I figured that I'd make this article. Especially since I'm the only one who makes artikulo on here. Anyway I won't be able to talk much about some of these girls as much as I will others. I'll definitialy be talking alot about the ones I find highly intelligent. I'm going to be making the best young heroines singers tomorrow, maybe. Please leave a comment telling me what you think, enjoy!

10.Wendy(Peter Pan)

Yep yet another thing Wendy is low on. I honestly never thought she was smart but now I actually think she's stupid. The main reason I think she's stupid is when Peter says that Tinkerbell called her "a big ugly girl" she was laughing and it took her like ten segundos to realize she was being insulted. Seriously? It took her that long to realize she was insulted? She should've pick up on it the moment she was insulted. Plus she just assumed that Peter was good, just because of the stories she's told, he could be a bad guy who'd kidnap her. Just like with Peter she assumed that the mga sirena were sweet like Ariel and Melody, but she found out they're evil. I also thought it was kinda dumb when she told Tinkerbell to slow down. Doesn't she realize that Tinkerbell hates her and is doing it on purpose? Don't worry Wendy fans I'll be much madami positive about her in my susunod article.

9.Jenny(Oliver and Company)

There's not much to say about her in terms of intelligence. I mean she seems like a bright girl. I think it was kinda clever how she invented her own dish a few minutes. I know pretty much any little kid could do that, however it's kinda rare if it actually turns out good and it did since Oliver liked it. It was kinda smart how she was eventually able to figure out that confusing and poorly drawn map, since she managed to find Fagin. However it was kinda dumb and naive to go into the dangerous streets alone with just her dog to find Oliver. She's only eight! She's not stupid at all, in fact I think she's very bright we just can't see much of her intelligence.


She's not that much smarter than Jenny. I think the main reasons she's higher than Jenny is because she's older and because she doesn't do anything stupid, that I know of. Her character on the ipakita seems very clever and resourceful, it's too bad we couldn't see that when she's her real self. I think it was smart that when there was a apoy she wasn't just going to wait, she was going to rescuer herself. If she just waited for someone to save her she would've died because the place was falling apart. It was clever that she used one of her and Bolts moves from the ipakita to try to get out of there, "Bolt, Zoom-Zoom". I guess it was also kinda smart to send fliers to try to find Bolt. However other than that there's nothing much to her when it comes to intelligence. She's a bright girl but not highly intelligent.

7.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)

I'm mostly basing this on the series since she's done many clever things. She's found many ways to catch or save the experiments. She's very resourceful. I also think it was kinda smart in the original when she was late for hula class; she was hiding behind the older girls and waiting until her teacher wasn't looking so that he wouldn't notice she was late. She was very clever when she took locking her sister out to a new extream, nailing the doors shut. It's also kinda bright that she calculated the badness that's in Stitch and was going to fix that. However other than that she's really not all that bright, but she's very smart.

6.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)

Pretty much her, her sister, and her cat are the only smart ones in the movie. I pag-ibig that at the beginning she's able to make sense but also not make sense when she talks about her own world. I also pag-ibig how she's skeptical about drinking the bottle because it could be poison. She's very careful to her surroundings. She's also very witty, for some reason I think being witty is part of intelligence. I think it's cool that she shows off her intelligence even though it makes her stand out like a sore thumb. Plus apperently she knows the ways of court even though she's only ten years old. However it was kinda dumb how she was crying after growing large, just drink the bottle. Eating the pagkain in the Rabbit's house, she shouldn't have ate it. Besides why doesn't she just take smaller bights?

5.Penny(The Rescuers)

This is very surprising for most people that Penny is so high. However I think she's very clever and people just don't realize it. She sent several messages in bottles to get help. That proves she's very resourceful. She apperently has sent madami than one message, so she knows that will increase her chances of getting rescued. According to Rufus she knows better than to accept Medusa's offer to give her a ride, she forced her to. She apperently is also kinda bright when she sneaks extra snacks from the cafeteria to bring them to Rufus. She's tried to escape from Medusa and I think she's thought of many ways to try to make it better before she does it again. She has many hiding spots and she makes sure the coast is clear before she moves to a different spot, in case Medusa or her crocs see her. She helps Benard and Bianca come up with a plan to get her out of there and defeat Medusa. When Benard and Bianca are stuck in that skeliton head I think it was clever and resourceful how she saved them sa pamamagitan ng using a sword to get it open. She's a very clever and resourceful little girl, it's part of why I pag-ibig her. However in her letter she didn't tell where she was at so that's why she's not higher.

