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yorkshire_rose sinabi …
Well,fanpop say.... as a special member with medals,you can upload as many as 500 larawan per batch.It's a joke right ? I can't even upload 1 !! *lol Posted 4 days ago
GDragon612 nagkomento…
welcome in fanpop non working life >< ! 3 days ago
makintosh nagkomento…
i'm having the same problem here *raiseshand*. maybe it's just a glitch. we'll see 2 days ago
JosepineJackson nagkomento…
So true XD And as I have noticed, it's getting only worse with time. Berni, I would recommend you to make a Pinterest account. Pack your things everybody, i guess we should ilipat to a site that is working. Fanpop, I have warned you!!!! 2 days ago
GDragon612 nagkomento…
yeah come all here too!!! 2 days ago
GDragon612 sinabi …
wow 2 pics uploading that sucks I will post so much madami >< Posted 6 days ago
JosepineJackson nagkomento…
So true, don't worry, everyone is having problems here these days. I don't know how I'll be able to post happy birthday pictures (I have downloaded already) for Berni. Apparently the only thing I can upload without problems are video links... 6 days ago
yorkshire_rose nagkomento…
No ya both 🌸🌸 Let's hope it all gets sorted soon 🌸🌸 5 days ago
GDragon612 nagkomento…
yeah let`s hope fanpop do something finally!!!! 2 days ago
cherl12345 nagkomento…
I thought it was me who was having trouble uploading in this clu 1 day ago
yorkshire_rose sinabi …
Is anyone else having trouble,joining clubs,fanning people,giving props,posting on walls and uploading larawan ?It's driving me crazy.What's the point coming on here if you can't do any of these things ! Posted 7 days ago
ktichenor nagkomento…
*raises hand* Having the same problem, too, hun. I don't know what's going on. 😕 7 days ago
GDragon612 nagkomento…
yes pray and hope!!!! 2 days ago
cherl12345 nagkomento…
Same here 1 day ago