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These would be their kids. xD This is a future timeline, sa pamamagitan ng the way. Like probably 20 years or something? Cuz she probably had her oldest when she was in her 20s and the oldest is 12 so....You do the math.
Name: Lily Brooklyn Cohn
Alias: Midnight Streak
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: brown hair, wavy, medium length, green-blue eyes (more green than blue), average build
Powers: speed, strength, can turn invisible sa pamamagitan ng manipulating darkness
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: talkative, slightly gullible, headstrong, kind of has a temper, determined
Name: Chandler Austin Cohn
Alias: Coda
Gender: male
Age: 11
Appearance: dark brown hair, deep blue eyes like his dad’s, solid build
Powers: metal communication, flight
Weapons: knives and swords, martial arts/combat
Personality: quiet, fiercely determined, loves music, strong, stubborn
Name: Annabelle McKinley Cohn
Alias: Firefly
Gender: female
Age: 9
Appearance: long blonde hair, blue-green eyes, slender
Powers: signals (mainly telepathic and light)
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: sweet, friendly, quiet, eager to please, flexible, easygoing
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OOC: (evil chuckle) don't be hating on me. or my views. I just thought it was time!
Quick Summary of the last few parts: Kenzie left to find out who she really was, ran into Brennan and Chelsea.
Delta, Devin, Robin, Aisling and Bats went to find her and engaged in battle with Chelsea and Brennan.

Keheheh.. enjoy! And comment... that's required in order to read. ;D

Chelsea grinned. On the floor was every one of those little brats, and even Batman, and it was all on her. She grinned as she...
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"Quite impressive." A voice whispered in Revenge's ear. 

Revenge kept his masked eyes forward. "Yes. Quite. You secured things on your end, partner?"


"Good, now we let the two sides fight it out."

A van screeched up in front of Alpha Squad. Gas flew out of the van and in a few seconds, the entire team was unconscious. Masked men walked out and threw the teens into the back of the van.

Sam flew unconscious into the van. A shadowy figure landed susunod to the men.

"Missed one." the female said.

The men nodded and got back in the van before driving off.
 They both looked dressed up-I mean come on KALDUR IS WEARING A SUIT! It was a hard find
They both looked dressed up-I mean come on KALDUR IS WEARING A SUIT! It was a hard find
Well you know that Challenge thingy that Robin_Love set up?
Well Obscurity set me a challenge of finding a pic of both of her and Kaldur on a petsa and write a artikulo about it.

Well Obscurity-Whereever you are, Here it is!

Hope you like! (P.S I don't the the relationship between you and him now-but i just did one where both of you have a crush and now going on your first date-enjoy!)

Harley and Kaldur's Date:

Atlantis 5:06 pm. Kaldur swam has fast has he could. It was today.
He had a petsa with Obscurity and if he was late-he might has well damn wish he was dead.
His legs kicked hard, his gills inhaled...
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Harley flew away from the Mountain crying she knew they could have helped her, but she didn't want to take chances. What if one araw she really did hurt some one.
Harley let t=her mind wander thinking back to the words Kaldur said. How he pleaded with her on not leaving. Then it dawned on her, what would happen when they told Roy?
He'd have a fit! and then try to find her. She knew it.

She walked now down the streets of Metropolis. she flew over to Clark's apartment he shared with Lois Lane.She didn't want to bother them, so she just sat there, on the window sill not making a noise. After a time,...
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OOC: This was the song I was listening to when I created Arwin. Her personality was based off the lyrics. *sorry the sound quality isn't that great*
young justice oc
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added by -BelovedRobin
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“Whatever you're hiding Devin, you're a part of it. I know. You can't lie unless you're protecting someone. Who are you protecting?”
“Myself Becca.”
“None of your buisness.”
“Your brother is my boyfriend; you and I are friends. I'm sure it's my buisness!”
“No. It doesn't concern you. Leave it alone.”
“Becca, why can't you just admit you hate not knowing things?”
“Because you just did! Now tell me!”
The two glared at each other. It wasn't common for them to do so, but they had their moments.
“Why so secretive, Dev? We've always been honest...
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posted by Obscurity98
It was dark, i remember, but around me everything was moving i could hear it and feel it. The mask that i wore to keep me breath was the only thing that kept me alive. I could hear all the glass breaking, and suddenly i felt a stinging on my skin, as i looked up i saw chemicals, pouring into the test tubes. My water was infected. I needed to get out. My little five taon old fists banged on the glass tube around me, nothing was helping. I couldn't get out, suddenly a large movement occurred it sent my tank flying, and it crashed to ground and broke open, and i tumbled out, water gushed onto...
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Note: This is the ONLY song he knows on the guitar, because he can't sing while he plays his tenor (or alto) sax and the piano makes Bonnie sleepy.
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Name: Lana Copeg
Alias: Arwin
Age: 16
Occupation/Alliance: Hero

