"Why can't be hitch a ride?" She asks.
"If either of us uses our powers they'll know and they'll find us fasted." he tells her, and she nods.

A few hours later.

The young girl walked behind the young man, she drags her feet, she gasps with every step she takes. She finally gives up and falls to her knees.
"Rohan, I tired please can we stop. Rest a bit please." She tells him. Rohan halts and turn to her, he looks at her with sleepy eyes and then walks up to at her,
"Melody I know your tired so am I, but just a few more...
"You sinabi that already," Melody sinabi interrupted him, "You might be use to this, but I'm not, please can we stop." she pleads.
"Okay, do you want me to carry you?" Rohan asked and she shakes her head yes. Rohan picked her up and walked in the direction he was before.
"Awww, isn't that sweet, he's such a caring protector," A voice says from behind. Rohan stops, resting Melody on her feet.
"Stay behind me." He orders, turning to the voice. there stood a woman with red hair and eyes accompanied sa pamamagitan ng a boy with blue hair and eyes and a giant tiger.
"Comon Rohan, give us the girl and we'll spare you." the boy says.
"I would rather die." Rohan says, putting himself in combat position, "Run," he tells Melody, at the same time throwing a few darts at them. They dodge, but only Rohan is there after they moved. The woman face was filled with vexation, she utters," Get the girl, I'll take care of Rohan."

A Few Weeks Later.
“This is boring,” sighed Aquapoint in mind link, as she sat on the puno branch, she continued, “Out of the all missions I’ve been on this has got to be the worst.” She sighed again.
“The new-bee’s right we’ve been sitting here, watching that car forever, and it’s not doing anything.” A male voice replied in mind link.
“We haven’t been sitting here a while, it been two hours and that’s just sitting in these tree, what about the other two hours we spent flying just to get here.” Aquapoint said.
“Superboy can you please shed some light here? The Batman sinabi that Lex Luther been doing some travelling and he thinks he’s up to something.” A female voice said.
“Luther’s always up to something and travelling from state to state is suspicious enough, but travelling to six counties in only two weeks is off chart.” Superboy replied to female in mind link.
There was silents for a moment then Superboy said, "Somethings coming,"
Suddenly the earth quaked and the forest started rattling.
"Hold your positions," other female sinabi in hayop ng mink link. Out of the forest came a giant tiger with three human figure seated on it. They all looked at the car. The diver's upuan door open and out came Mercy. She walked to the passenger's door and opened it. Lex came out fixing his tie. He walked up to the tiger and extended his hand. The creature sat and one of the women collected his hand.
“I’ll go closer,” Megan said, in mind link.
“Be careful Miss Martian.” Superboy tells her.
“You’re such a gentleman,” the women sinabi to Lex. She was warring an all over black dress with black make-up and hair. She fixed a very devious look on her face.
“I believe you have something for me,”
“Of course but if you have what I came for.”
“Mercy, my dear.”
Mercy walked to the other side of the car and opened the door. A young girl with green eyes and hair came out of it. The woman smirked and clicks her finger. At the command the young boy came close with a briefcase.
“Way a minute, that’s Vernason.” Aquapoint says from the tree.
“What’s a Vernason?”
“A group of people,” Aquapoint crawled to the edge of the branch.
“Who’s the Vernason?”
“The girl with the green girl,” Aquapoint sinabi creeping madami to the edge, “where’s her protector?”
“Aquapoint what’re doing? You’re gonna fall....” Superboy said, but it was too late Aquapoint slipped and fell out of the tree............
She landed; Lex and his associates looked at her. She shook her head, slowly standing; she looked at Lex and the others,
“Guys, I think I just blew our cover.”
“Mercy!” Lex uttered.
“Now, now, I believe my precious Lelisa can deal with this.”
Lelisa ran up to Aquapoint throwing apoy balls at her. Aquapoint dodge at the same time shooting a few arrows at her. Lelisa dodge the palaso with ease and proceeded to her target.
“Guys help!!!”
“I’ve got you cover.”
Out of the trees apoy balls came flowing at Lelisa, she ignored and continued. The fireballs suddenly quenched,
“Aquapoint was that you?”Mercy question, in mind link.
“Then who...”
“The dude with the blue hair,” Nighthawk said, “I’ve got him.”
“Give me the girl,” the woman sinabi quite infuriated.
“Give me the briefcase,”
“Sorry to intrude, but this over.” Superboy sinabi landing in front of the two.
Aquapoint turned and shoot arrows had Lelisa, Lelisa dodge again
“This is hopeless little girl.” She says dodging madami incoming arrows. With a quick hand, she grabs a shooting arrow. Aquapoint stop realizing she no longer being persuaded, she turns and sees Lelisa laughing,
“You’re Ashley, You’re Kaya’s sister.”