Young Justice OC'S!!! OC drawing requests!

AislingYJ posted on Dec 26, 2012 at 11:30PM
So I found this really great website with reference pictures for about every pose imaginable! So now I feel like drawing peoples' OCs!!! You just need to tell me:
Character (s):
DETAILED appearance (skin, hair color, length, and style, eyes, build, etc.):
DETAILED clothing description (costume or civvies) and a picture if you have one:
What you want the character to be doing (fighting badass-ly, with their boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend, or doing something else):
Powers and/or weapons (if you want them to be included in the picture):
...I think that's it. I'll try to go as fast as I can, so they should be up soon..xD

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HarmonianYJ said…

Pale. I was going to be so fucking precise about her scars it's gonna fill up this whole box so lets just say she has ALOT of scars. Straight hair that reaches her hips. Emerald eyes. Slender build.

Hero 'stume.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas InfinityYJ said…
I'm recruiting you twice~

Fin and Eric~~~~
Fin: slightly tannish skin. Long, black hair that reaches her hips and covers the left side of her face. Eyes-- blue, or gold. Short and thin.
Eric: normal skin. Shaggy blonde hair, mid-neckish. Crystal blue eyes.

Both in civvies, Fin without hat and with longer pants no shoes. Eric in his tee-shirt. Description on his profile.

Dark!Andy: medium-length choppy black hair. dark navy eyes. dark skin.
Light!Andy: medium-length wavy white hair. light crystal eyes. pale skin.

Dark!Andy: black pantsuit with mini-skirt and black leggings, along with tank-top vest and grey button up shirt. barefoot.
Light!Andy: white bodysuit dress with black highlights. barefoot.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ReneYJ said…
big smile
Could you two for me?
1) Rene!
Red hair that reaches the middle of her back bangs that cover her left eye, brown eyes, slim build, fair skinned, tattoo on her left wrist of a heart and underneath it says love.
Hero Outfit
Blue tank top, ripped jean jeggings, blue combat boots, black leather jacket

2) Di'a (Diamond Shadow)
White hair to shoulders, gray eyes, slim body build, pale skinned, black wings
Battle Outfit
Black tank top with straps all around it, black strappy skirt that goes down to knee, below knee high black boots with fur on the top, black strappy gloves up arms (I'll put a pic)

 Could you two for me? 1) Rene! Appearance Red hair that reaches the middle of her back bangs that
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas NaomiWinx said…
Can you draw me OC Zoey a.k.a Radioactive Fusion?
-Neon green skin with black spot
-Spiky white hair: SHORT HAIR
-Has very punk style but also cosmic like with a touch of toxics
-Completly Black eyes
-Regular outfit: Wears a black t-shirt with orange vest having on a skirt and high heel boots has on a Ne-yo styled hat

Wear a visor on head EX:­lie­nt=­fir­efo­x-a­&am­p;t­bo=­d&a­mp;­rls­=or­g.m­ozi­lla­:en­-US­:of­fic­ial­&am­p;b­iw=­128­0&a­mp;­bih­=72­4&a­mp;­tbm­=is­ch&­amp­;tb­nid­=dl­CCS­LgK­u-X­29M­:&a­mp;­img­ref­url­=ht­tp:­//e­n.m­emo­ry-­alp­ha.­org­/wi­ki/­VIS­OR&­amp­;do­cid­=ep­Kml­ijo­UQq­k5M­&am­p;i­mgu­rl=­htt­p:/­/im­age­s4.­wik­ia.­noc­ook­ie.­net­/__­cb2­012­042­623­422­5/m­emo­rya­lph­a/e­n/i­mag­es/­b/b­0/V­ISO­R,_­236­6.j­pg&­amp­;w=­434­&am­p;h­=53­0&a­mp;­ei=­QqT­bUN­f3N­YOu­9AT­nuI­HQB­w&a­mp;­zoo­m=1­&am­p;i­act­=hc­&am­p;v­px=­401­&am­p;v­py=­140­&am­p;d­ur=­75&­amp­;ho­vh=­248­&am­p;h­ovw­=20­3&a­mp;­tx=­96&­amp­;ty­=14­2&a­mp;­sig­=10­969­840­881­250­931­317­8&a­mp;­pag­e=1­&am­p;t­bnh­=14­7&a­mp;­tbn­w=1­22&­amp­;st­art­=0&­amp­;nd­sp=­28&­amp­;ve­d=1­t:4­29,­r:2­,s:­0,i­:16­0 Wear a orange body suit that covers body and has on a green utility belt with a radiactive symbol on chest has neon green ankle boots with neon green long spiky gloves
POWERS: Radiactives and Toxic
IN PIC: Fighting the Riddler with Robin
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Mclovin_69 said…
hey ash whats the website called ??? :P