Appearance: Long black hair, kahel eyes, 5' 5"

Powers/skills/weapons: powers over the element earth, martial arts, and her family heir loom (a magic staff)

Personality: Withdrawn, optimistic, kind, brave, courageous, shy, cynical, hard-working, loyal

History: After being ibingiay into the care of her grandparents without warning Lana's parents mysteriously went missing. Lana discovered their family heir loom when she went looking for her parents a taon later. She took the heir loom into her possesion after pagbaba a note left with the heir loom sa pamamagitan ng her parents. When she was fifteen she left her grandparents to train her powers. After training for three years and discovering many things Lana returned to her grandparent's house to find them gone. From that point on Lana decided that secrets only killed people rather than kept the safe.
 Arwin's staff
Arwin's staff
Homework One-Shot

(This fanfiction may include SUGGESTIVE material not appropriate for younger people. Just a warning)

Sam had just come back from a diving mission in New York Harbor. His suit was soaked as was he. And he smelled like garbage. He was just about to step in the showers when his phone buzzed. Sam picked it up. It was a text message from Holly.

"Pls hlp w/ hmwrk"

Sam sighed and replied he'd be over in ten before stepping under the hot stream of water. He bathed quickly and dried off, slipping on a white mahabang manggas sando and a red button up that was left undone. He slid on jeans and...
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posted by Caitlyn_Grayson
Name: Caitlyn Eleanor Grayson
Alias: BrightStar
Age: 14
Relationship to Team: Robin’s cousin
Appearance: Caitlyn is tall, about 5’6” or 5’7”. She has straight blonde hair, a little longer than shoulder length, that she sometimes wears in a ponytail, and blue eyes (like those of her cousins Dick, Kyra, and Danna). She wears a blue t-shirt or tank tuktok and short-shorts (at least on sunny days).
Personality: Caitlyn is fun, funny, and always cheerful and in a good mood. She is very high energy, extremely practical and a good problem solver. She is confident, friendly, and really determined...
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So I got this brilliant idea for a roleplay (well maybe not so brilliant, you guys are the judge on that) and I don't know what website to make it on.
Can you tell me what you think of the idea?

Ten years after the creation of the original Young Justice team, the world is in turmoil. A new, extremely powerful enemy, Project X, has arisen and has torn apart society. They have manipulated the United Nations and the government of every single country to turn against all aliens, meta-humans, and humans associated with either group, and murder them all. The governments have issued civilians and targeted...
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Luke sat on the sopa watching tv, though he wasnt really watching the tv, madami or less he was in deep thought wondering if Artemis was okay, never did Artemis leave Lucas alone with Flynn. He knew something was up ,but knew Artemis would be furious if he took Flynn along with him. He heard someone walk down the hall with heavy footsteps and saw Red Tornado walk in, a smirk spread across his face, " uy red " he said, Red Tornado turned to look at him. " yes Gravityboy what seems to be the reason you are calling me? " he asked, Lucas got up with Flynn in his arms, " well i was wondering if...
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Name: Shade

Occupation: Hero

Secret ID: Gwen Thermopiles

Age: 14

Appearance: Brown hair, ginto eyes, tall and willowy.

Powers: Can make her self invisible and can make very strong force fields.

Hero costume: Black and silver unitard, silver utility belt, black gloves that can hold a holographic computer, and black boots.

Civvies: Blue shirt, purple jacket, quarter pant blue jeans and Nike basketbol shoes.

Personality: Bold, Strong and can sometimes be a bit shifty.

Past: Past is unknown.