4.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)

Only slightly smarter than Penny. I think it's clever how she was able to find a way out of the dungeon and was able to help Taran get out. For once the heroine is the one saving the hero. I don't know exactly how she was able to find out how to get out of the dungeon. Maybe she found out somehow that she could get out through the floor. She was also careful to sneak past the Horned King's minons so that they didn't catch her and Taran. Being able to sneak past someone is part of intelligence to me. The reason is you have to know all the possibilities of getting caught. She was also skeptical about the witches when Taran was about to sell his sword for the black cauldron. She seemed to have a feeling that they were up to something and she was right. However looks like she's repeated something Snow White did, breaking and entering. She broke into the witches house. Ever heard of trasspassing, Princess? I think it would've been cool that instead of Fflewddur tricking the witches into bringing Gurgi back to life, Eilonwy should've done it, it would make her seem clever. She's a very clever young girl and actually much madami useful than the three princesses who came before her.

3.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2)

Even though she's in my bottom three favorites(but I still pag-ibig her) she's definitialy one of the smartest disney heroines ever. She's in my tuktok 10 smartest disney heroines. Now we're to the young heroines I find highly intelligent. I think it was cool how she calculated the exact spot where to throw the mangga up in the air and it would peal itself. That girls got some skills! It also amazed me that she could remember the exact spot where she's been, well almost remember. Even if she didn't remember it exactly it's still impressive she remembered most of the jungle and where she's been, I don't know anybody who could do that. She was able to think fast sa pamamagitan ng helping Baloo protect Mowgli sa pamamagitan ng banging the drums. Plus in the original she was pretty smart, not as intelligent as she is in the sequel but still. She saw Mowgli and wanted to help him and being clever she used her feminine charm to manipulate him into going to the man village. She knows she's got a good thing going on for her and she's smart enough to know how to use it for herself. She's not higher for two reasons. First it was kinda foolish to go into the danerous jungle sa pamamagitan ng herself but it was also madami so brave. Secondly the other two are in my tuktok 3 smartest disney heroines.

2.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)

I'm not being biased I honestly think she's one of the smartest disney heroines ever. I actually think she's WAY smarter than Ariel. I think people are being biased when they say she's stupid, I actually think she does alot of clever things. I think it was pretty clever that for all these years she's found a way to sneak outside and back inside the pader so she could go swimming. She was very skeptical her whole life since she can break underwater for a long time and she can talk to animals. It's very smart how she's able to sneak past her mom and the servants so she could go up to her room. I think it was clever how she could sneak past all the servants and Triton so that she could steal the Tritent. As she saw madami of Morgana(this is before she handed her the Tritent) she was madami skeptical of her. The most clever of all was her during the climax. When she was going to get the Tritent and those spike things were coming out of the ground, instead of using it against her she used it to her advantage. She waited until just the right moment to jump off the spike to the next. Than when she got closer she made sure she didn't get touched sa pamamagitan ng Morgana's tenticles because it would ruin her surprise attack. Plus the fact that she stabbed Morgana with the Tritent, not exactly that smart but still resourceful. Plus I think she's very quick witted since when she was ibingiay a decision to either belong to the land or sea, but instead she comes up with a better idea in segundos flat; she decides to break down the pader and bring both worlds together. Most kids usually take hours to make up a decisian like that but it took her seconds. I don't think she was stupid for trusting Morgana. How was she suppose to know she was bad knew? There's an expression called don't judge a book sa pamamagitan ng it's cover. She's not higher because I think she should've believed that Morgana was bad news when Ariel told her. Even though Ariel lied to her she still should've trusted her mom more.

1.Jane(Return To Neverland)

Yet another young heroine who I think is very underrated in the intelligence department. She's only slightly smarter than Melody, Jane's the segundo smartest disney young, segundo only to Mulan. I think it's actually really smart that she actually listens to her dog during the bombing. Most people would just say "shut up and get moving you stupid dog" but no she doesn't. She figures her dog might know something and she did. Plus I'm guessing she's made a plan that if this ever happens she has places to hide while to tries to get to her house into the bomb shelter. I think it's pretty smart when she's trying to leave Neverland to have a check list, because she doesn't know when she'll get tahanan so she'll so she brings banana's to eat and coconuts so she can drink coconut milk. She's making sure she'll have the resources she'll need to survive. Plus I pag-ibig her witty remarks to Peter "Or maybe your full of hot air" I think witty comments are part of intelligence. Even with her deal with Hook I don't think she really trusted him, she just wanted to get tahanan to her family. She was very skeptical of him and even tried to read the contract before he pulled it away from her. She managed to sneak onto the ship without a pirates even noticing, and I tanong how she got there, I guess maybe she flew. She came up with a plan for Tinkerbell to distract Hook and the pirates so she could take a kutsilyo and release the Nawawala boys. She knew she could escape Hook sa pamamagitan ng jumping off the ship because she believed in fairy-tales. She planned the whole things. Plus she did figure out the pirates will jump overboard for treasure, thanks to the help from Tootles. I know alot of people think she's stupid but I honestly think she's the smartest one of all. She's blonde but she's no dumb blonde.