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posted by MafiaYJ
"It doesn't make any sense Ethan! They are real! I know it! I've seen them! AND I TRIED TO KILL THEM!" Babylon shouted from the upuan she was in. Ethan paced in front of her, glancing at Adrian who, for once, looked serious.
"Ethan." Babylon snapped. Ethan paced.
"ETHAN!" She screamed hysterically. Ethan stopped and he and Adrian looked at her. Babylon was not supposed to scream that way. She was supposed to be calm and wise, like they were. Sure, have her quirks and the like...but not like this.
"Babylon, dear. You need to relax. We..we are going to figure something out." Ethan stated. He knew very much what was going on, and so did Adrian. But they couldn't tell her. Could they?
Babylon looked at them both, "Both of you! Explain to me, why. Why do I hate them?"
Ethan sinabi nothing, and Adrian opened his mouth but sighed, closing it.
"WHY DO I HATE ANGELS!" Babylon screamed. Bringing her fist down on the arm rest. She was breathing heavily.
Ethan was the first to speak, "you dont exactly hate angels, dear."
"What do you mean? Did you not see me out there yesterday. I almost killed the guy!" Babylon said, looking away.

Ethan walked over to her, and knelt, looking her in the eye. "Babylon, love, you don't hate angels. Well..most of them anyway. Like that friend of yours." Babylon looked up confused, "Wh-who?"
Adrian interjected, "Ethan! Shut your mouth! Before you start to alter things. What he's trying to say dear, is that no, you dont hate Angels. What you hate is anything with a pure core."
Babylon looked confused, "i-I dont understand. A pure core?"
Ethan tried instead, either they'd tell her or she'd get it on her own. But they couldn't not tell her. They knew what would happen...but of course they always had the dilemma of not knowing what would happen if they chose that other route.
Babylon glared at them, "Are either of you gonna tell me or not?"
Ethan fidgeted. Adrian did not make eye contact. In fact, Adrian hadn't tried anything lewd on her since she walked in, and Ethan did not halik her either. Her eyes narrowed, "You both know exactly why i'm here dont you? You exactly what you're gonna have to tell me, and you don't want to. Do you?"
Ethan sighed, and Babylon exploded from her seat, "YOU ARROGANT! HOW DARE YOU TRY AND KEEP THESE SECRETS FROM ME!"
Ethan grabbed her arm, "Babylon, please! Sit down, let us-" But she wasn't going to listen, she pulled out her sword from her breasts. And pointed it at them, "TELL ME!"
Adrian snapped, "You're part demon, Babylon!"
Babylon blinked, eyes widening, "I am what?"
Ethan backed him up, "You heard him Babylon, dear. You are a demon."
"A demon?" she whispered, "but..but how?"
Ethan frowned, "Your father was a demon."
Babylon's headed started to pound, Demon...demon..
Then she whimpered, "You're lying. Please! TELL ME YOU'RE LYING!" she burst into tears.
Ethan and Adrian sinabi nothing as she cried, they simply left. They knew this would happen.
"We shouldn't have told her." Ethan whispered, "we never sh-"
"well we can't Ethan, you know that." Adrian said, trying to drown out Babylon's wails.

Adrian awoke, and walked to the living puwang Babylon had probably fall asleep in. He saw her lying on the floor, on her back....covered in red. He rushed over, and written in her blood was "I AM A DEMON." her sword was splayed across the room, and Ethan was picking it up, "Its a wondrous thing she can't die."
"is it really, Ethan?" Adrian whispered, looking at Babylon's severely self-mauled body. "is it really?"

(Sorry its crappy my folks, but i needed something to let her know, so this was it. Its probably really hard to understand too, cause i'm on some medication right now, so any tanong i'm ready to answer.))
I dunno. I pag-ibig this song and thought of this as Fang using this as a tribute to all the /right/ ways.
young justice oc
 Elizabeth Rose West (Flame)
Elizabeth Rose West (Flame)
Meet my OC Flame!

Name: Elizabeth Rose West
Alias: Flame (it's also her nickname that a lot of people call her)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Personality: Flame is bright, brave, and bold. She has a lot of energy and loves to explore, also likes to have fun.
History: Her parents disappeared when she was younger and took care of herself until Wally found her and took her into his family and made her his foster sister.
Description: She has brown hair that is usually kept in a braid. Flame prefers her hair to be loose. Her eyes are green (the Phoenix she took care of had green eyes)
Power: is the fairy of the apoy phoenix
Other: Best mga kaibigan with Robin, she owns a pet pagong named Star. Flame sometimes gets herself into trouble if she doesn't listen to orders ibingiay to her. She met Robin on the araw that the team formed. The two became close friends.
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Yeah, I know. But since I basically deleted everyone and I only really RP with Aisling, I really wanted to make a new guy. I’ll probably RP as him (and I’ll try to not abandon him) and hopefully he’ll even get his own artikulo series, probably after Chasing Shadows is finished.
Name: Vaxley Knight
Alias: Knight
Age: 15
Occupation: Spy; Hero; Vigilante/Freelancer
Appearance: Vaxley is of average height, about 5’9” or 5’10”, and average build. He has lightly tanned skin and faint freckles on and around his nose. His hair is copper-brown, thick and with a slight wave, and cut at an average...
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posted by BladeYJ
 Based off these lovely beasts
Based off these lovely beasts
The Four Daughters of the Apocalypse

Name: Travesty
Age: No one knows
Hair: Black
Eyes: Eccentric Blue
Height: 5'11"
Relations: Oldest of the four sisters
Costume: A maroon dress that matches her blindfold.
Weapon Choice: She's in charge of killing one's who deserve to be punished or meet their end--the least evil of the four.
Personality: She's quiet, serious, stoic, and has not mercy
Weakness': Birth/Life
Background: Unknown

Name: Alayla
Age: No one knows
Hair: Long and Red and Black
Eyes: Ruby red
Height: 6'0"
Relations: She's the segundo oldest of the four
Costume: A black and red dress,...
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