“So, you can’t wait to start?” Bowser sinabi with a sneer as he closed the distance between him and the green plumber with just one stride.
Luigi blinked in surprise. Bowser’s expression seemed void of all sorts of hidden tricks up his sleeve (if Koopas wore sleeves). If Bowser was planning something especially devious, he certainly wasn’t ipinapakita it right now.
“How about you tell me where my brother is,” Luigi feebly suggested, “and maybe we can get somewhere without so much as a struggle? Then you can kick our asses—well, mine—as payback for all those times I foiled your plans?” He snorted to himself—as if Bowser would even consider that idea….
“Hmm…Actually, that just might be a good idea,” Bowser said, much to Luigi’s shock. He actually stopped to think about it?! “With all the times you foiled our plans, you proved yourself to almost be even madami annoying than Mario himself ever was!”
“So give in,” Luigi tempted further, hoping that Bowser would actually be interested enough to grab the offer sa pamamagitan ng the hook.
“But…what guarantee do I have that your brother won’t go off and do the exact same thing as you yourself have just done, now tell me, Mr. Lean and Green?” Bowser countered, eventually penetrating through Luigi’s attempt. The green plumber was taken aback sa pamamagitan ng what the Koopa King had said.
“Well…,” Luigi muttered, at loss for words. “I’m…not sure….”
“So there you have it,” Bowser concluded. “The answer to that is no. I’m sure as fuck your red-capped brother would be the one going hero and rescuing you, not that he hasn’t gone hero before.” He rolled his eyes.
Luigi shook his head. He still couldn’t believe that Bowser—the hot-headed Koopa King—would actually be around talking calmly, and negotiating like this, no less. But whatever miracle that might have caused, it apparently still didn’t excuse his filthy choice of words.
Suddenly, and without warning, a massive string of flames went charging at the green plumber’s direction. His eyes bulged, and practically scampered off to dodge it. The result had him nearly tripping at the floor.
“What the heck was a-that for?!” Luigi protested. He’d always known Bowser wasn’t one to play fair, but it was still mahirap paniwalaan that he would stop and negotiate then hurl an assault at him at the susunod segundo without so much as a pause.
Bowser laughed like Luigi had perhaps Nawawala his mind somehow in his misadventures to rescue his brother and everyone else held captive.
“In case something hadn’t gotten through your thick skull, this is a fight. It’s just you and me, halle-fucking-lujah. And you better believe that I’ll do whatever I can to win; I’ll use whatever way I can. Every single one of them. So don’t for a segundo think I’ll go easy on you, much less even ‘play fair’ with you,” the Koopa King said.
Luigi sighed in exasperation. It was exactly like with Kamek back there…He shook his head. He didn’t want to linger on that thought, for he knew he would inevitably think of Yoshi, and distract himself with worry. He would have to set the thought of Yoshi aside, when the fight would be over, and when everyone would be rescued….
Bowser took advantage of the plumber’s momentary pause to launch another string of flames at his direction, which the latter somehow managed to dodge with just a split segundo of a bounce-back.
“You wanna play it this way?” Luigi shot, clearly pissed off now. “Fine—let’s a-play it this way, then!”
“Heh—that was exactly the same thing I’d sinabi earlier, punk!” Bowser jeered.
And with that, the green plumber dashed toward Bowser, fist clenched and ready to matunog na halik right at the Koopa King’s face. Unfortunately, and inevitably, the latter was quick, as he leaped out of the way. Or perhaps it was just because he had expected that, ibingiay with how he’d pricked at Luigi’s temper just then.
“I’m quite barely surprised you rocketed off toward me like that,” Bowser sinabi with a mocking shocked expression; he flailed his hands around in the same mocking manner. “Though…I’d better not take you so lightly, right? After all, you were the motherfucker who messed up every well-thought-out plan, as well as—luckily—solved all the riddles that I could’ve sworn would’ve been clever enough to set you guys bawling with frustration!” He sneered as Kamek had when he’d gone insane back there. Then he cracked his knuckles as he went pasulong at the plumber’s direction.
Luigi tensed. “So what dirty new tricks have you a-got, Bowser? Or are you just going to narrow it to just your spiffy firepower?” He tried hard to hide the shock he had with himself as he was realized he actually had it in him to try goading the Koopa King.
Bowser half-sneered, amused with Luigi’s bravery—or foolishness, for lack of a better word. “I just hate pagganap all honest—I do pag-ibig a good and dirty fight—but fuck those principles of mine; I’ll just let slip just this once since you’re just so fucking eager. With so much of all this ‘flashy new stuff’ going on with my plans—which, I have to admit myself, worked better than it would have since I now actually have Mario locked good in my dungeon—I’m getting pretty nostalgic for all the good ol’ stuff since way back Super Mario Bros. They were right—in the midst of all ‘something new,’ eventually you’d want to go back for the old-fashioned. And believe it or not, nostalgia’s kicking in! So instead of going all batshit insane, which I would want to take pleasure in doing to you, I’ll take you down the way I always had. The way it had practically always been between me and Mario.”
Luigi’s mind blanked in confusion for a second. He wasn’t entirely sure what Bowser had been talking about, ibingiay sa pamamagitan ng how long he had actually gotten himself to (miraculously) talk. But then when he replayed everything Bowser had said, specifically the “old-fashioned” part, suddenly it had all began to sink in with just one click. He felt like his eyes were set to bulge right out of their sockets.
But it was a segundo too late. Before he knew it, several hammers came raining down to Luigi’s direction in the guise of a meteor shower.