents Tawni a bedazzled lipgloss case Zora a nightlight for the sarcophagus and Sonny a signed picture of him that says To my biggest tagahanga I'm sorry. T.V.s Chad Dylan Cooper then Sonny admits she's touched and then she asks what Chad got Nico and Grady and Chad tells her he let them take a ride on the forklift and Sonny says You let them do WHAT on the WHO NOW! and a forklift bursts in and Nico says This ain't Mackenzie Falls!
Battle Of The Network Stars (2009) Ep 1x13

Sonny: Guys I have a confession to make. I asked for a cup of water but I filled it up with soda. (sees that it's not Nico, Grady and Tawni) And you're not Nico, Grady or Tawni. (laughs nervously) I was-I was kidding about the soda. (goes to another mesa when she think she sees the real Grady) Guys the weirdest thing just happened to me and it's happening again! (sees madami Nico, Grady and Tawni lookalikes) Oh no. It's that dream where I end up on t.v. wearing nothing but a hat. (checks if she's in a dream)
Grady: (walks in the cafeteria with Nico) (referring...
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Tales From The pagpaparangal House (2009) Ep 1x15

Nico: E-e-e-easy G.
Grady: You know what would make this easier? If you would stop saying "E-e-e-e-e-e-easy G."
Sonny: Hey. You guys made a house of cards.
Tawni: No you're saying it wrong. It's (says it dully) "Wow you guys made a house of cards."
Nico: It's not a house, it's a fortress.
Grady: Fortress.
(The building starts shaking.)

Zora: Earthquake! Take cover!
Grady: Everybody! Into the fortress! (jumps on the fortress of cards)
Nico: (falls on Grady's back)
Zora: (hides under a table) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
(Everybody scrambles to find a place to hide. Sonny...
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West Coast Story (2009) Ep 1x02

Sonny: Hey, does this fat suit make me look fat?
Tawni: You're in a fat suit?
Sonny Ha, ha. See, I was going to tell you how good you did in that fast pagkain sketch, but now I don't think I'm going to.
Tawni: You just did.
Sonny: Darn my niceness!


Sonny: Oh, my gosh! I know you! You're... You're...
Chad: [pointing at picture of himself] Him? Chad Dylan Cooper.
Sonny: You're MacKenzie on MacKenzie Falls!


Sonny: Yes!...
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Promises, Prom-misses (2009) Ep 1x11

Sonny: Well, Chad, you were right. All proms end in disaster.
Chad: Do they Sonny? Do they really? 'Cause sometimes I heard, you get to have that perfect dance, with that one special person. [takes out headphones] You're just going to have to settle for me.
[Chad and Sonny start dancing]
Sonny: [giggles] This is sweet!
Chad: I have my moments.
Sonny: You're gonna press play?
Chad: Oh right, sorry!


Chad: Oh, uy Sonny.
Sonny: Sorry Chad, can't talk, I'm in a hurry.
Chad: Oh right, right...
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Cookie Monster (2009) Ep 1x20

Sonny: (holding back Zora) Chad, I can't believe you didn't even thank me for saving your life.
Chad: (holding back Dakota) Look, I will have you know, I was choking on purpose, okay? To get your silly little merit badge, it's called acting.
Sonny: Yeah and you're not that good of an actor.
Chad: Acting.
Sonny: Choking.
(Chad and Sonny put Dakota and Zora down)

Chad: Acting.
Sonny: Choking!
Chad: Oh really?! Someone better hold me back.
(Dakota holds Chad back while Zora holds Sonny back)

Sonny: Don't make me take off my shoe!
Chad: Get over here!
Sonny: I will hit you in a...
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Hart To Hart (2009) Ep 1x19

Sonny: (walks in her dressing room while talking to her mom on her cellphone and holding a mop with a ribbon in her other hand) Yeah mom I got the mop. No no no no! I pag-ibig it!


Sonny: That's your mom. OH MY GOSH your mom is your manager!
Tawni: Was.
Tammi: My own daughter is firing me!


Sonny: You guys are coco moco loco! (Tawni and Tammi stares at her) Wow
Tawni and Tammi: (star)
Sonny: hush (laughing)
Guess Who's Coming To Guest bituin (2009) Ep 1x18

Chad: (to Sonny) sa pamamagitan ng the end of the week, you're going to fall in pag-ibig with me.
(later on)

Sonny: (in her dream) (knock at door)
Chad: knock, knock
Sonny: Chad
Chad: Sonny, uy look what I've got for our rehearsal.Two tubes of lip balm? One for my upper and one for my lower.
Sonny: (glares at him)
Chad: Will you relax? I was just goofing around. Look, I really want to do a good job.
Sonny: Really?
Chad: Yeah. So look, let's take it from the part when the Hot EMT comes in... that's me ha... and says 'tell me where it hurts.'
Sonny: (stares into Chad's eyes)...
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Sonny in the Middle (2009)Ep 1x17

Sonny: Oh, uy Chad.
Chad: When's the party starting?
Sonny: This is it.
Chad:(confused) These look like the people who usally WORK at Mackenzie Falls parties.

Sonny: Oh really.
Chad: Yeah
Sonny: Well then were not coming
Chad: FINE
Sonny: GOOD
Chad: FINE
Sonny: GOOD
Sonny: See you there
Chad: (angry) Yes you will!
Sonny: I've seen you're acting, that makes two of us
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Prank'd (2009) Ep 1x14

Chad: Tawni, you've been celebrity practical joked sucker!


(picking up phone)

Chad: uy Sonny what's the dilly?
Sonny: The 'dilly' is Nico and Grady are stuck in a net. Everyone says there in cahoots. You win; I'm tired with this paranoia. Just prank me and get it over with.
Chad: Sorry, Sonny I'm already doing a prank. It's called Tawni's fake audition. It was actually inspired sa pamamagitan ng your audition. I guess that makes you Chad's little helper.
Tawni: I'm Fashonita! That was perfect.
Chad: (laughing)...
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The Heartbreak Kids (2009) Ep 1x12

Chad: Then you and me are going to have to go to Lookout Mountain.
Sonny: I'm not going to Lookout Mountain with you. That's a petsa place.
Chad: Do you want them broken up?
Sonny: Yes.
Chad: Pick you up at eight. (winks at Sonny)
Sonny: (smiles)


Sonny: How it this suppose to break up Bitterman and Marshall?
Chad: It's all in the script.
Sonny: What script?!
Chad: (takes out Mackenzie falls script) Episode 319 of Mackenzie Falls! Bigfoot gets the girl, it's a classic!
Sonny: (takes script...
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Sonny And The Studio Brat (2009) Ep 1x10

Tawni: [holding up magazine ipinapakita MacKenzie Falls cast in cool places] And who do you see there? And there, and there, and there! [flipping through magazine]
Grady: Chad Dylan Cooper, and the cast of MacKenzie Falls.
Nico: Yeah, she's right we need to be seen in cool places.
Tawni: Yes, that's why we're going to a place so cool, so exclusive, so underground, it doesn't even exist.
Grady: We're going to Narnia?
[Later - The Basement - Tawni dancing]
Grady: [holding a sword] This isn't Narnia!

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Fast mga kaibigan (2009) Ep 1x08
Sonny: (meatball sauce on her mouth) Hi mom.


Santiago Heraldo: Hold on. So nice girl from Wisconsin is tight with the Hollywood bad boy?
Sonny: Well, I wouldn't say we were--
Chad: Oh, we're very good friends.
Sonny: Actually, we can't stand each other.
Chad: And this is the kind of fun we get to have every day.
Sonny: Which apparently is starting today.
Chad: Isn't she adorable? That's why Sonny's my paborito member of So Random.
Sonny: Really?
Chad: Yes, really. Santiago you are lucky to be getting...
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Poll'd Apart (2009) Ep 1x07

At the pagpaparangal house: [Tawni, Nico and Grady are all on their phones and Zora is on the internet.]

Sonny: You guys, come on. Get off the Internet. We have to come up with a sketch for this week's show.
[Everyone ignores her.]

Sonny: You're not even listening to me.
[Everyone still ignores her.]

Sonny: You're not even listening to me when I'm telling you you're not listening to me.


Tawni: You know what hurts the most? That you would actually have the same dress as me.
Sonny: Okay. We'll go through...
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Three's Not Company (2009) Ep 1x06

Chad: So I, uh, guess I'll be seeing you at my party tonight?
Sonny: Yeah. As much as I'd pag-ibig to come bask in the glory of your Chadness, I can't make it.
Chad: So you were the no? You were the one person I invited who's not coming? Wow. I always knew this would happen to me someday. I just really expected it to come from a Tisdale or a Montana.


Chad: (at his party) Hey, Sonny. Glad you could make it. Did you get me a gift?
Sonny: See, I didn't really have time to shop.
Chad: Yeah....
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Cheater Girls (2009) Ep 1x05

Marshall: All right. Places everyone! Places everyone! This is the final rehearsal for the Check It Out Girls sketch. And action!
Sonny: So check it out. Yesterday I got a manicure. Check it out. (shows her fingers to Tawni)
Tawni: Ooh! Check those out! Check you out!
Sonny: Yeah right?
Nico: Uh excuse me uh, could you check me out?
Sonny and Tawni: Sure!
Sonny: Check out his vest.
Tawni: His vest? Check out his boots.
Sonny: His boots? Check out his hair.
Nico: Uh, yeah I'm right here. I want you to check out my items alright?
Sonny: (scoffs) Check out your items? Check out...
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